FEATURE: Hidden Poisons

FEATURE: Hidden Poisons

Almost from the moment many of us wake up we are continuously poisoned in one way or another. We eat our breakfasts, many people eating cereals made with chemicals, produced by chemical interactions, and with added inorganic vitamins and minerals; we brush our teeth with more poisons and often swallow fragments, and then we go to work in a polluted city atmosphere or in an intoxicating car, taking in the fumes from other people’s car exhausts. We then spend much of our daily lives in an office environment where there are chemical cleaners, perfumes, cigarette smoke, open windows with car fumes bellowing in, the smell of cooked food reaching our own individual work space, etc. We go home and often walk past fast food restaurants and take-aways in the hope to reach our homes where we can be free of mind pollution and relax. The computer, radio or TV may provide some solace, but of course they give out radiation. Everywhere we turn, we are faced with some kind of pollution in our environment.

Consider this: It is estimated that there are 70,000 chemicals in commercial production, of which 60,000 are listed as either potentially or definitely hazardous. Three hundred million tons of waste are generated by industry annually and of that an estimated 90% is disposed of improperly, usually in the air, water, soil and food supplies.

What can be do? Well, the easy answer is to live in an unpolluted area, far away from car fumes, smoky offices, etc. and to refrain from having computers or other machines which emit radiation in our place of rest, but this is not always practical. What may prove easier to do is to eat the right foods, and do the right thing by our bodies as regards cleansing.

On a healthier diet there is no need for deodorants, which may suppress the eliminatory efforts of the body. Toothpaste is not only toxic, it often contains refined sugar, saccharine, fluoride and many other poisons. Fluoride alone is more poisonous than lead and sodium fluoride’s primary use was rat poison. It has been linked to tooth damage, dental fluorosis, brain damage, childhood leukemia, lupus, arthritis, etc. It is also disturbing to learn that there are manufacturers of children’s toothpaste who include titanium dioxide in their preparation. Having a highly acidic body produces cavities and the healthier our diet becomes, the less likely we will be to have tooth trouble. For years now I have not used toothpaste, but have merely used a wet toothbrush to clean the exterior of my teeth. As regards shampoos, these are not only largely unnecessary they are also the cause of much ill-health. They contain substances such as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate which may cause hair loss, eczema, dermatitis, asthma and it is toxic to the eyes, the skin, and our mucous membranes. It is also linked to nutrient absorption interference, immune system impairment and even cataracts, hormone irregularities and cancer. Rinsing your hair in pure water, or lightly cleansing it with natural food products is the answer. Air ionisers and purifiers are the answer for polluted homes, where the toxic air is exchanged for purer air (True Health are now retailing these products as well as other health products such as juicers and water distillers at excellent prices). Air purifiers are equipped to remove approximately 99.7% of air borne particles including tobacco smoke, pollen, bacteria, animal dander and domestic odors. Negative ions occur in our natural environment, and they are of particular at the seaside, after thunderstorms and in the mountains – these are the good guys. They contribute to sounder sleep and our all-round well-being. Positive ions, on the other hand, predominate in stale, smoky, polluted air. Air ionisers help to re-address the balance and can alleviate breathing difficulties, stress, headaches, promote sound, restful sleep and improve concentration. They also remove odors and small particles from the air, however, the all-in-one air ionisers and filtering machines are more efficient at this.

This way of living will not only help ourselves and our home environment, it will also save unnecessary pollution from toxically-produced spray cans, plastic packaging, etc. By generating less pollution on an individual level and encouraging others to do so we can help this planet tremendously.

Dr Gina Shaw DSc MA AIYS Dip Irid Dip NH is a health and nutrition consultant and Doctor of Complementary Medicine, iridologist and fasting and detox plan supervisor. Gina has helped people recover from a plethora of acute and chronic diseases and has appeared in The Times after healing a client of Ulcerative Colitis. She has been on local radio and has lectured around the country. She is the author of several health books and offers personal and group detox and fasting retreats both in the UK and in Europe.

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