Crystal Cleansing and Clearing

Crystal Cleansing and Clearing

Since crystals are living entities and pick up and store energy, they too from time to time need to be cleansed for well being and maintenance. This is especially true for clear quartz crystals. However, all crystals should be cleansed periodically.

Ways to Cleanse Your Crystals

There are a few ways to cleanse and charge your crystals and gemstones. A few common ways to cleanse crystals include:

  • Water
  • Salt
  • Smudging
  • Candle
  • Other crystals
  • Sunlight
  • Sand
  • Visualization

Cleansing with Water

The first way to perform a crystal cleansing is with water. Holding the crystals under running water in your hands will help wash away negative energy that has been picked up by the crystals. The crystals will be recharged and reenergized.

Be sure not to use this cleansing method for crystals that crumble easily or are jointed. The water may harm these types of crystals. Selenite and Halite type of crystals should also not be cleaned this way. Both types dissolve easily in water.

Polished crystals can sit in water overnight. Try adding sea salt and lavender or sage essential oils to the water for added cleansing.

After the crystals have sat in the water overnight, dry them off with a polishing cloth. This allows you to polish the stones at the same time. Send your intentions to the crystals to pregrogram them.

Cleansing with Salt

Salt cleansing is especially good for crystals that crumble easily and cannot be cleansed in water. Use either sea salt or rock salt to cleanse the crystals. Leave them in a glass bowl or container in the salt overnight. Make sure the crystals are buried well in the salt.

In the morning, gently brush the salt off. Not completely removing the salt from the crystals could cause future damage to them so be sure to be thorough in this step.

Salt cleansing can be less damaging to crystals than water cleansing. This is generally one of the best and most efficient ways to cleanse crystals.

Cleansing by Smudging

Smudging crystals with sage can help clear away negative energy. Sage incense is thought to be the best option for smudging, but other incense options include:

  • White Copal
  • Dragon’s Blood
  • Frankincense
  • Yerba Santa
  • Myrrh

While smudging your crystals and stones, send your love and reaffirmation of their original programming. Be sure to program the crystals one at a time since no two crystals are the same.

Cleansing with Candles

You can also clean and clear crystals and gemstones by passing them through the light of a candle, preferably a white candle. White is the color of purification in chromatherapy.

Cleansing with Other Crystals

Crystals can be cleaned and cleared with other crystals. There are a few crystals that do not require cleansing and thus can be used to help cleanse and clear other crystals. Some stones and crystals that do not require cleaning or clearing include:

  • Carnelian
  • Kyanite
  • Cluster
  • Citrine

These crystals and stones do not require cleansing or clearing because they do not hold negative energy. To use these crystals and stones for cleansing, purifying, and clearing, place one in a bag of tumbled crystals and stones. If you keep one of these stones in a bag of tumbled or polished stones, you’ll never have to worry about cleansing, purifying, or clearing them.

Cleansing with Sunlight

Allowing your crystals to sit outside under natural sunlight is a way to cleanse, purify and clear them of negative energy.

Cleansing with Sand

If you happen to live near a beach, burying your crystals and stones in sand will also cleanse, purify, and clear them of negative energy. Keep the stones buried for a few hours and be sure to remember where they are buried. Leaving the crystals and gemstones in the sand will suffice their cleansing and clearing process.

Cleansing with Visualization

Visualization is another technique that is helpful in cleansing crystals. Visualize a bright light cast around the stones. Visualization is a powerful form of mental science.

In Conclusion

Cleansing and purifying crystals of negative energy doesn’t always mean you have to reprogram them of their original intention. Only reprogram your crystals and gemstones if and when you feel a need to. Otherwise, simply just cleanse, purify, and clear them whenever you feel necessary.

The crystals and gemstones will let you know when they want to be cleansed, purified and cleared. If you feel you are not in tune enough to listen to your crystals and gemstones convey to you that they need cleansing and clearing, simply cleanse and clear them every 30 days or 3 months. If your crystals and gemstones are used very often, they will need to be cleanse more frequently. Thank you for reading!

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