Eye Problems


Eye problems diminish natural vision; so if you want optimal vision or eyesight, by all means take care of your eyes.

Various Eye Diseases


Glaucoma is a major eye disease or disorder whereby there is a loss of peripheral vision, and accompanied by an increase in fluid pressure within the eyeball that can lead to degeneration of the optical nerve due to compression. The built up pressure in the eyes that cause the compression is really nothing but mucus and other toxic fluid wastes trapped in the body due to poor elimination and which make their way to the eyes.


This eye disease denotes inflammation of the conjuctiva. Anytime we have a medical term ending with “itis” i.e., bronchitis, vaginitis, arthritis, we know that inflammation is on the scene and that inflammation is due to excess negative or unhealthy mucus.


This is another eye disease whereby inflammation (due to excess buildup of negative or unhealthy mucus) of the outer edges of the eyelids causes redness, burning, itching, and a feeling that something is in one’s eye. Symptoms of this disease include loss of eyelashes, swollen eyelids, and sensitivity to light.

People who experience “glued” eyes are suffering from blepharitis. It causes secretions (that are mucus-based) that form crusts that “glue” or “paste” the eyes together during sleep.

Other Eye Problems

“Cat in the eye” is an excess mucus oozing from the corner or pocket of the eyes.

Watery eyes indicate a so-called “cold.” The so-called immune system is taxed and you need to rest. Most people can’t “see” this, but this is what the body is telling them.

Blurred vision usually denotes other problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Bloodshot eyes can denote many things, including consumption of alcohol, eyestrain, fatigue, and use of drugs. The eyes become bloodshot when “the small vessels on the surface of the eye become inflamed and congested with blood, usually in response to an insufficient supply of oxygen in the cornea or tissues covering the eyes.” Balch supra

Browning of the eyes (white of the eye) undoubtedly denotes cholesterol (unnatural cholesterol), usually from poor diet that includes dead animal flesh or carcass and animal excreta (dairy products, a/k/a liquefied cow snot/mucus).

Dark circles under or around the eyes usually indicate exhaustion stemming from lack of proper or adequate amount of rest and sleep.

Puffiness under the eyes usually denotes kidney problems, especially fluid retention in the kidneys. You work on this problem by addressing the kidneys and/or excess fluids in the body.

Red and swollen eyes usually indicate presence of allergies.

Yellowing of the eyes denotes liver toxicity, perhaps from jaundice, hepatitis, or other liver pathologies. This problem is addressed by addressing the liver (liver cleansing, coffee enema, etc.).

Droopy eyes usually denote weakening of the eye muscles.

Protruding or bulging eyes usually denote thyroid problems. This problem is addressed by addressing the thyroid gland.

There is a very good reason why so-called diabetics end up with eye problems, blurred vision followed by blindness. Diabetes the disease does not cause blindness, but the pharmaceutical grade of the drug ‘insulin’ does.

Prescription Glasses or Contact Lenses and Eye Problems

Wearing eyeglasses denote that your eyes or vision is bad or poor and you need help seeing.

Prescription eyeglasses can be detrimental to your eyes as well. Instead of strengthening your eyes, the ciliary muscles in your eyes, they actually help to weaken them. When you focus on a thing, you are using your ciliary muscles. But when you wear prescription glasses, the glasses magnify objects for you that cause your ciliary muscles in your eyes to become lethargic and indolent.

Why are so many young children wearing eyeglasses today? Because of harmful chemicals used in commercial brand children’s shampoo, conditioner, and bubble bath that contained industrial agents such as PROPYLENE GLYCOL and SODIUM LAUREL SULFATE.

Propylene glycol is used to make car anti-freeze. It is an industrial product that the government allows to be used in food and cosmetics, but not cat food because it’s too harmful for the pet to ingest.

Sodium Laurel Sulfate (and Sodium Laureth Sulfate) is a known skin irritant commonly used in hair care, skin, and bubble bath products. It’s also used in the cleaning industry as garage floor cleaner and engine degreaser.

Colored contact lenses are nothing but a profit-making scheme. People with poor eyesight need contact lenses. People who want to change their eye color do not.

Computers and Eye Problems

Another device that impairs the health of the eyes are computer screens. People who work on a computer for numerous hours throughout the day would be wise to purchase anti-radiation screens to place over their computer monitors. The radiation glare emitted from computer screens harms the eyes, including the chakra of the eyes.

