What is a headache? Mosby”s Medical Dictionary defines a headache as a pain in the head from any cause. Kinds of headaches include Functional headache, Migraine headache, Organic headache, Sinus headache, and Tension headache.

It continues to define Migraine headache as a recurring vascular headache characterized by a prodromal aura, unilateral onset, and severe pain, photophobia, and autonomic disturbances during the acute phase, which may last for hours or days. The disorder occurs more frequently in women than in men, and predisposition for the disorder is not known, but the head pain is related to dilation of extracranial blood vessels, which may be the result of chemical changes that cause spasms of intracranial vessels. A greatly increased amount of a vasodilating polypeptide related to bradykinin is found in tissue fluid of patients during migraine attacks. Allergic reactions, excess carbohydrates, iodine-rich foods, alcohol, bright lights, or loud noises may trigger attacks, which often occur during a period of relaxation after physical and psychic stress.

By far, most headaches people suffer from are due to TENSION and STRESS. Stress can lead to stomach upsets, constipation, headaches, tension, frigidity and a host of other diseases.

Causes and Risk Factors

Today, there are many causative factors for headaches, which include but are not limited to:

  • Tension
  • Stress
  • anxiety/worry
  • allergies
  • sinus pressure
  • constipation
  • muscle tension
  • disturbance in the blood circulation
  • lack of chi (energy)
  • nutritional deficiencies
  • food sensitivities
  • use of alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes/tobacco
  • exposure to irritants such as colognes and perfume
  • environmental pollutants
  • hormonal imbalance (PMS or menstrual cycle-related)
  • fever
  • acute toxicity (acidosis)
  • eyestrain
  • Sixth Chakra (Ajna) imbalance.

Headaches are also a common ailment associated with the Sixth Chakra (Ajna). Many Sixth Chakraic individuals are prone to headaches. Headaches serve as an indicator of some kind of imbalance in highly sixth chakraic individuals. When they learn to let go-to no longer resist-and convert negative thoughts into positive ones, headaches happen less often.


Headaches may present these symptoms:

  • Pain on one side or area of the head
  • Pulsating pain
  • Light sensitivity
  • Sensitivity to sound
  • Disrupted daily activity
  • Nausea, vomiting or both
  • Tightening of the head and neck muscles
  • Tearing or redness of the eye on the affected side of the head

The side of the head (temple) the headache is on means something on a much deeper level:

  • The left side denotes the feminine, the past, magnetism, receptivity, passivity, and the logical/rational.
  • The right side denotes the masculine, energetic, active, dominant, the future, and creativity (artistic).

Healing Options

There are many options available to help reduce pain associated with headache, ranging from herbs and crystals, essential oils to magnets, to yoga, deep breathing and visualization, pressure points, enema, colonics, acupuncture, massage, positive thinking, ear coning, bentonite clay and ice packs.

General herbs that are great for remedying headaches include White Willow Bark, Red Willow Bark, Black Willow Bark, Meadowsweet, Feverfew, Balm of Gilead (Poplar); Wood Betony, Woodruff, Peppermint, Wintergreen, Lavender Flower, Spearmint, Gotu Kola, Gingko Biloba, Kola Nut, Buckbean Leaves, Birch Bark, and Rosemary Leaves.

Herbs good for nervous tension headaches include the general herbs supra in addition to the following herbs: Blue Vervain, Lady’s Slipper, Valerian Root, Wild Lettuce, Chamomile, Lily of the Valley, and Jatamansi.

Herbs good for menstrual-related headaches include the general herbs supra in addition to the following hers: Wild Yam Root, Dong Quai, Valerian Root, Angelica, and Pennyroyal. Herbs good for bilious headaches include the general herbs supra in addition to the following herbs: Goldenseal, Barberry, Boldo, Cascara Sagrada, and Oregon Grape.

Herbs good for constipation-related headaches include the general herbs supra in addition to the following herbs: Cascara Sagrada, Senna Leaves, Buckthorn, Buckbean Leaves, Aloe Vera Resin, and Rhubarb.

Headaches are associated with the Sixth Chakra, which means that all purple and indigo colored crystals and stones are good for healing. Indigo and purple-colored crystals and stones include Amethyst, Charoite, Purple Lepidolite, and Sugilite.

