FEATURE: What Do We Eat?

What is the truth about our body and what are its needs?

The public has believed that our food supply and its nutrient value have been determined by the best minds. Doing the highest research, we believe that the medical community’s determination of our daily requirement is accurate, and should leave no doubt in anyone’s mind about the credibility of their information. We believed in their recommended daily allowances of vitamins and minerals as well as their sources. The consumption of animals was talked in terms of being an important part of our food, and was fed to little babies and the old ones. The great majority ate meat. It was considered a vital part of our source of energy. As a result, the shape that we are in is not the shape to be in.

In the USA, the cost of this biggest of all mistakes is in excess of one trillion a year. Still, animals and their by-products are in all the recipes that we love, and they have become the main course. Now after centuries of very bad eating and overeating, we as a species are in servitude to medicine, and still believe that the scientific community is trustworthy about our food supply. However, it is a fact that most of the earth’s humans are medicated and under observation by doctors.

The power of the medical and drug complex has been self-constituted and they have appointed themselves as experts of these questionable theories. They have intimidated us into totally relying on them. No disease has been cured ever. It is important to see that this has been a failure on the part of the medical authority, a failure to correctly define for the public the correct diet for good health.

Because of this failure, our feeding was left to the marketplace, and has become a multi-billion dollar industry of altered, useless food, low in nutritive value, and high in addictive tastes. Here are some examples: cakes, pastries, children’s cereals, breads, etc. All of these materials were manufactured with the recommended elements of vitamins and minerals, and processed into our food. It started with a combination of natural materials that was stripped of nutrient value during processing, and then was altered by preservatives, stabilizers, sugars, vinegar and other taste-enhancers, to the point where the main intention of the producers was to appeal to our taste and assure repetitive consumption.

In the meantime, the body was attempting to deal with this non-food by the following reactions – fevers, colds, bronchial, sinus and bladder infections, gastritis, high blood, diabetes, liver inflammation, strokes, heart attacks, and skin elimination. From dandruff to foot fungus, the body was saying loud and clear that it was overloaded and irritated from the way it was fed. This has led to inefficient and sluggish elimination, resulting in further systemic congestion. The manifestation of other complex symptoms was inevitable — Alzheimer, Parkinson’s, MS, Aids, and much more to come. This is how a starving, irritated and congested organism would operate according to its design, trying to clean itself and extend life.

It has now been established by the condition of the earth’s people that the authorities were wrong. It was a tragic mistake to feed us this awful mixture of materials and to infer that the body’s needs were all covered. The proof that they are wrong is the mess that they and we are in. All of this will be analyzed in the future for scientific proof, but none of that matters. We are weak and worn out and we are dying much too fast. We are in an emergency time and the authorities are still misreading the body’s language and attempting to interfere with symptoms as if they were the disease. We are still eating the worst possible food, and the bill for our ignorance is enormous, in suffering and in dollars. Many pages can be written about this enormous tragedy, but the most important is: what is the correct diet of this most highly evolved organism?

It is amazing that the ancient books that we revere and love and have led billions of us into Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism have said clearly that the diet of human is fruits and vegetables. This is not religious dogmatism. Dogmatism came from the many misinterpretations. This universal advice established a high principle, that the human body and its refinery (digestive system) were designed only for fruits and vegetables. In other words, the human is and will continue to be, vegetarian.

You can’t feed meat to a deer or a rabbit or any other vegetarian creature, because they simply will not eat meat, except for the cows, our poor sick cows, which were fed other cows disguised as vegetable cattle feed. This has become a worldwide tragedy as cows develop the human equivalent to Alzheimer disease, called “mad-cow disease”. I remembered reading of a meeting called by the CDC (Center for Disease Control). They explained their version of mad cow disease, and after the presentation, a layman stood up and said, “Gentlemen, there is a very important fact we are overlooking: these animals are vegetarians and we are feeding them meat!” The CDC examined the food supply for meat contamination and the very important philosophy of it all was completely missed: You don’t feed meat to a vegetarian creature, and we are vegetarians!