Take periodic breaks from looking at your computer screen and perform ocular or eye exercises. Hold a blue colored crystal or stone (lapis lazuli and/or sodalite are best) between your fingers and stare into the stone for approximately one minute. These stones will dissipate the radiation field from computer screen to your eyes. Crystals and gemstones are more helpful than you know.

Commercial Drops and Eye Problems

Commercial brand eye drops are chemical based not helpful to the eyes. They mask a different problem that needs to be addressed.

Televisions and Eye Problems

The size of a TV set doesn’t just tell you how big the screen is. It’s also telling you the MINIMUM distance you need to place between your eyes and the screen. Simply convert the inches into feet and then sit that many feet away from your television set and screen.

Healing Eyes Problems Naturally

Pinhole readers are excellent in repairing the eyes. These glasses, which are black glasses (no lens) with numerous holes to look through, strengthens your ciliary muscles.

Pinhole readers can be purchased from: Momentum 98

Liquid MSM eye drops are a far better choice for eye drops compared to “Visine.” I used MSM eye drops heavily (and daily) some 10 years ago and they greatly helped to improve my eyes.

Cucumber slices are great for puffy or baggy eyes. Puffy and baggy eyes are the result of either the kidneys or lack of sleep. Place cucumber slices over the eyes for about 30 minutes. Learn to get a good night’s sleep.

Crystals are excellent for healing and repairing the eyes. Crystals help to heal the chakras (energy centers) of the eyes. Both eyes have chakras. Your left eye allows energy into the body and the right eye allows energy to exist the body. All openings on the body have chakras – the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, female nipples, vagina, penis, and anus.

Good crystals to use for eye care, maintenance, and remedy include, but is not limited to: Agate, Chalcedony, Mica (Muscovite), Amethyst, Snowflake Obsidian, Angel Aura Quartz, Petalite, Tiger’s Eye, and Hawk’s Eye.

Dietary Intervention

Eat plenty of blueberries. It’s the best food you could eat for maintenance and/or repair of the eyes. Be it raw whole blueberries, dried blueberries (that are unsulphured), blueberry jam or jelly, etc., just simply eat a lot of blueberries for the sake of improving the health and vision of your eyes.

Drink a cup of organic blueberry juice daily. Good brands to purchase include Lakewood and Knudsen.

Eye nutrients include Vitamin A, Lutein, Beta Carotene, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Zinc. Many of these nutrients are sold in natural form here at Dherbs.Com (see Minerals and Vitamins).

Herbs great for naturally healing and/or maintaining the eyes and vision include Bilberry, Eyebright, Calendula Flower, Chrysanthemum Flower, Passionflower, Mullein Leaf, Chamomile Flower, Cayenne, Amla Fruit, Bilberry (also known as Huckleberry and Blueberry) provides natural carotene and Vitamin E and greatly helps to strengthen the eyes. During WWII, British jet pilots were given bilberry so as to improve their night vision. This herb greatly helps to reverse and/or prevent night-blindness.

Eyebright maintains the health of the optical system. It ranks only under bilberry as a powerful eye aid and healer.

Calendula is one of the greatest natural sources of the eye nutrient “lutein”, which is sold in it’s isolated form in commercial health food stores. However, if the lutein is not derived from a living food, it’s inorganic and thus not good for human health. You can derive plenty of organic lutein from Calendula (a/k/a Marigold).

Grape Seed Extract is a natural source of anti-oxidant and helps prevent free radical damage, including in the eye area.

I do not advise the wearing of tinted sunglasses, at least for people with dominant eyes (Black people). Contrary to your programming, people with dominant eyes require sunlight. Looking directly into the sunlight for a few seconds each day is actually healthy for the eyes. On the other hand, people with recessive eyes (Caucasian people) have more of a concern against the sunlight (excess amounts of it) and are qualified and justified in wearing tinted sunglasses.

Lighting for Optimal Eye Health

Sunlight is necessary for the eyes because it helps to regulate our internal clock: our circadian rhythms, which tie into the Pineal Gland and melatonin.

Creative people (“Quaquaversals”) who are up throughout the night for higher creative pursuits, make sure you are using Full Spectrum lighting which match or mimic natural sunlight. Throw away or avoid using regular, commercial, cheap 2-spectrum bulbs (yellow and white light) because these bulbs greatly impair ocular or eye health. Pay the money and start using Full Spectrum lighting (bulbs). Full Spectrum light bulbs are available at good health food stores.

