Health Risks of Using Cell Phones

Health Risks of Using Cell Phones

While cell phones are very useful in today’s society and have been used to help save the lives of many people, some people believe that the negative or flip side of cell phones is that they pose a very serious health risk.

Some people believe that cell phones emit serious amounts of radiation and compare them to microwaves. Although scientists and doctors have both conducted research and studies and have concluded that there is no significant harm to cell phones, it never hurts to be cautious.

Dherbs believes that although today’s world has been made easier because of all of the technological advances and appliances, there is a downside to such technology. People need protection from electromagnetic fields because power lines, house wiring, radar and microwave ovens, cellular phones, computers, electric blankets and hundreds of other common electrical devices are known to produce strong magnetic fields.

For people who are required to use the computer every day for work or to stay in touch with distant friends and family, the idea of giving it up can seem incomprehensible. Dherbs understands how important computers are for today’s lifestyle and is not advocating such a renouncement. Rather, the site offers a list of technological and natural healing tips that will counteract any potential radiation.

Technological Solutions

One piece of technology that neutralizes and balances energy fields around human bodies is the Dio-Mid. The Dio-Mid is the world’s most effective protection from electromagnetic fields. The Dio-Mid is a large diode and can be quite expensive.

A diode is an all-natural elemental base of 47 different energy frequencies. It is molded into different forms and shapes to be worn on the body or placed on devices that emit electromagnetic radiation.

The formula is named diode because the dictionary describes diode as: a device with a two-element electron tube or semiconductor through which a current can pass in only one direction. The natural elemental diode’s energy current moves in one direction, which is positive and gives a positive spin of energy. The elemental diode also acts as a rectifier by keeping the body’s energies in perfect balance. It also corrects and filters the energies flowing into the human body to bring increased harmony and balance to the body’s electrical system.

For people with cell phones worried about potential ill effects, the site recommends attaching a small diode to it (on the back), because a diode converts radioactive (negative) energy into bionic (positive) energy.

Natural Solutions

Crystals can also provide protection. Consider placing the crystal corovite next to your computer. Corovite is a black stone or crystal that neutralizes radiation. It is also possible to purchase crystallized corovite water which may protect the body from general radiation.

Corovite is available at most crystal stores. It is very economical, about $5-$10 for one stone.

Dietary Solutions

Seaweed is a great natural healing solution. They can help reduce strontium 90 radiation by as much as 90%. The better seaweeds for this purpose are:

  • Kelp
  • Dulse
  • Nori
  • Alaria
  • Irish Moss
  • Spirulina
  • Bladderwrack
  • Hiziki
  • Wakame
  • Iceland Moss
  • Red marine algae and
  • Blue-green algae

Seaweeds also increase oxygen flow to the brain, which cell phone use may deteriorate. Seaweeds are conveniently available in capsule form or may be sprinkled on salads.

Blueberries are also a good option. Available both in berry form and in juices and smoothies, blueberries are excellent for the eyes and overall eye health and greatly improve night vision.

Some people also recommend the herb gotu kola in tea form. It can be mixed with other herbs to create a synergistic effect. Gotu kola (followed by Ginkgo Biloba) is the best herb for the brain and brain problems. It greatly improves memory and cognitive functioning. Interestingly, Gotu Kola is the favorite food of elephants in the wild. That’s why you often hear people say so and so has a memory like an elephant. Now you know where that saying came from and why people say it.

Seaweeds are readily available nationwide, especially at most health food stores and herb stores. Dherbs Sea Moss is a great source of natural iodine and can be taken daily.

For more good information on the health risks of cell phones, read the book Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age, – An Insider’s Alarming Discoveries About Cancer and Genetic Damage, by Dr. George Carlo and Martin Schram.

Dherbs is not just a business, but a ministry as well, spreading the gospel of good health.

Thank you for reading!

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