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Mono-Atomic Gold


Mono-atomic Gold is a mystical and alchemical substance used by the ancient people of Kemet, Egypt to achieve super states of consciousness and mystical experiences.

It is also known as Egyptian White Powder Gold, Fruit of the Tree of Life, Etherium Gold Powder and Star-fire Gold of the Gods.


Mono-atomic means, “single atom.” It does not contain any traces of metals or toxins. However, it can be made from 24 karat gold. Mono-atomic Gold is the result of alchemy, an ancient science practice mastered by the ancient people of Kemet who changed base metals into gold.

Alchemy is the forerunner of modern day chemistry. While chemistry is beneficial, it is not alchemy.

Mono-atomic Gold is made by changing the atomic structure of 99.98% gold. The end product is a white powder consisting of trillions of single gold atoms, each one literally lighter than the element air.

Mono-atomic gold naturally occurs in minute amounts of purple colored fruits and vegetables such as red and purple grapes, blueberries and eggplant. Purple is the color that just happens to correspond to the 7th or Crown chakra, which corresponds to spirituality and the Higher Self.

Spiritual Practices

The people of Kemet made gold cakes by using white powder gold or Mono-atomic Gold. These cakes helped the Kemetic people in many of their spiritual rituals and practices.

The spiritual concepts and practices of the people of Kemet were admired by other cultures and implemented into other spiritual practices including the use of Mono-atomic Gold.

Mono-atomic Gold induces and enhances states of euphoria, spiritual bliss, awareness, stamina, insight, psychic ability and cell realignment.

The substance allows subconsciously held beliefs, worries, concerns and doubts to surface sequentially so they can be understood, over-stood, and inner-stood. Each issue is brought to light one at a time so full attention can be given the issue for purposes of resolution and karmic cleansing.


Mono-atomic Gold neutralizes all negativity in the cells and protects them from disease. The substance helps any and all disease.

The healing benefits of Mono-atomic Gold include:

  • Strengthens the heart
  • Tones and strengthens the pituitary gland and pineal gland
  • Strengthens and revitalizes the thymus gland and thus boosting the immune system
  • Enhances the production of red blood cells in the bone marrow
  • Causes all of the cells of the body to regenerate


Mono-atomic Gold is also great for meditation purposes. It should be used for very deep states of meditation or astral traveling, the ability of the soul to leave the physical or dense body behind and travel to different densities. It also helps to increase the human aura or bio magnetic sheath.


Mono-atomic gold strengthens the major and minor chakras that make up the human aura or energy field. When the aura or energy field is weak or compromised, the body will function out of sync or balance with the natural rhythms of nature. However, when the aura or energy field is strengthened and magnified, the body functions in sync or harmony with the natural rhythms of nature, and thus, health and wellbeing are optimal.


Mono-atomic Gold works well with crystals for purposes of enlarging the human aura. The average aura expands by eighteen inches to three feet. But after use of Mono-atomic Gold, the aura can enlarge by five to twenty-five feet, depending on the person and their other activities such as chakra balancing, meditation and yoga.

Mono-atomic Gold gives a person a general sense of wellbeing. It greatly facilitates in healing and can actually help to prevent aging and disease in the body. It causes the endocrine system to release more anti-aging secretions and it causes the pineal gland to release more melatonin and serotonin. These hormonal secretions are great anti-aging and feel-good remedies.


If you are a serious dreamer, Mono-atomic Gold provides the power to control dreams, specifically the activity in the dream state.

The product is so powerful that it can help us to commune with souls who once walked the Earth, mastered the lessons of life and have ascended to higher realms.

Brain Stimulation

Mono-atomic gold also helps engage a higher percentage of our brains while simultaneously raising consciousness. Use of Mono-atomic gold causes us to have sharper thoughts, enhanced cognitive abilities and acumen and higher creativity.

Mono-atomic gold also helps in balancing or synchronizing the hemispheres of the brain, causes both sides of the brain to work simultaneously, which is usually not the case in the average or normal person.

