First Consult Your Physician?

No matter what the alternative health product, modality, or therapy, you will usually find a disclaimer on the bottle, box, machine, or advertisement, stating: “CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN BEFORE USE” as though Western medical physicians actually study alternative health products, therapies, procedures, and gadgets/technology on the market today.

Most physicians condemn that which they are ignorant of, mainly predicated upon fear-fear of the unknown, and deeming it as a threat to that which they do know about: pharmaceutical drugs and surgery.

Every time an alternative health practitioner says: “CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN BEFORE USE” they further legitimize allopathic medicine as the authority on health and knowing what’s right and best for people pertaining to health and nutrition.

The average doctor (or even nurse) may speak negatively of herbs because they are ignorant about herbs.

They may condemn the herbs and recommend their pharmaceutical drugs instead, despite the fact that the prescription medications can trigger side effects that are worse than the condition the drugs are designed to treat.

They may condemn chakra balancing, ionic foot detoxification, or body detoxing with herbs but will promote their dangerous and unnecessary surgeries.

Western allopathic physicians, physicians assistants and nurses do this because it is safer to go along with regulations made by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) than to adopt alternative treatment methods that may not have the same money (and testing) behind them as pharmaceutical drugs.

Keep in mind that the FDA is the same government agency told Americans to smoke cigarettes for good health reasons. It’s the same agency that approved many drugs as safe that were later found to be extremely dangerous.

Instead of or before consulting a physician, consult God (your Higher Self). Consult with your own intuition or inner knowingness. Learn to trust yourself.

The body can heal itself when you put yourself into the right frame of mind. Prescription drugs are made with chemical derivatives of natural elements.

The body can heal itself when it’s given the opportunity to do so. Change your diet to one that’s vegan or raw food based. Remove the acid-forming foods and beverages from your diet that promote a toxic ecology within the body, keeping vital organs from properly functioning.

The body can heal itself when it’s in an environment that promotes health. Live a lifestyle that’s clean, surrounded by positive energy, by aligning chakras and engaging the power of crystals.

The body can heal itself when it’s put to use. Engage in activity that promotes a stronger physical body such as yoga, tai chi or pilates. Walk around your neighborhood, or take a hike in the hills.

Just something to think about!

Thank you for reading !