Can I Take Medication With My Herbs?

Can I Take Medication With My Herbs?

Many people are concerned about mixing medications and herbs.

Dherbs recommends the use of herbs, not pharmaceutical drugs. Prescription medications are often poisonous and toxic to one’s health. Since a pharmaceutical drug is a toxin, it pollutes the bloodstream and taxes the largest internal organ of elimination in the body, the liver.

Benefits of Herbs

On the other hand, herbs are natural.

Herbs are designed to cleanse and purify the human body. Just like the human body, herbs are carbon and copper-based. However, this is not the case with pharmaceutical products. Herbs cleanse every toxin or pollutant in the body. There are specific herbs that do this especially well. These include:

Herbs and Medicine

Combining pharmaceutical drugs and herbs reduces the herbs’ influence and effectiveness. They will counteract each other and will not have the same effect as if you were to take them alone. The herbs that are found in DHerbs’ Full Body Detox counteract the toxins in pharmaceutical drugs.

Can you take your medication while taking the herbs? Yes, but it defeats the purpose of detoxifying in the first place. Simultaneously taking herbs and medication while detoxifying is cleansing and polluting at the same time. It isn’t an effective way to improve one’s health.

If the label on the medicine warns accidental overdose, then the medicine is toxic. If it is necessary to contact a poison control center after consumption of the product, then is shouldn’t be used. Remember, prescription drugs are far more dangerous than herbal remedies.

Generally speaking, Western medicine masks the problem rather than solves it. Most pharmaceutical drugs only provide a limited, short-term relief.

Taking a medication and herbs at the same time will allow the herbs to target the medication. Herbs work and serve to cleanse the body and help remove disease or pathology. On the other hand, a pharmaceutical drug will only mask and prolong the problem.

These herbs have are known to interact with certain prescription drugs:


Herbs and drugs shouldn’t be taken together because it defeats the purpose of using herbs. In addition to being less effective, mixing herbs and prescription drugs can be dangerous and should be done with much caution.

For instance, drugs that are used to treat high blood pressure, heart disease or diabetes should not be combined with herbs that increase blood pressure. Some common herbs known to increase blood pressure are ginseng, ephedra and Ma Huang.

When used as directed, herbal supplements are safe and should not cause any serious side effects. Herbal supplements contain compounds that are biologically active.

Even though these herbs come from natural sources, they should not be considered safe just because they are sold over the counter. In fact, there are many herbal supplements that are manufactured with unnatural ingredients and toxic fillers.

Determine whether the herbal product is organic or inorganic before deciding if it is safe.


Herbs provide the power to self-heal. With drugs, healing is not involved, only relief. Relief does not heal-it’s palliative. Many Americans are too concerned about the temporary relief rather than curing or healing.

Most Americans choose to eat and live unhealthily and take drugs to mask the effects of their poor diet. They prefer a short-term relief rather than a long-term lifestyle change. If they chose to adapt to a healthy diet and lifestyle, they would experience relief in the form of healing.

Dherbs Solutions

Dherbs offers these formulas to help the body naturally heal:

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