Typically, one side of the brain works more than the other. Research shows than when we are in a thinking state, the left side of brain is on a higher level than the right side.

The right side of the brain deals with creativity. And when we are in a creative state, the right side of the brain is higher on a brain graph than the left side of the brain. The goal is to have both spheres of the brain working on high levels, at the same time.


Technology via radio, television, microwave ovens, cell phones, iPods and MP3 players have greatly damaged our frequency or subtle bodies as well as our physical bodies. All products with motors emit radiation or electromagnetic fields that play a role in the development of cancers and drain the body of energy. When radiation is directed to the head of the body, the head’s nine magnetic particles are compromised. This is also done with the use of stereo headphones or anything that comes in direct contact with the head.

A lot of this new technology may seem like it’s making life easier, more convenient and fun but in all actuality, it lowers our frequency.

In order to get back to whole brain function, Mono-atomic gold, crystals and crystal elixirs can be used to get back to this state.

Television puts out the light of the Third Eye, the Ajna Chakra. It is no coincidence that television deals with illusions and the demon of the Sixth Chakra is an illusion.


Before conceiving a child, the parents can take Mono-atomic gold, a natural aphrodisiac. First, the couple bathes together and uses essential oils with spiritual and aphrodisiacal properties in the bath.

Essential oils with spiritual properties include:

  • Davana
  • Frankincense
  • Spikenard
  • Oak moss
  • Myrrh
  • Sandalwood
  • Himalayan Cedar
  • Buddha Wood
  • Pink Lotus

Essential oils with aphrodisiacal properties include:

  • Neroli
  • Rose
  • Sandalwood
  • Champaca
  • Ylang Ylang
  • Cumin Seed
  • Caraway Seed
  • Patchouli
  • Jasmine
  • Combava

After bathing, they “sage” their bodies with a sage bundle. Next, the couple takes Mono-atomic gold, simultaneously. After about 3-5 minutes, the couple balances or realigns their chakras for about 15 minutes. Next, they both hold a harmonious intention of what they desire in a child, and then they come together for the lovemaking act.


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    Q: Thank you for taking out the time to reply. What do you make of the opinions of opponents of consumption of mono-atomic gold, touting it as a secret mind-control serum and other such commentary?


    It's hogwash! The ancients used this stuff. If it was for mind control and brainwashing purposes, how many people do you know who can afford this stuff? It's too expensive for most people. They don't want people to use this stuff and become spiritually conscious. Don't you think they would promote something cheaper and that everyone can get access to or afford if they wanted to brainwash folks? Mono-atomic Gold is AWESOME! It is not for the masses!

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    Q: Can you tell me why after taking monatomic gold for three months I feel less spitritually connected, intellegent, psychic etc then before I started taking it. It seemed to have enhanced everything greatly then droppped off. Is this normal?


    Every person and their reaction to a substance is different. Take a break from it (3 months) and use intermittently or sporadically.

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    Q: In one of your articles I read on re-building the male reproductive system, you mentioned that a combination of monoatomic gold, MSM sulfur, Zinc, Jackrabbit herbs and others can be used in concert (along with balanced intentions) to do so. I just noticed you have Khemetian Gold. Can this be used in substitute of Monoatomic? Thanks. I love the information; I am learning a great deal and will soon order some things.


    KHEMETIAN GOLD is NOT mono-atomic gold (MAG). Read the ingredients of the product and you will see it does not contain mono-atomic gold but humic and fulvic acid, different substances altogether from MAG. Therefore, Beloved, I wouldn't suggest a substitution. Glad you enjoy all the information! Thank you for your interest in Dherbs.com!

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    Q: I was reading up on monoatomic gold, and was wondering where is the best place to buy it?


    You might want to do a search on the Inter-net for individual sales. Businesses buy in bulk and some places won't sell to a person, only a business.