Quartz crystals are highly effective in relieving headache pain. Because they are great absorbers of energy, a quartz crystal can be programmed to extract pain.

Great essential oils that help remedy headaches include Lavender, Rosemary, Birch, Peppermint, Wintergreen, and Spearmint. However, migraine headache sufferers might want to abstain from essential oils as they are very sensitive to smell (all smells) during a migraine episode.

Magnet therapy can give great relief for headaches because they enhance circulation where there is constriction and when there is headache there is constriction. Magnets can be placed directly over the temples and worn for hours. However, magnets should never be worn to bed, especially magnets exceeding 800 gauss.

Deep breathing and yoga for headache prevention and remedy enhance circulation of chi throughout the body, and can be channeled directly to the head area. Deep breathing is a great method to release stagnant, stale, and negative energy from the body. It’s also compatible and complimentary with visualization (imaginative) therapy.

The mind is the greatest tool in healing and always has been and will be. All sickness/disease and healing starts in the mind. The mind is a laboratory whereby we concoct our thoughts, good or bad, pure or polluted, constructive or destructive.

The coffee enema can be quite effective for remedying a headache. Organic coffee (via the rectum) causes the liver to dump off toxins. Alcohol is acidic and this causes the gallbladder to produce excess amounts of bile to counteract the acidity of the alcohol in the stomach and intestinal tract. This is what generally happens in the case of a bilious headache.

Some headaches can be related to a clogged colon or constipation, so when you start addressing the colon by cleansing it, you are helping to lessen and eventually eradicate your headaches that are due to having a taxed, polluted, and clogged colon. Dherbs.com is PRO colonics (and enemas).

Acupuncture can help remove blocked and stagnant chi (energy). Remember, where there is headache, there is constriction and where there is constriction there is blocked energy and blood flow. Acupuncture does the same thing as magnet therapy; however, the difference is magnet therapy is noninvasive whereas acupuncture is invasive.

Massage works great wonders in relieving headaches, especially tension headaches. Massage loosens up tight muscles in the shoulders and neck that constrict due to tension, worry, and stress. Massage helps these negative things to melt and dissolve, especially if you are working with a great massage therapist.

Ear coning is a great tool in remedying sinus headaches. Ear coning removes debris that can cause compression against ear nerves, which can lead to headache.

Positive thinking is visualization and imaginative therapy. Your body functions optimally when you are happy and feeling positive. The blood flows freely, acidity gives way to alkalinity, toxins find their way out of the body quickly via the eliminative channels; hormonal secretions secrete in abundant amounts, the cells communicate clearly, the skin radiates, the eyes shine and sparkle, and old age (degeneration) gives way to rejuvenation.

Apply bentonite clay to the temple where the headache stems from. The tightening action of the clay from drying helps to draw out negative energy. Where there is heavy metal toxicity there is emotional toxicity.

Ice packs or bags work well by simply numbing the pain. Clearly this is symptomatic but is highly helpful and palliative.

Dietary Intervention

Headache may be triggered by food sensitivity or allergy. There are some foods that are more likely to be associated with headache than others, including:

  • Food additives such as coloring or flavor
  • MSG
  • Artificial sweeteners such as aspartame (NutraSweet and Equal), saccharine (Sweet-n-Low) or sugar derivatives (Splenda)
  • Cured meats
  • Chocolate
  • Red wine
  • Aged cheeses
  • Nuts
  • Alcohol
  • Ice cream
  • Sulfites
  • Nitrates

Reduce or eliminate these types of foods or ingredients from your diet to reduce the occurrence and frequency of headache.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids, the kind found in flaxseeds and walnuts, are thought to help prevent or minimize headache, especially migraines.

DHerbs Solutions

Dherbs.Com products beneficial in treating and healing headaches include:

Thank you for reading !


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    Q: Dherbs, I am experiencing some degree of headaches on my forehead on the left side. I have had about four surgeries for this thinking its related to my sinus, but no relief. I recently started to get some headaches on the back of my head, and neck pains. I took an MRI, and I am not sure of the result the doctor said it seem to be some abnormality on the back of my head may be from birth, he refered me to a nurogolist. Give me some advice on what I can do with herbs, I have already taken your Total Male Cleanse, your Weight Release Cleanse, the Full Body Detox, and just about to finish your Respiratory Cleanse, about 8 more days to go after I have your 10 Day Supreme Cleanse to start next week give me some advice on what course to take alternatively.


