How To Fast Properly

How To Fast Properly


The Truth About Fasting

Many people feel the need to fast as a result of nutritional deficiencies, slow metabolism, sedentary life, eating unhealthy and/or pesticide and chemically laced food, and lack of exercise and rest. Consequently, our cells begin to degenerate, and our body’s resistance to disease weakens, and we become ‘sick’. However, most of us do not know how to properly fast.

In order for it to be considered a true fast, there needs to be abstinence from all food and drinks, except for water. While there are other less extreme forms of fasting, such as a juice fast, proper healing only takes place in the presence of true fasting. In a true fast, water can be consumed in sufficient quantity to satisfy thirst and physiologic requirements, but no other substance may be consumed.

However, during the absence of food, the body will systemically cleanse itself of everything except vital tissue. As the detoxification process takes place, your body will first feed on dead cells, damaged tissue, and other impurities; your body will break down unhealthy cells and rebuild new, healthier cells. These new cells are more robust, and are able to obtain the oxygen and nourishment necessary to function optimally.

Although, fasting for natural healing may cause some muscle loss because your body does not receive the nutrients it is accustomed to in order to function and maintain weight. Yet, this process is a sacrifice for the improvement of overall body condition and the eradication of any adverse conditions (also, any muscle loss can be built back over time). You make more significant sacrifices every day with our over-reliance on pharmaceutical drugs. If you read the warnings and side effects on prescription drug labels, or the release form you sign before surgery, you will recognize the risk and potential harm you may be causing.

While there are numerous potential reasons that you may need to fast, most significantly is that the body uses an enormous amount of energy to digest food through the gastrointestinal tract. When the food you eat is saturated with genetically modified ingredients, chemicals, and pesticides, the body’s eliminative process becomes impaired, allowing these pollutants to remain in the body and cause harm. However, when the body becomes available to perform other functions without the need for digestion (because of the absence of food), the body may search for damaged cells and tissues, fatty deposits, tumors, and toxins, all of which are subsequently expelled as waste or burned for energy. Once your system eliminates these pollutants, you can then restore immune system function, repair the digestive system, and detoxify all the body’s eliminative channels. This natural healing process purifies essential organs, the blood, and the cells, helping the body to eliminate acute or chronic condition.

Nonetheless, the body still cannot heal fully without a sufficient amount of rest. Rest is a primary factor in body cleansing and enhancing recovery, as only when the body is resting is it able to direct enough energy towards the various bodily processes of detoxification. The vital energy that is utilized by physical activity, digestion, emotions, mental strain, and use of the 5 senses, must be replenished. Every activity that requires the use of the eyes diminishes your vitality and inhibits restoration of your health. When your eyes are closed and you are at complete rest, cells replenish, tissues repair, and organs rejuvenate, and are all equipped for renewed activity. Sleep and/or closing one’s eyes are the body’s supreme restorative healing processes.

Once your fast is finished, it is equally important to resume eating very lightly and gradually. Your digestive system is in a sensitive state, so to break the fast and overeat on genetically modified foods, such as breads, meats, and dairy may cause damage to your digestive system and negate the benefits of the fast.  Consuming fresh fruits and vegetables is easy on the digestive system, and allows your GI tract to maintain the good health you earned. Even though avoiding all sources of toxins is unfeasible due to lifestyle and environmental factors, detoxifying the body can be a vital element of maintaining optimal body function and achieving the full body wellness you desire.