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    Q: My brother was just diagnosed with multiple melanoma has ordered your FULL BODY DETOX kit and the KHEMETIAN GOLD to put in his water to drink. Is it OK to take these things and also continue his medical treatment I.E chemotherapy?



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    Q: I was wondering if you have done any research or have any thoughts on White Powder Gold, or Platinum?


    Please read my article entitled "Mono-atomic Gold" in our articles section. This article contains plenty of information on Monatomic Gold.

    Mono-atomic Gold

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    Q: Hi, I am currently in the second week of the Full Body Detox. It was my decision to do this cleanse because I will be having a breast reduction surgery coming up on February 1, 2008 and I wanted my body to be in the healthiest condition possible (I have previously read the Toxic Tits article, but feel this is my last resort). This will be my first major surgery and I wanted to know what supplements and/or teas would be beneficial to ensure a speedy recovery. Along with my Full Body Detox, I also purchased the Khemetian Gold, OxyDrops, and Vitamin C Formula. I have a history of iron-deficiency anemia also and I purchased some blackstrap molasses, but do I need to take anything else for that? I read that Vitamin C was good for healing, but what other herbal formulas/supplements should I purchase? Thank you and God bless you for all the wonderful work you are doing. I have already referred several people to your site, so keep up the good work! Also, would missing a couple capsules of the formulas in my FBD reduce the effectiveness of it? Thank you for your words of acknowledgment. Much obliged!


    Beloved, sounds like you ordered all the right stuff to facilitate healing. The only thing I could think of for you to add would be the IRON PHOSPHATE FORMULA!

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    Q: I went to the O.B.G.Y.N for a check up, and I was prescribed Metrogel for a bacteria infection. After I finished, my vagina felt as if it was on fire. I brought a 3 day Monistat, now the section where the pubic hairs are, is dry and itchy. I've tried Hydrocortisone, vaginal vaseline, and gold bond medicated powder Please help me I have an appointment with the doctors tomorrow but I wanted to know what you suggest.


    Greetings! You're using toxins and poisons and are expecting positive results. Not gonna happen, Beloved! You must cleanse from the inside out. Perform the Full Body Detox, Sea salt Soak (visit ARTICLES section on our site and you'll find this article), and rub Healing Skin Oil on the damaged skin area instead of all that pharmaceutical crap. Also, from time to time dab some cold aloe vera gel on your vaginal area to help cool it down. Drink unsweetened cranberry juice diluted with water (half and half). Drink Female Health Tea while detoxing. Drink vegetable juice daily. This is how you heal from your condition, Beloved.

    Sea Salt Soak

    Product Links:
    Full Body Detox
    Healing Skin Oil
    Female Health Tea

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    Q: I did the Full Body Detox and it worked great. I went on the Cardio-Vascular, Cholesterol Buster, and the Khemetian Gold, (going on the 3rd week) but my blood pressure and cholesterol are up (went to the Dr. last Friday, BP up (187/102) and today he called me with my cholesterol findings. I don't want to get back on the medication (I did increase my Cardio-Vascular to 6 a day. I did order last Saturday Blood & Lymphatic, Circul-aid, and Intestinal Janitor). I want this to work can you give me some direction. I don't want to have a stroke or heart attack. I'm 55 and a Black female.


    How do you feel? This is what counts!

    What are you eating? Are you eating eggs, dairy, and meat products? Don't concentrate on what you don't want (i.e. having to go back on meds). Think about being med free and healthy! Stick with your regimen. It took time to get messed up, it will take time to heal. Healing requires patience!

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    Q: I have a question about my tonsils. I had tonsillitis as a child. The last time I had it at the age of 12 my right tonsil remained somewhat swollen. It developed crypts but has not otherwise bothered me until recently. I am now 28 and about a month ago both my tonsils swelled up completely, so much so that I could barely swallow. I took Penicillin for about 8 days, which seemed to bring down the swelling. About a week later it returned. I took amoxicillin for 14 days with the same results. I have taken a strep test and mono test, which have come back negative. I am at a loss, my tonsils are currently quite swollen but do not inhibit me from eating or drinking or swallowing right now. I am concerned about a flare up however, and would like to know what is causing this condition. Could you recommend something to help me with this problem? Also I was wondering about possibly a tonsillectomy, what are your thoughts on this procedure?