    How long have you been experiencing the headaches? You've taken some powerful cleanses thus far. Regardless of what cleanse, start drinking Headache Tea daily. I make it, and add maple syrup, lemon juice, and chill it. This helps for my headaches which are sporadic.

    Product Links:

    Headaches Tea

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    Q: My sister suffers from excruciating migraine headaches. She is very conscious of the correct foods to eat and is careful to eat nutritionally complete foods, but I fear she may have a chemical imbalance or toxin build-up in her system, which is causing the migraines. Do you have a recommendation as to what herbs she could take to alleviate the migraine pain? Your help would be appreciated.


    Have your sister first perform the Full Body Detox. After this kit, have her take Headache & Pain formula, Brain Tuner formula, Bowel Mover, and Headache Tea.

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    Q: Is it possible that the Headache and Pain formula that my mother has currently been on since June of this year could be causing her to have internal bleeding. She is peeing brown at times. Her blood work came back fine. Her kidney are functioning normally. I wonder if there is something that I am giving her to cause this. Currently she is on your Headache and Pain formula, Calcium Formula, Nerves formula, Joint formula, MSM formula, and CNS formula. Everything is normal except for the brown looking urine she has developed for over a month now and it occurs in the morning. Do you know what could be causing this? Am I giving her too many herbs at one time? Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you, Dherbs.com. I appreciate it.


    No, not at all! Herbs don't cause problems. They help heal them! The morning piss is usually the most toxic one, releasing the toxins and poisons that have been broken down at night during sleep. This is normal and is a sign her body is normalizing itself. There's nothing to worry about. There never is! Her body is healing itself!

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    Q: Question, I'm vegan/vegetarian 27 male (black)...I'm having symptoms of the Flu: cold chills, like sinus headache, lost of appetite, shoulder pain!...I've been dealing wit' this now for 3 days; the worst is over, no more cold chills & just got my appetite back today and no more body pain; but I still have a slight headache, I can move my eyes around a bit more. In the future what way can I safeguard my internal against such sicknesses?



    And I have a 4yr. daughter after being sick what type of accentual oils are good for cleaning & killing germs after this sickness is over?


    What are some other effective natural herbs that r affective in curing these symptoms? (beside the ones listed down below)


    I've been fighting these symptoms with Lemon Juice ginger Echinacea (combination) Lemon Water (spring), Green tea & today just got a bit of my appetite back: vegetarian chili w/garlic. I've been burning Tea oil & lemon grass; don't ask why those just gave me the most comfort.


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    Q: I started the FULL BODY DETOX yesterday and wondered if vomiting and splitting headache are normal... Is this normal? How long will the headache last?, should I continue?


    You're experiencing healing crisis! Read our articles â€HEALING CRISIS†and â€IS THIS NORMAL?†They are great reading and you will learn much and get your questions answered in these articles.

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    Q: I suffer from high blood pressure, migraine headaches, indigestion, allergies (throat irritating dry coughs), Menopausal maladies, hair loss and high cholesterol and I am overweight. I am 56 yrs old. I am currently on a Full Body Detox. I need to know what is the next best program after the detox for me?



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    Q: I commonly get sinuses headaches as a result of congestion. I have a sinus drip which is the root cause of this and as a result I am suppose to take sinus medicines daily. I recently did the 10 day express cleanse during which time I did not have the issue with congestion. Which individual product can be used to resolve my congestion issues?


    The formula's in the 10 Day Cleanse didn't specifically help with your congestion issue, but more so the adjusted diet did. Eliminating certain foods from your diet and eating foods that provide benefits helped decrease the amount of mucus and inflammation in your body. It would be best for you to do the Respiratory Cleanse and Regimen as this specifically helps recondition the lungs and helping with sinus issues.

