Hysterectomy is medically defined as surgical removal of the uterus, performed to remove fibroid tumors of the uterus or to treat chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, severe recurrent endometrial hyperplasia, uterine hemorrhage, and precancerous and cancerous conditions of the uterus.

Types of hysterectomy include total hysterectomy, in which the uterus and cervix are removed and radical hysterectomy, in which ovaries, oviducts, lymph nodes, and lymph channels are removed with the uterus and cervix. Menstruation ceases after either type is performed.

Because hysterectomies are being performed due to fibroid tumors and removal of them, black women are the most likely to have them done. Fibroid tumors are very common to American women or U.S. females, especially African-American, Caucasian or White American, and Hispanic or Latino-American females.

The uterus is the seat of the female brain and a female’s emotions. It is the female command center. Her memory is locked into this organ. The uterus is the seat of female intuition and feeling. A woman feels from her second chakra (sacral chakra or 2nd chakra) area. All of the memories and information of her relationships (including sexual relationships) are stored here in this chakra and the corresponding organ (uterus), which has a mind all of its own just like every other organ in the human body, which are thinking organs.

The female womb is so important to the physical and emotional makeup of the woman. Metaphysics teach us “as within, so without,” therefore, the outer house is a reflection of the inner house (womb).

In getting away from the home due to working jobs, women have gotten away from their wombs. In forgetting the womb and neglecting the womb, disease has manifested in the reproductive chamber.

Part of the healing of the wounded womb is getting the woman back to her sanctuary. Back to her garden, to her kitchen where she can prepare her own foods for herself and her family and thus improve her and her family’s health.


The body will still expel what the physical uterus is no longer there to eliminate. The body uses the upper back and neck to throw off toxins via hot sweats which have become commonly called “hot flashes.”

This is what hot flashes are: attempts to throw off toxins that the uterus used to take care of but which the woman decided to have removed perhaps pursuant to fear induced by medical advice.

You see, though hot flashes are a normal part of menopause and will naturally occur in Western women, when a women removes her uterus she brings on menopause and its symptoms abruptly and prematurely. Menopause comes on quickly in a woman who has undergone a hysterectomy because there’s no uterus channel the toxins.

Natural Alternatives

The only alternative to hysterectomies is to cleanse, detoxify, rebuild, restore, and rejuvenate the uterus, which can be done. You just have to believe; as long as you’re alive your organs are alive and can be rejuvenated.

Change your thoughts and thinking to positive ones or positive thinking! Healing, like sickness and disease, begins in the mind.

Change your attitude about healing. Yes, Nature takes longer to heal but there are no adverse side effects with her healing. Learn to be patient. Take responsibility for your actions: you have uterine problems because of things you did based upon things you thought and felt. You gave yourself fibroid tumors based upon what you ate and what you allowed to be entered into your vagina and stored there. Change your attitude to a healthy, productive, and positive one.

Change your lifestyle. Avoid casual sex. Protect and respect your womb. Schedule a consultation with us to learn more about this.

Refrain from inserting unhealthy things into your womb that have no business there, i.e. plastic dildos, vibrators, condoms (unless you use them for birth control purposes), tampons, etc.

Perform gentle exercises, i.e. yoga, stretching, Pilates, tai chi, walking, swimming, etc. Avoid strenuous exercise such as jogging and running (greatly damages the uterus), weight lifting, etc.

You have options and alternatives to hysterectomy.

However, whatever you decide to do, it is your personal choice and you need to make choices that you can accept and more importantly, make choices that you can live with.

Dietary Intervention

Change your diet. Consider going vegan (75%) and raw foods (25%).

Give up meat, dairy products (the greatest physical culprit of fibroid tumors), refined grains, fatty foods, sugary foods, etc. Refrain from eating so much processed and refined so-called foods. Eat predominantly fruits, vegetables, seeds, legumes, nuts, and grains.

Drink plenty of water (alkaline water is best) and drink plenty of herbal teas.

Dherbs.com Solutions

DHerbs offers these products to assist with hormone balancing:

Thank you for reading!