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    Q: I wish to place an order on Chakra clearing products as I am presently doing things that I perceive that will enhance my intuition, creativity, abilities of healing myself and others, my ascension abilities and other spiritual attributes. The questions are as follows: 1- Does it matter if purchase and consume the Chakra products in any order that I desire? 2- I intend to purchase the following: FIRST CHAKRA FOURTH CHAKRA #1 #1 (Healing) FIFTH CHAKRA SIXTH CHAKRA SEVENTH CHAKRA 3. I have been practicing Tibetan Rituals daily since August 15, 2006, for the purposes of balancing my Chakras and I wish to be able to discern how effectively these Tibetan Rituals are in fact balancing my Chakras as well as improving my overall health through the use of your Chakra clearing products. Can I conceivably receive this benefit through using the products? 4. Please make any suggestions that you think would be beneficial to me in my quest for enlightenment. Thanks very much, Peace, Love, Balance and Harmony


    You can take the chakra â€ELIXIRS PAGE†in any order. They work on the subtle body level. They will help to balance the chakras. Working on the energy body helps to improve overall health.

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    Q: I recently purchased your Parasite and Worm Kit and wanted to know what grains were good to eat during or after the cleanse. I eat Bulgur, brown rice, black rice, couscous, gold and brown flax seed and ground provisions i.e. yams, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, turnips and etc. Are these ok to eat during the Parasite and Worm Kit or after? Is apple cider or balsamic vinegar ok for consumption? My Queen and I look forward to removing all the parasites form our temple and projecting the increased vibration. Continue to shine the light.


    Stay RAW while removing the parasites! If you stay mostly RAW, then on a few days you can engage yourself in some of the foods you mention below (maybe once a week)! But RAW is best! Apple Cider Vinegar is the BEST vinegar to use!

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    Q: I was most impressed by your website. The information to support your products and your obvious interest in informing the public caught and kept my attention. As I searched further into Black Seed Tea, the reason for my visit, I noticed your product ALCOHOL BUSTER. The comment of "on the metaphysical level, alcohol consumption also impairs the human aura" although very non clinical, is very much my way of thinking, it got my attention. I read as far as the disclaimer, "the formula does not have the power to prevent consumption of alcohol as only will power and a made up mind can do this." Here's where I step out of character and find myself writing this e-mail. It has been my experience while working with people from all walks of life, who are members of any 12 step program, that a reference to will power as a prevention of anything is a two edged sword. While I agree will power is important in abstention, I believe the person is benefited by using their personal will power to seek help, to commit to recovery, to take care of the physical, mental and emotional bodies. I don't believe "human" will power is the power that prevents consumption. The suggestion that "will power and a made up mind can prevent consumption of alcohol" to a person with an addiction could become a deadly idea. This of course is my opinion, do with it what you feel is appropriate.


    I feel you in where you're coming from, but I truly believe and know human willpower plays a role in prevention and healing of all disease. The strongest thing humans have is a will. Will meshes with desire in many cases. Both are strong in humans. Now, you're dealing with a person with addiction in regards to your last statement and I can totally understand where you are coming from but the sick person is not exempt from any laws of healing. There is no real or true healing absent willpower to do a thing, a beneficial thing. The addicted person must be first dealt with on the physical and psychological levels and then the spiritual and energetic (getting to the root of the addiction: perhaps a 2nd chakra problem or something hanging over from a past life). All addiction points to spiritual void and therefore the only ultimate healing here is mental or spiritual via mental. As you know, it's mind-body-spirit and all must be dealt with for healing. Will is important in abstention but we don't won't people to focus on abstaining which is usually converted into "can't have" by the addicted person. We want people to only focus on the good, the healthy, what they need and require, not what they don't want or can't have because their subconscious mind will create the situations and circumstances by which these people end up consuming the thing that is insalubrious for them. It never fails. I grew up with an alcoholic mother and plenty of other alcoholics. We want people to have and use willpower to GO FOR the best things for them, will in DOING the right and healthy things for themselves. All healing is ultimately within self. As a man thicket so is he! Peace be unto you fellow metaphysician!