    Please read our article entitled Respiratory Health. http://www.dherbs.com/articles/respiratory-health-67.html

    Product Links:

    Respiratory Cleanse and Regimen -http://www.dherbs.com/store/respiratory-cleanse-and-regimen-p-204.html

    Lungs & Respiratory Formula -http://www.dherbs.com/store/lungs-respiratory-formula-p-45.html

    Sinus Formula -http://www.dherbs.com/store/sinus-formula-p-60.html

    Mucus Formula -http://www.dherbs.com/store/mucus-Formula-formula-p-50.html

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    Q: What would you use for ringworm? My daughter gets these migraine headaches what can I use? PEACE!


    The best thing to do would be to perform the Full Body Cleanse. The Full Body Cleanse can detoxify, purify, rejuvenate, and strengthen the body and all of its eliminative channels.

    For individual formulas for ringworm, we recommend our Oxy-Oil and Parasites and Worms Formula.

    For individual formulas for headaches, we recommend our Headache and Pain Formula, and our Nerves Formula.


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    Q: I am a beginner Holistic practitioner. My son who just turned 24 is addicted to pain medication. He started with Vicodin when he was 17 now he is taking OxyContn and Methadone. He said he is ready to get off now, because he sees how it is destroying his life. I know getting off of this type of medication is very hard on the person who will be Detoxing. I really don't want to put him in a in-house detox center, nor do we have the finances to do so. So, I want to have him come stay with me for however long it takes to get him detox. But I want to give him what he needs to lessen the healing crises, the headaches, the other pain that is associated with this type of withdraw. I am not quite sure what to do or where to start or if it is something I should do. I feel that I can help him. But I want to be sure of this. I am thinking this is something that might require a medical physician. Please let me know if it something that can be done at home. And if so, what herbs, supplements and whole foods I should have handy to assist him on his detox process. You expertise is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


    He needs the FULL BODY DETOX and should drink plenty of Licorice Root tea. He can detox at home. Let him bathe in 26-78 ounces of sea salt daily. Let him drink vegetable juice daily as well. Please schedule a health consultation so you can obtain more natural remedies for your son. $100 (for a consultation) is a lot cheaper than a detox center. Please consider!

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    Q: I am trying to find a way to get rid of my headaches; I'm also been diagnosed with sleep Apnea and feel this is a cause as well. I'm working on changing my diet all together as I feel this is a trigger for it also, I like to find a vegan diet also, that would allow for me to put on a few health pounds. Thanks so much my brother and praises to our ancestors for your enlightment. Please help.


    First, detoxify your body (FULL BODY DETOX). Second, perform the DHERBS 10-DAY SUPREME COLON CLEANSE. The rest of the information I feel can be found in the article section on â€HEADACHES†For sleep apnea, an article is coming soon! Work on your respiratory system (perform the RESPIRATORY CLEANSE AND REGIMEN). Stay tuned for the article!

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    Q: I'm a 38-year-old male who has been suffering with Atrial Fibrillation for 3 years. Up until the age of 35 I never had any real illness that had any caused for concern, and then out of the blue I have a heart related issue. My Doctor has never given me a cause of where this came from and all the research I've done on my own turns up the same. The answers the doctor gave (caffeine, alcohol, and so on) I've never really used any of those things excessively. My eating habits up until that time where not that great and I was about 100lbs over weight. I've lost 85lbs since, and also have giving up all meats. Also I had Cath. Ablation surgery for the A-Fib. It's been 3 months since surgery and I'm now off of the Coumadin they had me taking. I'm not sure if the surgery was a total success, I've not had an attack since New Year’s Day 2008. But I'm still not feeling back to my old self. I've been having some very weird feelings of nausea, tension, constipation, and tiredness, headaches, etc. When I do go to the doctor they tell me that everything looks fine and that I may be a bit stressed and suffering from anxiety. I'm writing to you in hopes that you may be able to guide me to the right path to healing and returning to living somewhat normal life again.



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    Q: I am only on the second day of the full body cleanse and I am experiencing a migraine headache to the point I am ready to throw-up. Normally I would take prescribed medication, but after reading the FAQ's I thought I would see how long I could go without it. It doesn't look like much longer. What do you suggest?


    Make sure you are eating enough, consuming 3 regular meals a day with enough healthy fats and protein. Also, drink plenty of water, at least half your body weight in ounces.