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    Q: I am a woman have a large uterus fibroid (the ultrasound shows), it's located outside of the wall of my uterus. I do not have the serious symptoms of bleeding or heavy pains, I have 7 days normal monthly cycle, but I am feeling discomfort and soft pain in my abdomen while I am walking or moving and sometimes bloating. Generally I do not have any other health conditioning at the moment. I am a skinny person, my weight is 85 Lb. and my height is 4'10" I want to get out of this problem as soon as I can , is your fibroid shrinking tea or supplement is working for me. Also please tell me who or which manufacture makes these produce and supplements. Are they acceptable by the US health department?


    Please read our "FIBROID TUMORS" articles on our site for remedy and recourse. All herbs will work for you, Beloved. Our products are not approved by government. We manufacture our own products. Educate yourself which you can do by reading through many of our articles on our site.

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    Q: You mentioned in your article on uterine sense that after the hysterectomy the uterus is dried and pulverized for reasons you will not go into. Could you please tell me what hospitals do to uterus after performing a hysterectomy?


    Sell them to companies who dry them and pulverize them and use them in certain products (including shampoos, health supplements, etc.) do research on them, and make clones from them.

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    Q: I have an enlarged uterus and wanted to know if there was anything you could recommend as far as your products/kits I can take to resolve this issue (frequent cycles, heavy bleeding, fatigue, etc). I have approx. 2-3 days left on your (FULL BODY DETOX and was going to start back on your Moon cycle, hormonal balance products, iron (pill) products. However, I've been talking to other females and was told that I may have fibroids and this is why my uterus is enlarged so I was going to try your Fibroid Buster. I've had a DNC and ultrasound and the only thing the doctor is telling me is that I have a very enlarged uterus.


    It could be a fibroid tumor but an enlarged uterus absent a tumor is also very possible. I would suggest periodic detoxing (FULL BODY DETOX) followed by performance of the (TOTAL WOMAN CLEANSE) and then returning to your regimen (MOON CYCLE FORMULA, IRON PHOSPHATE FORMULA, etc.). Drink FEMALE HEALTH TEA daily as well. But the biggest thing is to change your diet. Give up meat, dairy products, refined grains and starches, etc. Diet change is so important! Read our free articles too for more information!

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    Q: I am trying to stop ingesting unhealthy foods. I am trying to get rid of my large fibroids. In one of your articles you mentioned about the uterus. I am curious as to what happens to the uterus when the doctor performs an hysterectomy? Also, is there a daily regimen that I should follow to rid myself of the toxins in my body? Is there anything that I can take to get rid of my cravings for sweets? (I am not diabetic).


    The Full Body Cleanse is a great way to help rid yourself of toxins and naturally heal your body from adverse conditions and symptoms that are affecting your health.


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    Q: I just found out that I have one fibroid in my uterus and one cyst in my right ovary... Can I use the FIBRIOD BUSTER CLEANSE AND REGIME while trying to get pregnant?



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    Q: I live in Australia and am looking for a working 100% solution to having to have a hysterectomy which I am scheduled to have in 3 to 4 months. I have a history of fibroids and the biggest is 8.5 cm sitting on a stalk on my right ovary on the right side of my uterus and there are 2 others, 3 cm each in size inside both sides of the walls of my uterus. The biggest one has grown in size form 6cm to 8.5 in just 4 months. I need a for sure way to shrink and rid of thesefibroids before I have a hysterectomy. I have tried chinese herbs as well as omx as well as homeopathics from my natrapath and a few years ago accupuncture and have had little or no results except with omx. As I am faced with this life changing decision I need a for sure method. Am I able to obtain your product here in Melbourne Australia and pay by b-pay or international money order or by direct deposit into an account. Please email me back asap.

    A: Yes, you can order from Australia! You may wish to perform the Fibroid Cleanse to help with your condition. This 20 day all-natural program can help with the reduction of fibroids and tumors in the female reproductive system, while also helping to to strengthen and purify the uterus, ovaries, & cervix

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    Q: I started bleeding heavily last month & it was a week after my normal cycle had come & gone. My ob/gyn dr. performed a DNC & a procedure called Novasure Ablation. It slowed/lessened the bleeding but it did not halt it. I am still bleeding. I don't have fibroids. The polyp that they found during the procedure was benign. The bleeding cannot be explained as all of my organs appear healthy. My dr. has advised me to remove my uterus. Right now I can't afford a consultation plus herbs but I would like to know if you have any suggestions. I wasn't sure if the female cleanse would be enough. I had been on the lemonade cleanse for 9 days when the bleeding started but of course the doctors said there wasn't a relationship. I came off of the diet a few days after the bleeding started & changed my diet to fish/seafood only, eating a raw salad at least once a day. Some days I eat no meat at all. My mother has osteoporosis due to her hysterectomy at a young age & she has been diagnosed with lupus as well. She's open to a consultation with you & trying to control her health with herbs & diet change vs. traditional medicine. Unfortunately money is an issue with her as well so she won't be able to use your services until sometime in January. Having said all of that I basically just want a recommendation for what you think might help my situation so that I don't have to succumb to this surgery. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks


