FEATURE: Specialty Alternative Medical Lab Tests

What Are Alternative Lab Tests?

Specialty lab tests are diagnostic tools used primarily by holistic medical doctors and naturopathic physicians to assess the functional status of the body. Functional testing assesses the dynamic interrelationship of physiological systems, thereby creating a more complete picture of one’s health.


Why can’t my medical doctor order these tests?

Conventional medicine uses lab tests specifically to diagnose the disease. According to this method, once the disease has been identifies, the treatment (drugs or surgery) is clear. Medical doctors are taught to use standard lab tests solely for the purpose of diagnosing diseases, and insurance companies will only pay for lab tests used for that purpose.


Why do I need these specialty lab tests?

Specialty lab tests were designed to determine the underlying cause of disease, which is often due to nutritional deficiency or environmental toxicity. Identifying and treating the underlying cause of disease is a fundamental principle of naturopathic medicine.

Specialty lab tests are available to help identify the underlying cause of disease so that a specific nutritional protocol can be developed to address that cause. Many people are dissatisfied with the drug and surgical treatments used by conventional medicine. They are concerned about the side effects of their medications and are looking for alternatives. Specialty lab tests and functional assessments are primarily used by natural health practitioners that offer alternatives to conventional medical treatments.


Are these tests covered by my insurance?

Unfortunately insurance companies are set up specifically to reduce the cost of medicine. One of the major ways that this is accomplished is by not paying for what they consider to be unnecessary lab testing. Since specialty lab tests are not accepted by conventional medicine, most insurance companies will not pay for them.


Which specialty lab tests do I need?

There are over 100 specialty lab tests that are available, including


Digestive Function Tests

Naturopaths consider proper digestion to be an essential component of health. There are many tests of digestive function, including: The Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis, The Digestive Function Analysis, The Intestinal Permeability Assessment, The Comprehensive Parasitology Profile, Bacterial Overgrowth of the Small Intestine Breath Test, Anti-Gliadin Antibody Assay, The Helicobacter pylori Antibody Assay, and the Lactose Intolerance Breath Test.


Candida Tests

There are tests specific for candida: The Candida Antibody Test, The Anti-Candida Antibody Test, and The Candida Intensive Culture.


Endocrine Tests

There are several tests of endocrine function, including The Adrenocortex Stress Profile, The Comprehensive Thyroid Assessment, The Glucose and Insulin Tolerance Test, The Comprehensive Melatonin Profile, and the DHEA tests.


Allergy Testing

The Comprehensive Allergy (Antibody) Profile assays blood for immediate and delayed reactions to 96 combined foods or 100 vegetarian foods, and 36 region-specific inhalants.

The Cotinine Assay examines urine to determine the presence of cotinine, a nicotine metabolite, which is an indicator of exposure to second-hand smoke. This test is useful in cases of recurrent infections or allergy in children of smokers.


Hormonal Testing

There are several hormone panels that measure a variety of hormones, including all three estrogens, progesterone, testosterone, sex-hormone-binding globulin, and hydroxyestrogens. Hormone panels include: The Female Hormone Profile, The Menopause Profile, The Women’s Hormonal Health Assessment, The Estrogen Metabolism Assessment, and The Male Hormone Profile.

The IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 or Somatomedin C) test is a valuable tool to evaluate growth hormone status.

The Bone Resorption Assessment is a simple, direct urinary assay of pyridinium and deoxypyridinium cross-links, useful in identifying current bone loss, lytic bone disease, and efficacy of bone support therapies.


Comprehensive Cardiovascular Assessment

The Comprehensive Cardiovascular Assessment analyzes blood for levels of HDL, LDL and total cholesterol, ratios, triglycerides, lipoprotein(a), homocysteine, apolipoprotein A1, apolipoprotein B, fibrinogen, and C-reactive protein. Together, these markers provide a thorough assessment of cardiovascular health status.


