Hysterectomy is medically defined as surgical removal of the uterus, performed to remove fibroid tumors of the uterus or to treat chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, severe recurrent endometrial hyperplasia, uterine hemorrhage, and precancerous and cancerous conditions of the uterus.

Types of hysterectomy include total hysterectomy, in which the uterus and cervix are removed and radical hysterectomy, in which ovaries, oviducts, lymph nodes, and lymph channels are removed with the uterus and cervix. Menstruation ceases after either type is performed.

Because hysterectomies are being performed due to fibroid tumors and removal of them, black women are the most likely to have them done. Fibroid tumors are very common to American women or U.S. females, especially African-American, Caucasian or White American, and Hispanic or Latino-American females.

The uterus is the seat of the female brain and a female’s emotions. It is the female command center. Her memory is locked into this organ. The uterus is the seat of female intuition and feeling. A woman feels from her second chakra (sacral chakra or 2nd chakra) area. All of the memories and information of her relationships (including sexual relationships) are stored here in this chakra and the corresponding organ (uterus), which has a mind all of its own just like every other organ in the human body, which are thinking organs.

The female womb is so important to the physical and emotional makeup of the woman. Metaphysics teach us “as within, so without,” therefore, the outer house is a reflection of the inner house (womb).

In getting away from the home due to working jobs, women have gotten away from their wombs. In forgetting the womb and neglecting the womb, disease has manifested in the reproductive chamber.

Part of the healing of the wounded womb is getting the woman back to her sanctuary. Back to her garden, to her kitchen where she can prepare her own foods for herself and her family and thus improve her and her family’s health.


The body will still expel what the physical uterus is no longer there to eliminate. The body uses the upper back and neck to throw off toxins via hot sweats which have become commonly called “hot flashes.”

This is what hot flashes are: attempts to throw off toxins that the uterus used to take care of but which the woman decided to have removed perhaps pursuant to fear induced by medical advice.

You see, though hot flashes are a normal part of menopause and will naturally occur in Western women, when a women removes her uterus she brings on menopause and its symptoms abruptly and prematurely. Menopause comes on quickly in a woman who has undergone a hysterectomy because there’s no uterus channel the toxins.

Natural Alternatives

The only alternative to hysterectomies is to cleanse, detoxify, rebuild, restore, and rejuvenate the uterus, which can be done. You just have to believe; as long as you’re alive your organs are alive and can be rejuvenated.

Change your thoughts and thinking to positive ones or positive thinking! Healing, like sickness and disease, begins in the mind.

Change your attitude about healing. Yes, Nature takes longer to heal but there are no adverse side effects with her healing. Learn to be patient. Take responsibility for your actions: you have uterine problems because of things you did based upon things you thought and felt. You gave yourself fibroid tumors based upon what you ate and what you allowed to be entered into your vagina and stored there. Change your attitude to a healthy, productive, and positive one.

Change your lifestyle. Avoid casual sex. Protect and respect your womb. Schedule a consultation with us to learn more about this.

Refrain from inserting unhealthy things into your womb that have no business there, i.e. plastic dildos, vibrators, condoms (unless you use them for birth control purposes), tampons, etc.

Perform gentle exercises, i.e. yoga, stretching, Pilates, tai chi, walking, swimming, etc. Avoid strenuous exercise such as jogging and running (greatly damages the uterus), weight lifting, etc.

You have options and alternatives to hysterectomy.

However, whatever you decide to do, it is your personal choice and you need to make choices that you can accept and more importantly, make choices that you can live with.

Dietary Intervention

Change your diet. Consider going vegan (75%) and raw foods (25%).

Give up meat, dairy products (the greatest physical culprit of fibroid tumors), refined grains, fatty foods, sugary foods, etc. Refrain from eating so much processed and refined so-called foods. Eat predominantly fruits, vegetables, seeds, legumes, nuts, and grains.

Drink plenty of water (alkaline water is best) and drink plenty of herbal teas.

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