    Change your diet (go raw foods/vegan: no meat, no dairy products, and no refined grains). 2. Perform TOTAL WOMAN CLEANSE (TWC) If you can afford it. 3. If can't afford TWC, take MOON CYCLE FORMULA (6-9 capsules daily) and drink 1 cup of MOON CYCLE TEA.

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    Q: I have been living with uterine fibroids for about 2 1/2 years. My uterus is the size of a 3-month pregnancy now. I had always counted on getting surgery following in my sister's footsteps but...I don't want to. I know that surgery will not cure them and they will possibly return. So now I am looking for alternative ways to solve this problem. I have some questions: What complete regimen do you recommend for this? 1. How long have other clients said it took for their fibroids to disappear? 2. Mine I believe is as big as a cantaloupe or larger and there are a bunch there. 3. Will my uterus go back to its normal size as well after they shrink, disappear? Thanks so much for reading and your advice. Once I know I can buy the right formulas to start my healing.


    We recommend you perform the Fibroid Cleanse, which is a 20 Day all-natural program to help with the reduction of fibroids and tumors in the female reproductive system.

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    Q: I'm a 51 y/o Latino female born w/a heart murmur, with a 20 y/o history of Type 1 Diabetes and hypertension. Who recently suffered two minor strokes due to a blood clot. I am prescribed three types of medication for high blood pressure, one diuretic, insulin and pill for diabetes. My medical history includes the following surgeries: Tonsils removed (5 yrs old), removal of cysts (19 yrs old), Caesarian (28 yrs old) and removal of gall bladder (38). Had an ablation of the uterus due to heavy flow of blood and multiple cysts in ovaries with large fibroid present. According to doctors I'm undergoing menopause. An endonoscopy revealed an hiatel hernia and cysts in the thyroid gland. Also, a colonoscopy revealed internal hemorrhoids with diverticulitis. Had an abdominal sonogram which revealed fatty tissues around the pancreas. My husband has been researching your products and he seems to be very interested and believes that you can help me. However, I would like to know the following: How sick will I get with the detoxification regimen? How soon can I expect some positive results to occur? Do I have to stop taking my maintenance medications? I need some answers to these questions for reassurance before I decide to invest in your products. Looking forward to your reply.


    Beloved, with the ailments you described, you cannot afford to wait around to be convinced about a product, your life is on the line. Your husband is right, I/Dherbs can greatly help you if you are willing to help yourself.

    To get started, please read the following articles on our site under "Articles":







    Full Body Detox ($120) and Full Body Detox Companion ($20), Pancreas Kit and Regimen ($120), and Total Woman Kit ($150). These kits are 3 weeks in duration each so you don't have to order all of them at once; but you need to do at least one of them and fast!

    Experience the magic of healing!

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    Q: Red Clover, ingredient of Female Hormonal adds estrogen. The thickening of my uterus lining is due to the fact that I have more estrogen, than progesterone. Will it not make my uterus wall thicker? I just ordered this product. So how will this work if I have too much estrogen already?


    You can never have too much GOOD estrogen, Beloved! All estrogen is not the same. God gave women estrogen, and this estrogen is not a problem, it's the man-made estrogens that are the problem. Now, to balance your hormones by getting more progesterone, start taking 3-6 capsules of Wild Yam Root daily.

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    Q: I am a 38 yr old single black female smoker desiring pregnancy. 3 yrs. ago I was diagnosed with pcos, type II diabetes as a result, along with a fibroid on the left side of my uterus. After much research, I have come to believe in your philosophy of healing from within, in an all natural manner. Although I am in the process of making drastic lifestyle changes from a sad diet to vegan and anti smoking, I feel as though I am in need of western medical assistance. I have scheduled an appointment with a gynecologist, for next week, but still plan on ordering the FULL BODY DETOX and FIBRIOD BUSTER CLEANSE AND REGIME with the next two weeks. My question to you is this: What could be the possible side of effects of such drugs as metformin, clomiphene citrate, or a combination of the two for fertility while I am on your prescribed FULL BODY DETOX and FIBRIOD BUSTER CLEANSE AND REGIME?