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    Q: I had my stroke in 2003, as a result of brain surgery. If the stroke was from surgery, tissue was damaged. What would you suggest? Raw food diet & herbs? I have partial left side paralysis, and nerve cell damage to my right eye. Is there any hope after 6 years, for healing a hemorrhage stroke holistically?


    Yes, raw foods diet, and some vegan foods too. You don't have to go completely raw. To heal from the damage that led to your stroke, take daily Cerebral Vascular Formula, Nerves Formula, CNS Formula, Circul-Aid Formula, and Veins Formula. Take 3 capsules each daily for approximately 3 months. Add Oxy-Drops to each glass of drinking water. Give deep breathing a try! Use visualization techniques to get your mind involved in your healing. Consider reading our "Mental Science Manual." (optional). You can heal, Beloved. With God all things are possible!

    Please take time to read our article entitled- Stroke: Cerebrovascular Accident (CVA)
    Stroke: Cerebrovascular Accident (CVA)

    Product Links:
    Cerebral-Vascular Formula
    Central Nervous System Formula
    Circul-Aid Formula
    Nerves Formula
    Veins Formula
    The Mental Science Manual

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    Q: I gave my daughter 1 capsule of BRAIN TUNER every morning for about two weeks now. She now has a mild to average seizure every day instead of twice or three times a week. And since taken this Brain Tuner two weeks ago she has had two bad attacked. Normally she will get a bad attack every 2 - 3 weeks once. Most of her attack come during her sleep or during an afternoon nap, i.e. she will wake up from this sleep/nap and stay still for 30 sec - 1 minutes and the attack will come and her entire palms and feet will turn cold and heart starting to beat very fast. And once in a while if she does not get enough sleep she will get a hard attack out of the blue during the day otherwise most of the seizure attack during her sleep. Does this Brain Tuner stimulate her brain and causes the attack? What other remedy should I take to cut down this seizure?


    Sounds like the body (brain) is being greatly regulated, but if the BRAIN TUNER is speeding up the attack of seizures, abstain from using it and just give OXY-DROPS in glass or cup or water (20 drops per cup/glass). Normally a thing increases before it decreases but if this causes concern then abstain and try something else.

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    Q: I am writing for advice about a brain tumor. My daughter, 14, was diagnosed two weeks ago with a grade II brain tumor (fibrillary astrocytoma). A neurosurgeon placed a "shunt" in her head a week ago. Speaking with a number of physicians in Atlanta that specialize in pediatric neurology, it seems our options are limited, and we've been directed to St. Jude's Children's Hospital in Memphis, TN, for a 6 week treatment of radiation and chemotherapy (tarceva). We know there are risks, but we seem to have no other choice in the conventional medicine arena. Here are my questions. What holistic approach could we take? The tumor is the size of an orange and is growing around her brain like a vine on a bush. It is also bithalamic, that is, covering both her left and right thalamus. She is an honor student, but we are seeing signs of some erosion i.e. she takes frequent naps, does not seem to know when to take herself to the restroom, and is running fevers. The doctors have her on steroids to help with the swelling of her three recent operations as well as something else. My preference is to try to the holistic approach first, but we don't have a lot of time. What are the time-frames associated with your treatment? I know something of this nature will take some time to take effect. I should mention that the prognosis is not very promising.


    Don't worry about time, just take a natural course. Chemo and radiation will do the poor child in. This would poison her. But this is you guy's choice here! I would give the child BRAIN TUNER TEA daily (2 cups daily) and DETOX TEA nightly. Stop feeding the tumor by giving the child bad food, i.e. meat, eggs, dairy products, refined grains and starches, etc.