Detoxification Tests

Detoxification is a cornerstone of naturopathic therapies. The Detoxification Profile assesses the body’s capacity to carry out detoxification. The Oxidative Stress Analysis identifies markers of hydroxyl radical activity, urine lipid peroxides, reduced glutathione, superoxide dismutase, and glutathione peroxidase. The Anti-Chemical Antibodies Profile assays blood for systemic exposure and sensitivity to formaldehyde, tremolitic anhydride, toluene, phthalic anhydride and benzene ring.


Metabolic Testing

The Metabolic Analysis Profile assesses urine metabolites to evaluate four critical areas of metabolism: gastrointestinal function, cellular energy production, neurotransmitter processing, and amino acid-organic acid balance. Test results can be used to address chronic systemic complaints: fatigue and mood disorders to headaches, muscular/joint pain, and digestive problems.

The Cellular Energy Profile evaluates organic acids that play a pivotal role in the generation of cell energy. The test can reveal metabolic distress associated generalized pain and fatigue, which may arise in response to toxic exposure, nutrient imbalances, digestive dysfunction and other causes. Plants synthesize and store energy from sunlight and nutrients. How efficiently the human body recovers this energy from plants or animals that eat plants can have a profound effect on physiological function.


Heavy Metal Testing

There are several lab tests for heavy metals. The Hair Elemental Analysis examines hair samples for levels of toxic and nutrient elements. The Total Element Clearance Profile measures urinary excretion of 9 nutrient elements and 20 toxic metals, including “classic” toxins such as lead, mercury, and arsenic, as well as newer technology toxins such as niobium and gadolinium. The Elemental Analysis, Provocative Challenge evaluates urine for 10 toxic and 8 nutrient minerals before and after administration of chelating agents. This test is used to evaluate mineral levels and to monitor the effectiveness of chelation therapy.


Nutritional Testing

Several nutritional panels include The Vitamin Profile, The Amino Acids Analysis, and The Essential and Metabolic Fatty Acids Analysis.


Finding the Cause of Disease with Specialty Lab Tests

The selection of which lab tests are appropriate for a specific person is the focus of my book Finding the Cause of Disease with Specialty Lab Tests. It describes many of the alternative medical tests and contains information on over 100 diseases, including a comprehensive list of the causes of that disease, and a list of the alternative lab tests which can be used to identify the specific cause underlying the disease.

You can order Finding the Cause of Disease with Specialty Lab Tests from my web site: www.naturdoctor.comThe cost of the Ebook is only $9.99.


Where can I order these specialty lab tests?

These specialty lab tests are available only to naturopathic and alternative medical doctors. The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians has a database on their web site(www.naturopathic.org).


About the Author

Ronald Steriti graduated from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, a four-year full-time Naturopathic medical school. Dr. Steriti assists people to regain and maintain their health using botanical medicine (herb)s, classical homeopathy and clinical nutrition to support their body’s natural healing abilities. Dr. Steriti offers consultations by phone and invites you to call (239) 659-2684 to discuss your specific health needs today!

Dr. Steriti offers natural health consultations by phone and can order these alternative medical test kits to be sent to your home.

For more information Visit www.naturdoctor.com

Ronald Steriti graduated from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, a four-year full-time accredited Naturopathic medical school. He also has a Doctorates Degree in Electrical Engineering. Dr. Steriti assists people to regain and maintain their health using herbs, homeopathy and nutrition to support their body’s natural healing abilities. He has a private practice in Naples, Florida and invites you to call him and discuss your health needs.

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    Q: I do not see much information on herbs for Lymes Disease? I was bitten by a tick last summer and have not felt the same since. My tests come back negative, but I read that Lymes tests are not reliable. Can you suggest a regimen for Lymes?


    The Lymes Disease article will go up within a week. Stay abreast! First of all, herbs are not the best line of defense for the Lyme bug. It's an external problem so you need external measures (bathing in hot water, 2 boxes of sea salt added, 1 cup hydrogen peroxide). Do this for starters!