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    Q: I read your article on uterine fibroids. It was very helpful, however, do you have any other information regarding how I can get rid of the fibroids even faster? My doctor is pushing for me to have a hysterectomy ASAP. I am currently taking the fibroid formula and have eliminated dairy and meat products. My doctor says my fibroids have taken over my uterus and is pushing on my bladder, which causes me to urinate constantly. I have high regards for your recommendations. Could you please add any other suggestions of what else I can do to help eliminate the fibroids as rapidly as possible.

    A: Check out the Fibroid Cleanse and Regimen to help with the reduction of fibroids and tumors in the female reproductive system. The Fibroid Cleanse and Regimen is ALL-NATURAL, safe and effective at aiding with the process of shrinking, dissolving and preventing future growth of fibroid tumors.

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    Q: I would like to know if you have any herbal product that tightened and strengthens a dropped uterus and cervix in the vagina? Is there any product that I can douche with to tighten this area and problem. I called a local herb shop that I have purchased herbs for years before buying from dherbs and the owner said she has Wild Alum Root Powder that I can douche with to help tighten the uterus and etc., but I wanted to know if you have a good herbal formula product to douche and one that I can take. I am trying to avoid sugery. I have started having back pains in my lower back areas that extend to my right and left sides and periodic tummy pains which the nurse at the clinic where I go to be checked said this is generally the symptoms when a woman has a lapsed or dropped uterus and cervix. This also causes bladder control problems as well. Please tell me what you advise and what products that you believe will help me with these issues specifically, the dropped uterus and cervix problems. I have already purchase #3 products from you about a month ago: The CARDIO-VASCULAR FORMULA, the COLON FORMULA and the TUMOR BUSTER EXTRACT for the tumor that the doctors say is in one of my adrenal glands. I have had some good results from the Cardiovascular product. in helping me keep my blood pressure down.


    For prolapsed uterus I recommend that you first perform the FULL BODY DETOX followed by the TOTAL WOMAN CLEANSE. You can use our FEMALE HEALTH TEA as a douche solution and douche with it. After your cleanses you should take 3 capsules daily of our ADRENALIZER FORMULA.

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    Q: I have 2 more days left on the Total Woman Cleanse. I also completed the Full Body Detox in January. I started my cycle a couple of days before starting the Total Womans Cleanse, which lasted approxy 5 days. When my cycle stopped, I began to experience spotting everyday (which I understand is apart of the cleansing process). However, my cycle started again and has lasted for 4 days now, and I experienced some clots and heavy bleeding. I've also been feeling fatigue, as a result of the continuous bleeding. I've had problems with my cycle for several years, and I'm really seeking help in resolving the issue(s). I've had a couple of DNCs, over the past few years which have come back okay (praise God), but I also have an enlarged uterus. I was thinking about ordering the Yoni Formula, Moon cycle, Female Tea, and liquid iron. What do you suggest?


    Don't be frustrated, Beloved! It will only block you! Consider ordering and reading our "Mental Science Manual" and "Love Manual" and APPLY the principles so as to help you remain positive, calm, and optimistic about your healing. Listen, after the Total Womans Cleanse, perform the Full Body Detox, and then (after you finish the FBD) start taking the Moon Cycle (formula and tea), Female Hormonal Formula, Yoni Formula, and Styptic Formula. Your body is regulating itself. Trust the natural process! Your body is undoing all the harm you did to it, so be patient, and understanding of all that your body has to do on and for your behalf! Okay? Stay positive! Your body is your humble servant!

    Product Links:

    Full Body Detox
    Yoni Formula
    Moon Cycle Formula
    Female Hormonal Formula
    The Mental Science Manual
    Love Manual
    Moon Cycle Tea

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    Q: I have a fibroid measuring 15cm in size (inside my uterus). I'm trying to conceive. My question is can I take the FIBRIOD BUSTER during pregnancy?


    Yes, you may take the FIBRIOD BUSTER formula while pregnant!

