Idiopathic Diseases

Idiopathic Diseases

According to Western medicine, idiopathic disease is one that exists without any connection with any known cause. (Source: Miller-Keane Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Medicine, Nursin and Allied Health, 7th Edition, 2003). Idiopathic disease is also referred to as “mystery disease.” Doctors simply don’t know what causes the illness.

Diseases most commonly classified as idiopathic are:

Causes of Idiopathic Disease

By definition, it’s difficult to explain the causes of specific idiopathic diseases. However, if a disease as no known “connection” to another condition, one must look within themselves to see how they may have contributed to the development of the disease.

Someone who eats a diet full of processed foods, fast foods, high fat foods, high sugar foods is likely to compromise their heart health or contract diabetes.

Someone who is exposed repeatedly to dangerous chemicals (such as nail technicians or hair dressers) may experience dizziness, fainting or even seizures.

Someone who takes one or more prescription medications may actually experience side effects that are worse than the condition for which the drug was prescribed.

Simply living in the modern world can compromise health. Next time you walk into a restaurant (especially if you live in California), you may notice a sign posted by the entrance that warns visitors that the building contains substances known to the State to cause cancer or trigger birth defects.

Because so many people believe in and fear sickness and disease, they attract what they fear. Except in rare, genetic circumstances, most disease is preventable through lifestyle, diet and mind-set.

Natural Healing Solutions

You are what you see and look at, what you worry and stress about, what you constantly think about and what you believe. Truly, your thoughts create reality.

Dale Carnegie’s classic book “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” is a good read on this subject, and so is Florence Schinn Schovel’s “The Game of Life and How to Play It.”

The conscious mind thinks about a disease and the subconscious mind works to bring the disease into physical manifestation. Whether you believe it or not, your mind is a genie bottle and will give you whatever it is you desire-consciously or subconsciously, positive or negative.

You always have a choice.

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