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    Q: Is black cohosh good for clearing out the lymph system? My doctor says my tests are all normal but I've had painful armpit lymph nodes now for 7 weeks! I haven't had anything like this since the 80's when I had mononucleosis. I am a diet and exercise controlled type 2 diabetic. I'm also wondering if the ibuprofen I take for sciatica has triggered this weird reaction. The doctor keeps saying my tests are all fine but I know my glands are unhappy. I also am just starting menopause. I am about to go on a 3 week detox. Do you suggest any herbs?


    Black Cohosh is a great female tonic herb but if you want a great lymph cleansing herb, you should try LOBELIA, RED ROOT, WILD INDIGO BARK, CLEAVERS, GOLDENSEAL, ECHINACEA, or MULLEIN LEAF.

    You should consider detoxifying your body. Please give our Full Body Cleanse a try. It can provide a myriad of benefits for you and your body.

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    Q: I completed FULL BODY DETOX and the ANTI-VIRAL CLEANSE AND REGIMEN. I went to get a full STD test including HIV the 1st week in July. My results were normal, but I called the doctor back to make sure herpes was included in the tests she ran and her nurse said I will need to come back in for that additional test. Since I finished the FULL BODY DETOX and ANTI-VIRAL CLEANSE AND REGIMEN I still include fruits/veggies in my daily meals and I moderate other foods, but I totally cut out beef, Pork and I have some chicken, but primarily I will eat fish if I have the urge for meat. Now that I have to go back to get additional test for herpes I am nervous because I thought she covered all std tests the first time and I was happy that everything was normal like my pap smear, blood work, etc. I am really scared? If the results are not what I am looking for what do I need to do? Do I need to do the FULL BODY DETOX again? Or just order the anti-viral kit or just the anti-viral capsules? I am trying to stay positive but doctor visits are not my happiest moments!


    Being nervous is a sign of doubt and doubt is the subconscious will to fail. The best thing you could do is think positive and feel secure right now in the moment!

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    Q: Years, ago I had allergy tests due to hay fever, and I was allergic to cornsilk. Nine years ago I took Don Juan for depression, and I was photo sensitive, Can I still do this Detox?


    Give it a try as it's the only way to find out. Think positive, and take a risk, an intelligent risk!

    Product Links:
    Full Body Detox

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    Q: Do you offer a liquid form of Detoxing especially for urine tests


    Purchase the teas (BOWEL MOVER TEA, LIVER-GALLBLADDER-SPLEEN TEA, LUNGS-RESPIRATORY TEA , KIDNEYS-BLADDER-ADRENAL TEA, BLOOD AND LYMPHATIC TEA, and HEARTY HEART TEA) and ACTIVATED CHARCOAL and perform the detox via drinking teas and following the raw foods regimen.

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    Q: Hi, I'm a 51 year old black woman. I have been living with chronic pain for the past two years. I had several medical tests without any definite findings. There has been some talk of MS. My feet, legs and back hurt all the time. I ordered the female detox but upon reading it seems that I need the total body cleanse. Please let me know of anyone the Columbus, Ohio area that may be able to assist me.


    I would recommend the FULL BODY DETOX (FBD) and then you should see chiropractic for the pain. The FBD should help with the pain though.

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    Q: Please, from your products, can someone that has tested positive be cure on confirmation after test that there is no such virus existing again in him/her after several tests. If possible, I would like to have the list of he product, price and how long it can be taken for such result to be achieved.


    Yes, you can take the Anti-Viral for a certain length of time and test negative via a doctor's test. The best way to go about receiving such results (in 6 weeks) is to first perform the Full Body Cleanse. After the Full Body Cleanse, jump right on the Anti-Viral Kit and Regimen.

    Perform the baths recommended in the Full Body Cleanse Companion. Also, Drink Anti-Viral Tea during both Full Body Cleanse and Anti-Viral kits to receive the best results. Make sure you go get tested within a day of finished the Anti-Viral kit and regimen.

