Herbs vs. Pharmaceutical Drugs

Herbs vs. Pharmaceutical Drugs

Compared to pharmaceutical drugs, herbs are safer and more digestible, effective and economical.

As an effective treatment for various health conditions, herbs are great alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, herbs promote an improvement in overall health when combined with a raw-vegan diet and regular exercise.



Safety is the most critical area of review amongst herbs and drugs. Zero deaths have been reported due to the consumption of herbs. Over-the counter pharmaceutical drugs and doctor-physician prescribed medicines kill approximately one million Americans annually.

Pharmaceutical drug consumption plays a major role in iatrogenics, doctor-physician induced death due to drugs and surgery.

When we consider how many deaths are due to over-the counter and pharmacist/doctor-prescribed pharmaceutical drugs it is ridiculous to try to compare pharmaceutical drugs to natural herbs.


Pharmaceutical drugs are harmful because they are made from inorganic compounds that the human body cannot properly absorb or digest. Pharmaceutical drugs lack intelligence and they cannot communicate with the cells of the body. They actually interrupt the cellular communication of the body and are detrimental to people’s health.

Pharmaceutical drugs temporarily relieve pain but do not help improve overall health. Anytime a symptom is masked, the body generates more of a disturbance, throwing the body off balance.

Pharmaceutical pills are poisonous which is why the user is instructed to take them in restricted dosages.

Pharmaceutical drugs are made from alkaline substances that are synthetic in nature. Once inside the body, they cause the body to become acidic.

We must remember that the human body is organic and based with carbon and copper. Natural herbs are also organic, carbon and copper-based, and electrical and therefore are 100% compatible with the human organism. The same thing is not true about pharmaceutical drugs.

When an inorganic substance is placed in the human body, the human body becomes physically polluted. The natural vibration of the body becomes altered putting the body at risk of developing a disease.

Herbs that are commonly used are not harmful to the human body. Unlike drugs, herbs can find their way out of the body. Pharmaceutical drugs typically end up lodging themselves in the tissues, creating the need to detoxify the body with an emphasis on tissue cleansing.

While pharmaceutical drugs have many adverse side effects or reactions, natural herbs only have beneficial side effects or reactions.


Because pharmaceutical drugs are inorganic and are comprised of oxidic compounds, the human body cannot digest them. And what the body cannot digest, it cannot absorb the nutrients.

More than fifty percent of the drugs people consume are eliminated from the urinary tract via urination while the rest stay lodged in the tissues.

With herbs, the body can easily digest and absorb them, so there is a healing component. Since herbs are food, there is no required dosage.


A drug cannot heal the human body. A drug can only mask a symptom, but the symptom is not the cause of the disease, it is the effect of the disease. Herbs target the cause of a disease, therefore relieving the symptoms of a disease.

At first, drug companies isolated the major alkaloid from a plant and use it in their drug. The major alkaloid is what gives an herb its major property or function.


Originally, all of the drugs and their major alkaloids came from herbs. Aspirin was derived from Aspirae or Meadowsweet. Birth Control was derived from Dioscegenin or Wild Yam Root. Morphine was derived from Poppy. Valium was derived Valerian Root. Cocaine was derived from Coca leaf. Codeine was derived from Wild Cherry Bark. Quinine was derived from Magnolia Bark and Dogwood. Menthol was derived from Eucalyptus and Peppermint.

The English word “drug” derives from the root word “drogue”, an Old French word meaning “dried plant”. So truthfully speaking, the original drug was an herb.


Herbs are far cheaper and also more readily available than the chemicals used to make pharmaceutical drugs. Plants grow all over the Earth. The knowledge of what is the proper herb for a specific ailment is important when determining how and when to take it.

Without medical insurance, most people would not be able to afford their prescription drugs.


Pharmaceutical drugs are no comparison to natural herbs. Herbs are safer, more effective and cheaper than drugs.

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