    Also, you may experience adverse symptoms when you begin the Cleanse, as the formulas work to remove the toxins in your body. Please note that these symptoms should diminish as the days go by.

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    Q: I am only on the second day of the full body cleanse and I am experiencing a migraine headache to the point i am ready to throw-up. Normally I would take prescribed medication, but after reading the FAQ's I thought I would see how long I could go without it. It doesn't look like much longer. What do you suggest?


    While we don't give medical advice, the choice is basically up to you to make your own decision. Do what you feel is best!

    Migraine headaches (headaches) are explained on our Detox Troubleshooter sheet. Basically, you are very toxic! Drink plenty of water and make sure you are getting enough to eat. Have some healthy fats like avocado or brazil nuts to keep you satiated.

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    Q: My daughter has been diagnosis with shingles, in your manual you suggest taking the anti-viral, blood and lymphatic, and the immune booster formulas, my question is will this help with the pain as she heals and should she first do the FBD or do both at the same time. She is at the point now that the doctors are suggesting steroids, having severe headaches on the right side of her head it feels like an electric shock and her body is sensitive to the touch. Needs help with the pain if she can't afford to get all three formulas which one of the three could she get now to help until she can get the other two? Being stressed really brings it on. I didn't see anything about shingles in your article that's why I'm writing.


    Opt for the NERVES FORMULA and HEADACHE AND PAIN FORMULA. More importantly, she should avoid stress at all costs.

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    Q: Is there anything I can do to prevent my migraine headaches?


    1. Read the article â€HEADACHES†on our site! 2. Detox your body: FULL BODY DETOX 3. After cleansing, take daily: HEADACHE AND PAIN FORMULA, MSM SULFUR, MAGNESIUM PHOSPHATE

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    Q: I have lupus of the brain stem and-headaches dizziness etc. What are the day to day herbs I should be sure to have in my diet?


    We first recommend you perform the Anti-Viral Kit to help rid your body off harmful pathogens that are affecting your body.

    After detoxing, We recommend Electric Greens, Vitamin C, Blood & Lymphatic formula to continue on your path toward healing.


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    Q: My sister is five months pregnant and she is having server sinus problems so bad that it's causing her to have migraine headaches and she has been the emergency room four times and they just keep prescribing her Percocet for the pain and that's not working at all. Please help me, is there any herb that she can take while pregnant for this sinus problem.


    She's pretty toxic and a pregnant woman should not be taking harmful drugs because the baby can be born with jaundice or hepatitis. Herbally she can try our SINUS FORMULA, HEADACHE AND PAIN FORMULA, and MUCUS BUSTER FORMULA. She should steam her face so her nostrils can benefit from the steam. She should also look into having ear coning performed. Have her drink vegetable juice! She needs to eat as healthy as possible!

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    Q: I am taking nexium 2Mg to prevent vomiting. Now I am having headaches at both sides of my temples mouth waters up as though preparing to throw up but muscles do not respond. Resulting in a feeling of sour stomach nausea and a constant hot pulsating pain that is even worse at night. Here is a list but complete list of all known symptoms and circumstances: 1975-1977 weight 110 lbs 1982 diagnosed hyperthyroidism weight 98 lbs. proprylthyoruracil taken also radio active iodine no follow-up treatment only herbal teas cleaning regular diet no pork or by products 1983 pregnant 110lbs. June 1983 March weight 210lbs. Newborn weight 4lbs. 14ounces 1985 weight 135lbs. 1986 April wt. 205lbs newborn at 6lbs. 12ounces 1993 weight 130lbs 1994 September wt. 195lbs newborn at 7lbs. 9ounce 1997 colonics chlorophyll 2000 miscarriage 2002 miscarriage 2003 weight 175lbs. 2006 weight 195lbs 2007 February colonics no additives March hypothyroidism diagnosis weight at 215lbs Synthroid taken approx. 2wks abdominal pains / stop taking synthriod pain subsides / lower dosage taken approx. 1wk / intensified pain with nausea & vomiting tried Armour Thyroid Extract & Herbal equivalent with same results / Stop all Meds. & herbs/Pain has intensified prilosec does not help 2007 May emergency room visit all test normal Bill: $10,000 No insurance / weight 215lbs. 2007 October 26 - 31 stomach will not hold food or water without vomiting 2007 October31 Emergency Room Visit/all test normal detect minor stomach irritation/Follow -up prescription :Gastroenterologist Weight 224lbs height 5'4 New Hospital Bill undetermined Employment Pending Problem : paid $324 for individual insurance coverage from Beech / Aetna Now they are nowhere to be found. ACH revolks has been put on my account to keep that bogus insurance associate from using my account information and to recover that which they have already taken. Nexium was prescribed for the last 6 months I have been experiencing nothing but intensifying pain and sleepless nights being awakened by pain or frequent calls to urinate. At times I look as though I am 9 months pregnant. I have infrequent bowel movements and hardly any food in my stomach. I am constantly experiencing hunger pains so I just drank a lot of water. Now my stomach won't event take water without making me nauseated. All the little cleansing diets has robed me of my strength the smallest of task feels like a chore . If you can't help me I'll understand. The pain is mainly in middle of chest and in my back between the shoulder blade it burns and causes my whole abdominals and diaphragm to swell. It feels like an acidic chemical in my chest shoot out almost like, (if you could imagine) a spray bottle. It sprays like tiny streams of a burning like chemical into the breast, muscles in my upper and lower back tightens, my spine burns and my diaphragm feels like it is on fire and it starts to literally vibrate and trimmer in pain. I am in constant pain.