Full Spectrum lighting is used in many European countries whereby there is more darkness than light. Americans should also be using these bulbs as well for purposes of improving eye health as well as overall health. These bulbs last 2-3 times longer than white 2-spectrum fluorescent light bulbs.



Related Questions

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    Q: I have a problem with glaucoma and I have been going to a eye doctor for treatment. I really want another alternative treatment to heal my eyes because I hate taking all these drugs (poisons) into my eyes and suffering from the side-effects that comes with putting that mess in my eyes. I have went to the eye doctor a couple of days ago and was told that my pressure have went down to 20 from 24 and that they are trying to get it down to 15 and they gave me two more eyedrops to take along with one I'm already taking and so I have to take all three eyedrops about 4 times a day. In three weeks if my pressure doesn't go down then they want to do laser surgery. I am very distressed about that because I don't want them cutting on my eyes. So far, I have ordered from you a formula for glaucoma and I hope to recieve it as soon as possible and take it also, I just started drinking blueberry juice, the organic kind. Can you give me advice on what I should do from this point? Let me add that I'm 60 yrs old and afraid I am going to lose my sight and don't want to use the pharmaceuticles mess.


    If you hate doing a thing, then why do you do it? Really doesn't make any sense in all due honesty. The side effects are telling you the drugs are no good. Read the â€EYE PROBLEMS†article and you will do well to implement what it suggests. Drink the blueberry juice. Perform the FULL BODY DETOX, Beloved. It is not wise to be afraid, Beloved. What you fear will appear pursuant to Universal law. Have faith, Beloved.

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    Q: My husband has been diagnosed with a growth on the lining of his eyes which is causing blurry vision. They also said they cannot operate on the growth. He has been using the Eye formula and I wanted to know if there is anything else he should be taking.


    YES! There are additional things he should be using. He should perform the Full Body Detox 2-3 times a year; drink blueberry juice daily, and in addition to the eye formula, use CIRCULAID formula and MUCUS BUSTER formula. Stay tuned to a new article on eye health called EYE PROBLEMS.

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    Q: I would like to ask your opinion about broken capillaries. We are talking about 5 year old child. She has one broken capillary on her hand, since the age of 1 or 2 years old. Then about 9 month ago, after a day on the beach and sunburn, she got another broken capillary on her face, and after that, 3 more on one arm, and 3 on her leg. I showed this to doctor, he ordered full blood count test, which came back normal. This was last December. Before, her eyes had only one red string on her white part of the eye, now she has several of them in both eyes. The fact that worries me the most, is when I open her eyes, on the bottom white part in both eyes, she has wide thick large red capillaries.


    Sounds like the capillaries are weak! Change the child's diet (less meat, dairy, sodium products). Let the child perform the Children's Detox. Let the child drink Heart Heart Tea daily (1-2 cups), as this will greatly help the child. It seems as if the diet of the child is very insalubrious unless the problem is congenital in origin.

    Product Links:
    Children Detox
    Hearty Heart Tea

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    Q: Hi, I have been reading many of your articles and wanted to know the best herbs and methods to heal crossed eyes. I have been plagued with this issue a long time and now I am eating a raw fruits/vegetable diet. The only problem is, I have been wearing my glasses since I was a kid and my eyes are severely weak. Any help would be great. Thanks!!


    It's not an herb that can cure a problem. Herbs only assist in healing! You have to prepare yourself for seeing without glasses, so learn some good eye exercises and apply them!

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    Q: I read the article you told me to read-eye problems. Where can I get liquid MSM eye drops? Also there is a web sight Naturalypure.com that has a product for the eyes. It is called Hyla Vision. It has Hyaluronic Acid(HA) along with Lutein/Zeaxathinin, Billberry, Vitamins A,C,E and Zinc in a capsule. I would like your opinion on this product. Thank you. By the way I sent for the pinhole glasses.


    I am glad you took the time to read the article. I hope you found it to be informative. Thank you for your patience in regard to this response. DHERBS.COM gets hundreds of questions at "Ask the Herbalist" daily. We do our best to respond in a timely manner.
    You can easily find a place to purchase liquid MSM eye drops by doing a google search. There are many companies who have it for purchase.
    In regard to the other product you found for your eyes, the ingredients you listed are very good for strengthening the eyes. I would suggest that you do some research to find out if this product has additives or other ingredients that are unnatural/synthetic/inorganic. And just in case you were not aware, DHERBS carries products with similar ingredients and more in capsule and tea form.