My own personal experience with vegetarianism began approximately 35 years ago. Since then, I have lost a hundred pounds, as well as a strong genetic predisposition to diabetes and asthma. I was taking medicine for high blood pressure, and was told that I had a suspicious heart condition and a life threatening mass in my sigmoid bowel, and don’t forget my glasses. All these symptoms have disappeared, including my 100 pounds, of not only fats and toxins, but also pounds of dangerously wrong opinions.

About 32 years ago, I had many requests to tell the story of how I was getting well and that’s how I began this very special journey. To date, I have guided thousands through a fast, and watched older men and women and little children in many countries around the world get better by our special formula of: Fasting, Sunshine, Pure Eating and Love.I proved to myself and to many others that by going in the sun, eating fruits and vegetables, and intelligently fasting, all of this works. There is absolutely no doubt that a diet of fruits and vegetables, mostly raw, together with sunshine and periods of time fasting, all done with the purest desire, is the healing formula.

All of our genetic ingredients are presently organizing our final verse — the end of our life. Our future suffering and death is inevitable as long as we live this way, but the inevitable can be reorganized into vitality and pain-free days, into rejuvenation and longevity. All it takes is a changein our perspective. There are no treatments for symptoms, we don’t have to wait around and be rescued by medical sciences. We have within us, all that it takes to live a productive life, free of doubts and disease, but we must develop a deep desire to have that great life, because it is the purest human need.

All of this needs our commonsense and our highest level of reasoning.Don’t give it back for scientific analysis, because it will get lost in biased studies and flawed doubletalk findings. We can’t continue to live and think this way anymore and bury our loved ones because of misdiagnosis and treatments.

The simple truth is that when the body’s needs are met, it will function disease-free. I once fasted a 6-month old who vomited each feeding, a problem that could not be addressed by the pediatrician. It was first thought that mother’s milk was contaminated, so formulas were tried, but vomiting still occurred. Other formulas were introduced, and the vomiting continued. The mother was understandably distraught and was convinced that an evil spirit had come between her and her son. On someone’s recommendation, she called me and when she told me the story, it didn’t take rocket science to see that the stomach didn’t want any material. I took the baby’s plastic bottle, cleared it up of its content, filled it with pure water, he sucked so hard, he collapsed the bottle and looked up at me and smiled. The child happily drank only water for 4 days and then vomited lumps of yellow materials from his stomach and corrected its problem.

I have personally guided and witnessed hundreds of diabetics get better, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, insomnia, obesity, hospitalized schizophrenics and together, get off all medicine and lead a normal life. Many infertile couples have fasted and became pregnant. I also guided a 97 year old through 10 days of water fasting for arthritis. There was sufficient relief for him to walk again.

One of the things I observed after the fast is that as we clean our body, we re-excite its appetite for fruits and vegetables. That is why when the fast is over, all the people unanimously say that they have never tasted a watermelon so good or oranges so sweet. So, this is the way to change our diet! Rather than to struggle all that the majority goes through with discipline, it is easier to clean the body and let it crave the correct materials. Just think: the body wakes up through the cleansing and craves the correct food for itself — fruits and vegetables.

So think about it all in the highest way, and find the answer amongst all the commonsense. The time and money that was spent on analysis that was not easy to understand left itself open to misinterpretation and confusion. This played into the hands of the marketplace, where it became a marketing manipulation. All the studies were totally unnecessary. They are totally unnecessary because if it is correct that fruits and vegetables is our fuel, then it must have all our needs — how easy! All of their gibberish will end when we stop believing it and live our lives truthfully. The bottom line is that we are being cheated out of our most precious gift — our life. And if there was ever a time in human history for us to take a stand, it is NOW.

Ray Kent has been eating raw foods and helping people with Fasting for over 50 years.

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