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    Q: I have experienced a myriad of issues to which no answer or solid test has proved conclusive. In the short span since my return I have and continue to be plagued with 2 ongoing problems: Some form of vaginitis (since no one/physician seems to think what I am experiencing is abnormal) and Gastrointestinal issues As a result I have had the following tests and “inconclusive†results (in my opinion): Was diagnosed with Gardnerella or BV in 2006: was treated with no symptoms thereafter, but continue to experience discomfort particularly 2 wks before menstruation occurs. - Acid reflux: was given Nexium prescription, but refused to take prescription and opted to take a natural route i.e., drinking ginger or laxative teas - Thyroid: ultrasound of thyroid was conducted and miniscule cysts were found, but not detected as malignant or harmful


    You may want to read our articles entitled â€BACTERIOR VAGINOSIS†and â€VAGINAL ODORS AND DISCHARGE†found in our articles section. I can tell you right off the bat, Beloved, that you are due for a FULL BODY DETOX followed by a TOTAL WOMAN CLEANSE. These 2 cleanses along with the raw foods diet will greatly help you, Beloved. It sounds like your system has a lot of acid right now. Work on your pH (getting more alkaline). You can heal, Beloved. You just have a lot of mucus in your body. That's all. Reboot your system (body) by cleansing and eating healthy food (fruits and vegetables).

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    Q: Hi, my 77 yr old master having difficulty to speak and to swallow food, after many tests they say he has no problem at all, it has been nuisance and terrible for us to know how such small things even can't be traced and cured. I was attracted by the Full body cleanse. What do you suggest? For him the best. Please send me full dietary details and course of medicine that I have to follow and where to find in France. With lots of love and regard for the help which I am sure u will provide.


    We highly recommend the Full Body Cleanse to treat the symptoms and root cause of the problem. The Full Body Cleanse comes with a dietary regimen that should be followed to achieve the best results.. One complete kit! For international orders, orders must be placed online on our web store.

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    Q: I have been having a problem with my feet and ankles swelling off and on for the past few years. I have seen medical Dr.'s who diagnosed me with tendonitis, said they weren't sure of the problem so they would have to run tests, and who gave me prescriptions for water pills, but the swelling continues. What could be the cause?


    Perhaps, too much sodium (salt) in the diet. You should perform the FULL BODY DETOX which comes along with a dietary change (as you need to change your diet). There's plenty you can do, but detox for starters.

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    Q: Hi. I am very interested in pursuing your detox (both the full and anti-viral, one after the other as it is recommended) however I am a little bit confused. In the actual product description, it states that all other products available only "manage" viruses such as herpes, meaning that the virus still remains in the body. It states that Dherbs helps to eradicate all viruses. It also states in the Q and A it is guaranteed that one will test negative for herpes after the treatment (if it is followed correctly). However, all the articles on your website talk about changing one's lifestyle etc to help CONTROL the virus and therefore prevent outbreaks and that the anti-viral kit can help in the preventing outbreaks (but again that means the virus will remain in the system). SO....I am wondering what the actual potentials of this product and regimen are. If followed with the raw food diet for 6 weeks (3 weeks on the detox and 3 weeks on the anti-viral) will the herpes virus be completely eradicated from one's system so that medical tests will show negative results OR is this regimen just another way of managing the virus, while having it still remain in the system.


    The Full Body Cleanse and the Anti-Viral Cleanse can help cleanse and detoxify your entire system to help you heal from Herpes. Every person responds differently to the cleanse, depending on the toxicity of your body.

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    Q: I wanted to know is there any way of clearing my daughter of epileptic seizures without dealing with these Doctors. They done ran allot of tests and gave allot of medicine and she still wakes up in the middle of the night gagging and shaking what can a do to begin to stop this madness.


    Please read our "EPILEPSY (SEIZURES)" article. It has the information you need and are seeking!

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    Q: First I must say I'm excited about your products after having read through your site extensively I intend to purchase both the Detox and the Anti Viral formula but have a question. I'm certain the answer is no but I must ask. In my job I'm subjected to random drug tests and I just wanted to make sure there weren't any herbs in these products that would cause a false positive.

    A: Our herbs are 100% safe, all-natural, economical, and effective! So no, you will NOT fail a drug test while taking our products.

