Go Explore For National Take A Hike Day

Go Explore For National Take A Hike Day

Is it a coincidence that National Take A Hike Day occurs around the time that people indulge in heavy Thanksgiving feasts? We think not! Hiking can burn up to 400-550 calories per hour, provided you are moving with a little purpose, and this means that hiking is a great way to lose some excess weight before your holiday temptations overtake all your senses.

Did you know that there are more than 50,000 miles of hiking trails across the 50 states? That means that there isn’t a shortage of hiking trails, people! In fact, most people schedule group walks or hikes on National Take A Hike Day, so keep an eye out for hiking meet-ups. You might even decide to lead your own hike this weekend! You don’t have to do a ten-mile trek in and out of valleys; rather, you can walk around your neighborhood, ascend your local hill, or find a hiking trail near you. Just make sure to bring water to stay hydrated.

Exercise Is Easier Outside

According to recent studies, the green color of grass, trees, or other plants in nature makes exercising easier and more enjoyable. The study revealed that people who exercised outdoors experienced fewer mood disturbances, and they had the desire to return for more workouts, as opposed to people who worked out in the gym.

Nature Reduces Stress

Spending time exploring the outdoors has been proven to help lower stress levels. Looking at nature makes you relax and you seem to forget about whatever is causing your stress. Just take a look at this picture of nature below and tell us that you don’t feel a little relieved. Don’t believe us? Try out our Pine Forest Bath Drops, which may help to lower depression and anxiety.


Boost Your Brain

When you go for a hike, put down your phone for a few minutes and absorb nature with your eyes; the photo for the Gram can wait. You actually have to pay more attention when outdoors, so that you don’t injure yourself. Studies have shown that taking a hike can increase creativity and influence novelty. Additionally, the fresh air can boost your brain.

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