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    Q: I would like to know if any of your supplements would help me with these brown blotches on my face, I have had them since the birth of our daughter 8 yrs ago, I have olive colored skin and skin bleaches don't even touch them. Also I have a fibroid tumor in my uterus that is from too many hormones. I saw that you carry a product for the fibroid tumors; I just need to know how long? or how many bottles? Would I need to buy in order to get rid of it?



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    Q: I am a 33-year-old mother of a 2-year-old little boy. I live in Northern, New Jersey. Please recommend a holistic doctor for adults and a holistic pediatrician in the Northern New Jersey area. I also am having issues with fibroids. I had multiple fibroids removed last summer. Yesterday I went to my OB/GYN and had a histosonogram, which the doctor tells me it shows I have one polyp. In my mind I feel that this is something that should have been taken care of when I had the myomectomy. Is it possible they missed this polyp?????or could it have grown since last summer???I am beginning to feel like I am being butchered by the doctor. Please recommend a good holistic OB/GYN in the NJ area. Also, I do not want to have this polyp surgically removed. I read about your formula called FIBROID TUMORS...it dissolves uterine and ovarian fibroid tumors..also FEMALE HORMONAL FORMULA, MOON CYCLE FORMULA, and others. At the moment I am just all over the place... Please help me to save my body!! Also, since the birth of my son I only buy organic whole foods and seafood. HELP!!!!!!


    Sorry for the delayed response! I am unfamiliar with New Jersey and holistic healers in this State. Check Black Web Portal (www.blackwebportal.com).

    Yes, sounds like they missed one polyp! That's doctors for you though!

    In re Fibroids, we have 3-week Fibroid Buster kit and regimen coming out early next month. I recommend this regimen for your fibroids.

    Read our articles i.e. Fibroid Tumors, Sea Food:Bugs of the Ocean, etc. Great reading and very insightful information!

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    Q: I am 47 years old, African American female, whose health has been failing for the past six years (75 lbs overweight, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, poor circulation, long-term/short-term memory loss). I have a uterine fibroid the size of a 23-week-old fetus. Rather take the natural way out. God does work in mysterious ways?I stumbled upon your website today. My plan is to do the Full Body CLeanse first. Please advise me on the use of the Female Cleanse and Fibroid Formula. Can the two be used in conjunction?


    We recommend that you perform the Full Body Cleanse (and the soak mentioned in the Full Body Detox Companion) for 20 days followed by the Female Cleanse for 20 days, followed by the  Weight Release Kit and Regimen. After you finish your cleanses, your regimen should consist of Fibroid Formula, Weight Release Formula, Electric Greens, and Detox Tea.

    Do not use the Fibroid Formula in conjunction with the Female Cleanse or any other cleanse. Each cleanse must maintain its own set of formulas. Only use the Fibroid Formula once your cleanses are complete.

    Purchase the Alternative Diet and Lifestyle Manual for better and healthier food choices (on the cleanses and while off the cleanses). It is best to optimize your diet in order to achieve the best results and potentially heal yourself from your variety of ailments.

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    A: Fibroids develop from certain foods within the diet such as sugar, dairy, certain meats and other processed foods.  When your body doesn't expel waste properly the tumors can develop. We always recommend doing the Full Body Cleanse followed by the Fibroid Cleanse, especially for large fibroids.  Both cleanses require you to adjust your diet, which is a major part in getting rid of the tumors.  The Full Body Cleanse eliminates the toxins and waste from your body and detoxes all of your major organs.  The body is always more receptive to healing when your overall health is in a better state.  The Fibroid Cleanse includes multiple formulas that helps the tumors shrink. You can continue with the Fibroid Formula after cleansing.  

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    Q: Good day. I am having uterine retention, and I am in the first trimester of my pregnancy (9 wks). I am told that the retention is caused by an enlarged uterus that is pushing up on my cervix, causing blockage to the urethra. They have done a sonogram and bloodwork. Fibroids found, but not to explain the enlarged size of my uterus. What do you recommend to naturally assist my body? Thank you for your time.


    I really don't recommend healing while pregnant, however, the best cleanse that you could perform while pregnant (that would also help the baby nutrition-wise) would be to perform the 10-Day Electric Greens Cell Food Cleanse. Drink plenty of Red Raspberry Tea too during your entire pregnancy. Like, 2-3 cups daily!

    Product Links:
    10-Day Electric Greens Cell Food Cleanse