    I highly suggest you first perform our Full Body Detox (maybe twice, back to back). After the Full Body Detox, I would suggest you try our Weight Release kit and regimen which will help you to regulate your weight. Consider a vegan and raw foods diet. Order our Alternative Diet and Lifestyle Manual and check out these diets and how to incorporate them into your life.

    After your cleanses, your daily regimen should consist of: Thyroid Formula, Electric Greens, Weight Loss (Release) Formula, Bowel Mover, and HYPERLINK "http://www.dherbs.com/store/rainforest-tonic-tea-p-289.html" Rainforest tea.

    No drugs will really help your condition. I don't recommend medication but it's your choice in the end!

    For pain, we have a Headache and Pain (Bio-salicin) formula which works well with MSM Sulfur (of which you need to take 9-15 capsules per day, maybe 3-5 capsules three times a day).

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    Q: Good Morning, I heard about you on the Power XM radio Al Sharpton show. I'm 32yrs old I weigh 285lbs and my goal is to loose 125lbs (being realistic). My symptoms and habits are; Bowel movement once a week, headaches, lower backaches, acne, dry skin, eczema, achey joints, asthma and tired all the time! Because of my work schedule and being a single parent I do fast food 2 times a day almost everyday. My oldest daughter is 102lbs 8yrs old - bowel movements maybe twice a week and the youngest 5 yr old has headaches. HELP !!!!!!


    I strongly suggest you perform the FULL BODY DETOX, followed by the WEIGHT RELEASE CLEANSE AND REGIMEN, followed by the 10-DAY SUPREME COLON CLEANSE. Work on your diet! Eat more raw foods! Start your daughter off with the CHILDREN DETOX (liquid extracts) . Spend some time reading through our articles, Sir! Educate yourself!

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    Q: I have used many of your products - the full body cleanse, the female cleanse, and I completed the respiratory cleanse last month. I felt great during the cleanse; when I got off of it, I didn't feel that I was eliminating as easily or consistently. I had purchased the Intestinal Cleanser and the Bowel Motion and started taking them together in the evenings, but I missed a few days due to travel. I noticed that I felt horrible during the days that I was taking it (and felt better when I was off of it).....my stomach felt bloated and cramped and I had headaches and low energy. I am wondering if the combination is too strong for me. Do you recommend taking only the Bowel Mover, or are you supposed to take both? Is it possible that I have a digestion problem? I also had purchased the Thyroid herbs. Is it okay to take those at the same time, or should I wait?


    Read our article HEALING CRISIS!

    Herbs don't cause any health problems. They help you to heal from them. You were experiencing healing crisis, which can be unpleasant; but your body doesn't care. it just wants to heal itself.

    I suggest you take these herbs at night right before you go to bed (which is the best time to do so anyway).

    And yes, you can take the Thyroid formula ... but take it in the morning!

    Thank you for your interest in Dherbs.Com!