    Product Links:
    Eyes Formula
    Eye Aid Tea

    Thank you again for your interest in DHERBS.com We apreciate you!

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    Q: After the laser surgery last year, I have been taking the Eye Formula for high pressure 4 months now. I take 8 tablets a day and I use the an MSM Eye Drops and my pressure drops and my eyes feel very healthy. The doctor told me come back in a year, but about a week ago I started to feel pain in my eyes sometimes sharp sometimes less but all the time. Please advise.


    Double up on your eye regimen! Eat more blueberries. Take extra capsules of Eye Formula, etc. It would be a good idea for you to perform the Eye Kit. The Eye Kit includes six distinct formulas that are created with the intention of helping your body maintain, restore, and fend off any pending eye issues. These formulas not only are meant to help nourish, repair, and strengthen the eyes, but they also are meant to help maintain a healthy circulation throughout the body.

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    Q: I have had corneal transplants in both eyes. One, in Dec 08, and one in Dec 07. Are any of the ingredients in the Full Body Detox, known to be harmful for people with organ transplants?


    We would need more insight on your health after having the transplant before we can answer your question.  The Full Body Cleanse ingredients does not affect the health of the organs that were transplanted, however some people have to take medication after for a certain period of time.   The cleanse includes activated charcoal, a major part of the detox program, that helps pull out heavy metal toxins and drugs from your body.  Most medications are recognized by the body as chemicals and pulls it from your system. 

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    Q: I read some of your article on â€EYE PROBLEMSâ€, my eye vision has been getting worse and worse over the years to the point that I can't see without my glasses or contacts. I always believed that somehow my vision can be restored. Do you have a product that can strengthen my eyes so I don’t have to be so dependent on eye glasses or contacts?


    We list natural remedies near the end of the â€EYE PROBLEMS†article. Go to the end of the article and you will find natural solutions.

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    Q: I have 2 non painful lumps under my eyelids. My research has told me that these are Chalzions. I read your eyes article, but didn't see the term. Would your eyes formula be good for this conditon?


    Detoxing the body is always a good approach to start off with because it eliminates the toxins that contributes to inflammtion in the body.  After doing the Full Body Cleanse, we suggest taking the Eyes Formula after to specifically help recondition the gland of the eyelid.  The Eye Formula can help with most eye related ailements.

    Product Links:

    Full Body Cleanse

    Eyes Formula

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    Q: I have had cataract surgery on both eyes due to diabetes and although I can see pretty well in the right eye the left eye has been losing the ability to see clearly over time, what can you suggest to get my sight back to seeing 20/20 again?


    Please read: â€EYE PROBLEMSâ€

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    Q: Any herbal suggestions for eye floaters specifically? There does not seem to be a cure for them other than having the vitreous solution drained from your eyes (very dangerous) and I think only one doctor in the U.S. will even consider doing that for you. It is supposedly just a natural function of aging, and is worse in people who are nearsighted because of the shape of their eyes. I read about your eye formula but I'm wondering if you have any other known cures?


    We offer no cures for any disease, just tools (herbal products) that can assist with the healing process.

    We suggest the Eye Kit and Eye Formula. Drink plenty of organic blueberry juice (2-3 cups daily) for additional anti-oxidants.

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    Q: My question is what could be causing my puffy eyes? I've had them for probably 6 or 8 months now (maybe more). They sometimes will have a little darkness added to them. Sometimes I wake up and whatever side I've been laying on, that eye will be even more swollen than the other side, but they are usually the puffiest when I first wake up. Sometimes it looks like I've been bopped in the eye in my sleep. I've cut out a lot of the processed foods and stay away from sugars for the most part. I drink only water and juice once a day (5 carrots, 1 green apple, 1" ginger root, handful of parsley and 1/2 beet with greens. I get plenty of rest (although I've always had a hard time feeling rested) but not sure if the eyes have anything to do with rest. It seems more like it has to do with something else internally. What advice can you give and what supplements would you recommend. I'm currently taking your Multi-Vitamins and Minerals formula along with your VITAMIN B COMPLEX (which I love them both). Have been on them for about 1 1/2 weeks now I guess. I also take your CANDIDA BUSTER and the COLON FORMULA (I was having a problem with constipation for the past couple months, did some of your recommended enemas but for some reason my body still seems to get stopped up easily lately).



