Iatrogenics and Iatrogenic Disorders

Iatrogenics and Iatrogenic Disorders

Iatrogenics is medical term that means: “caused by treatment or diagnostic procedures.” SOURCE: Mosby’s Medical Dictionary (1990), 3rd ed., pg. 600. An iatrogenic disorder is defined as: “a condition caused by medical personnel or procedures or through exposure to the environment of a health-care facility.”

Iatrogenics and iatrogenic disorders are caused by mistakes or negative effects caused by medical treatment or advice. In other words, they are significant health issues caused by doctors or their treatment protocols.

Other causes of iatrogenics are:

  • Negligence
  • Adverse reactions to prescription drugs
  • Faulty procedures
  • Interaction of two or more prescription drugs
  • Blood transfusions
  • Over use of over-the-counter drugs that help build resistance to other treatments
  • Hospital acquired infections (e.g., Staph infections, pneumonia)
  • Improperly sterilized medical equipment

Doctors don’t heal. They practice medicine. They are licensed by the State. What doctors do is a privilege, not a right. On the other hand, you need no permission from the state to heal or administer herbs.

Facts about Iatrogenics and Iatrogenic Disorders

In 2010, the US Food & Drug Administration’s Adverse Events Reporting System claims 82,724 drug-related deaths and 471,291 serious drug-related adverse reactions. The death rate has increased 66.7% since 2000.

In 2009, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 1.2 million emergency room visits due to misuse or abuse of pharmaceuticals compared with 1 million emergency room visits due to illicit drug misuse or abuse. That means in one year, there were 200,000 more emergency room visits due to iatrogenic disorders than illegal drugs.

Think for yourself and trust your intuition to take control of your body and your life. Doctors are not perfect, and the treatment they recommend could be worse than the cure.

Consider your options, and know there are alternatives to healing.

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