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    Q: I have also heard some discouraging things about the antibody blood test for HSVII, and how its not as accurate as testing for lesions. But, I had herpes for about a year, so I know my body had enough time to generate antibodies for the virus. Therefore, when I did the regimen the antibodies went away. But I guess my question is, Just because antibodies go away, does that necessarily denote that no virus is present; or in other words antibodies only are present in response to the virus in my body? I just want to make sure that these issues are not something that should be given greater attention. Please help....Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.


    I'm not really into the whole antibody thing with herpes, but using western logic, no anitbodies = no virus present! You're! fine! You're experiencing some residual healing effects. But don't focus on this thing to long because what you worry about you create. Read the Mental Science Manual Beloved!

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    Q: Is there a regime for dementia/Altzheimers like symptoms? My husband was diagnosed hiv+ 6 years ago. He stopped taking medication 3 years ago when I shared all info I could on hiv/aids myth/hoax. Unfortunately my husband is not sure what is true and I am afraid that the stress of this diagnosis has planted the seeds for his current physical and mental decline. He suffers from chronic bronchitis, body aches/pains, extreme weight loss, depression and now has memory loss and is often disorientated in his own home. For the past six months I have been able to get him to eat a predominately raw fruit and vegetable diet. Two weeks ago he was admitted to the hospital because he passed out while taking a hot bath. Several tests were done. We refused to have the hiv test done. Needless to say this got back to his VA doctors who now believe that all of this is due to him being non compliant to taking his hiv meds. In a follow up meeting they now declare that my husband has full blown AIDS and will die in six months if he does not take medication. Can your detox regime help now and what about the dementia-like symptoms? Is there a product/herb that can help this? I can make sure that the diet is raw.


    AIDS and HIV is a full blown hoax used on the ignorant, fearful, government-dependent, irresponsible, immature, and unconscious American people (95% of them, at least) to control them and make money off of them in the process. I would suggest your husband start reading as many of our free health articles as possible to help change his mindset which is the only thing that can kill him, of course with corresponding physical actions. Your husband can save his life by performing the FULL BODY DETOX kit, followed by the ANTI-VIRAL CLEANSE AND REGIMEN, followed by the RESPIRATORY CLEANSE AND REGIMEN. After these kits, if he takes 5 capsules of ELECTRIC GREENS CELL FOOD 5-6 times a day and drink 1-2 cups of RAINFOREST TONIC TEA and BRAIN TUNER TEA, he will be amazed at how he feels. Dementia: take 3 capsules of BRAIN TUNER daily! There's so much your husband can do to reclaim his health and life. But it all starts in the mind. We are here to assist if he so desires the assistance.

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    Q: I see a lot of your tea formulas if not all of them are also offered in pill form. Which is recommended the tea or the pill? Also I am pretty sure I have a bacterial infection of some sort. I have been to 2 different doctors neither one of them actually ran any test to find out what the infection was. They really didn’t even listen to me at all when I went there. Actually I told them flat out what tests I wanted done and they still didn’t do them. Now I remember why I hate traditional doctors. One doctor took an x-ray and told me I have a whole lot of bacteria in my ingestions what an x-ray shows there I don’t know because even if it appears cloudy bacteria is SUPPOSE to be there anyway. I already knew I had a problem bacteria there as I am having mucus in my stools. He just gave me an antibotic and that was it. either way his 3 day antibiotic didn’t work and I felt ripped off paying a copay for 3 pills. So I have a question about a recommendation here. I know for sure the bacteria is affecting my intestines as the mucus in my stool. I don’t know where else it has worked into but I am thinking it’s starting to effect my eyes some as well as I have noticed they appear much more watery than normal and looks like they get a discharge from them and they are much more red than normal. Regardless to what the doctor says I don’t have allergies. I know my body much better than he does I have never had allergy problems in the past so I don’t think its caused from that. so what products should I be looking at? and are the teas or pills recommended?