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    Q: I have dark circles on both my eyes. I do have fibroids and have been bleeding a lot. What can I do? Also because of this condition I have had to have a blood transfusion.



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    Q: I'm noticing I have bags under my eyes. Someone inform me to clean out my kidneys to fix my problem with bags? Can you suggest some herbs or remedy for my condition. If so, I would really appreciate it.


    Yes, bags under the eyes may denote kidney problems. Consider detoxing with the Full Body Cleanse; or, try the Kidney, Bladder, Adrenals Formula.


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    Q: I need to know how can I drop blood presure in the eyes I have had laser for narrow angle already. Thanks for your advice. What herbs do I need to take?


    RESPONSE: Visit ARTICLES sections at Dherbs.Com! Read the article below: â€HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE (HYPERTENSION)â€

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    Q: After taking Anti-Viral Formula my allergies have started up. My nose running, eyes watery, red & puffy, sneezing and ears itched momentarily. Also bowel movement is more than prior. Catch me off guard when I am out in public. Is all of this normal reactions? Please send me some reaction information about product.


    You are experiencing the healing crisis of cure! Extra bowel movements are great! Your body is really cleansing itself. Please read our article "HEALING CRISIS" (under Articles section) and "DETOX TROUBLESHOOTING" on the home page.

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    Q: I have two Xanthelasma marks under my eyes, and have been told the only way to remove them is surgically, which I don't want to do. Do you have anything you can recommend?


    The only thing I can recommend is performing the Full Body Detox, and changing your diet. Are you mentally strong willed? If so, use mental science. See the Mental Science Manual.

    Product Links:
    Full Body Detox
    The Mental Science Manual

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    Q: My daughter (8 years old) has really bad allergies in the seasons. Her eyes burn and she has lost countless days from school. HELP!


    Have your daughter perform the CHILDREN DETOX (liquid extracts) . Change her diet! remove all junk and meat, dairy products, refined grains, etc. Have the child drink AFRICAN-CARRIBEAN SPRING CLEANSER TEA as well (every day)!!!

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    Q: Before I knew about your herbs, like a year ago I went to check my reading glasses and the doctor told me my eye pressure was on the limit 120, nothing serious he said but,I should check every 3 months, so the nightmare started, this happened in my country Buenos Aires, Argentina. When I came back to Miami where I live I went to check again and of course after all my nerves and fears to lose my sight, my pressure went to 122, 123, and they found a narrow angle, I was desperate, start to go to serveral doctors looking for opinions, they told me I should have lasik in order to avoid any attack and lose my sight, imagine my desperation, I could not stop thinking negatively, terrible, I did lasik 3 months ago and next months I have to go to control my pressure again, I'm so scare I can't avoid thinking negative thoughts, I also got your Eye Formula already but because I was doing Full Body Cleanse, and now Weight Release Cleanse Regimen, still 2 more weeks, I was told to wait until I finished with the kits, I have pain in my eyes sometimes I know is me who create that, but I can't stop, I don't want to take my eye pressure, because I know they will tell me something else they always find something new, If I knew you a year before I will never do lasik, but now is already done, please I need your advise what can I do to heal my thinking my eyes pain, you are so great, my health have improve so much After Full Body Cleanse, also my daughter she did and now she is doing Anti-Viral Cleanse and me Weight Release Cleanse Regimen, because I believe so much in you, and your herbs you are the only one to help, because I know law of attraction works, I need to stop thinking about my eyes. Please help me, I also got positive thinking drops from your company.


    We suggest that you start reading as many of our free articles as possible to enlighten yourself. Make sure you read our Eye Problems article. This article offers good information. Follow the advice in this article to help improve your eyes. Get rid of your fear as it is harmful and cannot help you one bit. Know that everything is okay and will turn out fine. You must believe this if you desire healing. You can heal, keep eating right and keep taking the herbs. With positive thinking and proper diet you will heal yourself. 

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    Q: I have a six-year-old son who is having problems seeing the blackboard in school. The teachers say he will need glasses. I know from experience that spectacles do not make your eyes better. Can you recommend any alternatives?


    Eye exercises will greatly help him along with our Eye formula. Also, start building his eyes by having him drink organic blueberry juice every day. Bilberry and Eyebright herbal teas will also help this condition.