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    Q: I just purchased the FULL BODY DETOX for myself. But I need something for my 35 year old Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) son. He was in a motorcycle accident on April 14, 2007. He hit his head real hard. He injured his head all over. He was not wearing a helmet. This was his first time getting on a motorcycle without a helmet. First, Doctors said he would be dead in 3 days. Well, since he was still alive after 4 weeks they said that he would live in a vegetative state for the rest of his life. Well, now it's been 10 months and he is talking, asking questions, standing up on his good leg, because his right leg and arm is contracted. He is still out there a little but he is progressing very well. His speech is slurred a bit. He can feed himself a little, but like I said he is still out there some what. Oh, going to the bathroom is a hit and miss. Sometimes he will tell you he has to go and sometimes he will not. Then, sometimes he will tell you he has to go and then he will tell you it was a false alarm. We still put diapers on him. I still change him and he has not become ashamed yet. So I was just wondering if you have something for his brain injuries. His long term memory is getting there, but short term memory is short.


    Doctors are a straight mess, specializing in negativity! They taint hope, optimism, and inspiration. Have your son take Dherbs.Com NERVES FORMULA (3 caps every night), CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM FORMULA (3 caps daily), and BRAIN TUNER (6 caps daily) and drink the BRAIN TUNER TEA (1-2 cups daily) and he'll come back a round. Stay positive! Healing is a miracle, so claim and welcome it!

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    Q: I have a 17 years old daughter that is taking the brain toner for her epileptic seizures for about a month now. I wanted to know how long with the effects take place to allow sufficient oxygen to her brain, and will the seizures eventually cease? My daughter is on a herbal, and conscious diet, but I am still working on her eating out to restaurants every now and then. Working on her getting the proper rest each day, since she is a junior in high school. Please let me know if there is anything else I need to do, since she did have a small seizure today, which is better than the ones she has had in the past. I know it will take some time for the brain toner to work.


    Patience is required in healing, Beloved! Let nature take her natural course! Also, there may be underlying metaphysical causative factors for the seizures. I would suggest adding Ethereal Bliss with Brain Tuner, and she should also drink the Brain Tuner Tea along with taking the capsules. These are optional, but I do recommend them, at least to experiment with in hopes of facilitating elimination of the seizures. Have her perform deep breathing exercises on a daily basis too! A raw foods/vegan diet is BEST for her too! Undoubtedly so! Those restaurants are using some very dangerous chemicals. Drive this point home to her!

    Product Links:
    Ethereal Bliss
    Brain Tuner
    Brain Tuner Tea

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    Q: I have questions about the Chakra Elixirs. Can one take all 8 drops of your chakra elixirs, (this include the Love, and Healing Elixirs for the 4th chakra) at once? If not, then what would be the recommended practice, if I wanted to utilize all 8 elixirs? Could I also take the Pineal Elixir along with your recommendation on taking the chakra elixirs?


    While you could take all the Chakra Elixirs together (and even the Pineal Glad stimulator), we'd recommend that you take them separately so each chakra can have it's necessary time to be tuned up.

    Product links:

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    Q: I know you are an herbalist and I have read your articles on relationships, but I really need to discuss an issue with a conscious person like yourself. I have a friend who is a conscious brother, he made it known that he doesn't want to be in a relationship, claims he's to busy, but he is into having a spiritual sexual relationship(releasing energy he says on a spiritual level). My thought is that in order to connect with someone totally on a sexual level they should be a unit to experience this sacred sexual experience he refers to, otherwise to me it seems a very clever why to have sex without the commitment of being in a relationship. I would really appreciate your thoughts.


    Dudes can be so clever! He sounds like a Taurus! LOL!

    He's using spirituality to justify having sex with you. There's no spirituality with a casual sex partner. This practice is deep and creates serious energetic connections via the chakras. There's no connection without being a unit and having a commitment. My motto is: no sex absent love and commitment (unless both parties agree)! Hope this helps you out!