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Mother Nature has provided healing for arthritis and other inflammatory diseases. To heal from arthritis, all one needs to consume is certain herbs. Herbs that are anti-inflammatory in nature are the best to heal from arthritis.

Healing from cancer must begin where the cancer started – the human mind pattern. Whatever is not in your mind-pattern cannot happen to you. If cancer has happened to you, cancer or the belief in cancer is in your mind pattern.

Celiac Disease
Grains are a highly processed so-called food on the market today and eaten by a lot of people. Many grains naturally contain starch, but the unnatural processing of the grain converts the starch into gluten, which is basically glue, an adhesive.

Diabetes is predicated upon lack of insulin secreted by the cells of the pancreas. Knowing this alone can help us to heal from diabetes.

Multiple Sclerosis
Healing from Multiple Sclerosis much easier because now we have understanding of the particular problem or pathology. Multiple Sclerosis is a disease very easy to heal from. You just have to remain consistent with the therapy. Contrary to what Western medicine says, Multiple Sclerosis is 100% healable. The healing begins once you believe the disease is healable and you yourself (if a sufferer of the disease) believe you can be healed.

Sickle Cell Anemia
Bio-Iron or organic iron is abhorrently low in the food supply Americans are eating.



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