    Capsules are more potent than teas but teas get into the body faster. So you can choose what you're looking for. Both capsules and teas work however! For bacterial infection: First perform the FULL BODY DETOX and follow that up with the 10-DAY SUPREME COLON CLEANSE. Change your diet: raw foods (75%) and vegan (25%). Drink plenty of vegetable juice. Drink Dherbs MUCUS BUSTER TEA daily (1-2 cups) p.s. - Don't hate traditional doctors! It's negative energy. Read my article â€LEAVE MEDICAL DOCTORS ALONEâ€.

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    Q: I have the following problems and diseases, Herniated disc in lower back, meniscus in knees, born with asthma and bronchitis, a need for a TOTAL MALE CLEANSE, chakra cleanses, blood, mucous, worm parasites, kidneys. I would like to get the products that will help me pass all the tests that the Most High has set up/ordained for me as well as correct diseases/discomforts I would like to be what our Creator intended for me to be!!!


    Alright then ... First perform the FULL BODY DETOX, then the RESPIRATORY CLEANSE AND REGIMEN, followed by the 10-DAY SUPREME COLON CLEANSE, and lastly the TOTAL MALE CLEANSE.

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    Q: Hi, I've got suspected genital herpes - awaiting results, can this be cured? And how can it be proved I've been cured, as I understand blood tests check for anti-bodies, which always remain once infection has occurred. I need to reassure my partner I'm free of the virus.


    Please read our r detailed article "GENITAL HERPES" on our site under "Articles."

    If you have any further questions after reading all of this, then please write us back and inquire.

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    Q: I have been experiencing very trying health issues for many years (over 25 years). The trouble began when my gall bladder was removed 26 years ago. I had mood swings, lack of energy, and severe diarrhea. Approximately 13 years ago I had an additional surgery for an umbilical hernia. Due to pre-op tests, my physician diagnosed me with thyroid disease and placed me on synthroid. This medication dramatically improved the digestive issues I had experienced for many years. I had very loose bowels when menstruating and when I was ill. I am overweight and have dealt with weight issues all my life. Three years ago I had a scare where I thought I experienced a heart attack. I spent three days in the hospital and learned of many health risks. My triglycerides were extremely high along with my sugar being borderline. I have been tested for diabetes on a number of occasions in my life but never show to be. There are numerous cases of diabetes in my family. My mother and one sister are insulin dependent and one other sister is on some form of pill medication for diabetes. At that time, I gave up sugar and began a regime at the gym. The have not eaten any sweets other than what I get in a little ketchup occasionally or some other kind of sauce that may contain some sugar. I have gone to the gym with minimal results in losing weight. I had a total hysterectomy six weeks ago. My regular GP has been on vacation and I've been dealing with one of her associates. This dr. sent me in for glucose tolerance and she has since diagnosed me as Type II Diabetic. She put me on a medication called "Metformin" and has me taking a 500 mg pill twice daily. I have only been on this medication for three days. I have been very careful to eat only what they say I can. I am experiencing the same issues as before with the diarrhea. Last night I was up all night with this and it is like water coming out of me. I am unable to find a physician who understands that I want to lose the weight, but cannot when I'm constantly dehydrated and feeling lethargic. When I have this constant problem, I am not able to do what I need to do for my overall health. Sorry to be so wordy but I wanted to explain the full extent of what I am experiencing. My friend told me to get on this website and explain my issues. He feels that you may be able to guide me in the direction of a natural product or products that can help me to have normal bowel movements and therefore begin doing the physical exercise that is needed for me to reduce my chances of becoming an insulin dependent diabetic.



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    Q: Peace, and Blessing Brethren! I have a question, did you see on You Tube a young man, who was crying blood? He has had a MRI done, and plenty of other tests. This is crazy. I don't know if this is real, or fake. Can you elaborate on this, and what may be causing this condition?


    I didn't see the video, and would need more information on the person's condition before elaborating. Otherwise I'd be speculating and wasting my time, as I'm in the midst of writing more articles that will be posted to Dherbs later this month. The blood may have been coming from his lacrymal glands which produces our tears.