Natural Healing to Beat Obesity…and Beat Cancer

Natural Healing to Beat Obesity…and Beat Cancer

Obesity is more prevalent now more than ever. The availability and accessibility of unhealthy foods, as well as sedentary lifestyles have caused obesity levels to skyrocket in recent years. Unfortunately, many of these men, women, and children are at a much higher risk for acquiring cancer. With a recent study showing that obesity is responsible for an estimated 500,000 cancer cases worldwide each year, the danger of obesity is very real.

Although obesity does not directly cause cancer, excess weight prompts your body to make changes to basic bodily functions in order to compensate for the extra weight. As a result, your body becomes more likely to produce chronic inflammation, imbalanced hormones, damaging cell growth, and cell division that all can potentially lead to cancer. For example, excess fat tissue that is stored on someone’s body can produce excess hormones, such as adipokenes or estrogen, which can prevent the body from fighting cell damage, and may cause cancer cells to develop. In addition, obesity’s propensity to produce higher levels of insulin and influence tumor regulators can affect the development and progression of cancer.

Even though many people may face genetic and environmental factors that may increase your risk of being obese, lifestyle factors play a far more significant role than you may realize. The abundance of processed foods consumes is often the primary culprit. Processed foods are regularly modified with chemicals, pesticides, artificial sugars, and other genetically engineered ingredients that can potentially lead to metabolic dysfunction and hard-to-control weight gain. Many of these food additives not only process in your body as trans fats that can directly lead to weight gain, but they also can disrupt your endocrine system’s production of hormones and your gut’s production of good bacteria, both of which can encourage obesity and cancer.

Nevertheless, there are preventative measures you can take in order to reduce obesity and consequently, your risk of cancer. Since, the use of antibiotics will only further negatively affect your system by interfering with your endocrine system, as well as your gut flora, Natural Healing is best. Choosing a nutrient-rich diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables can help balance your weight. The essential vitamins and minerals, fiber, and enzymes found in cruciferous vegetables, fresh fruits, and raw nuts and seeds are highly beneficial. Also, we highly recommend performing a Full Body Cleanse by eliminating all grains, meats, and dairy from your diet; this can help purge toxins and restore your body to optimal function. Body Cleansing can also have other additional benefits on your body, including the balancing of hormones, optimizing your gut flora, and normalizing your insulin resistance.

Natural Healing can also be aided by exercise. Supplementing a Full Body Cleanse with a moderate exercise regimen is important in increasing your metabolism and discouraging obesity.

Body Cleansing also applies to environmental factors. Reducing your exposure to pesticides and chemicals often found in laundry detergents, soaps, and cosmetics will lessen your absorption of certain toxins that can have harmful side effects. Also reducing your exposure to radiation caused by cell phones, cell towers, and medical scans can assist you in achieving the best results of your Full Body Cleanse.

Natural Healing of obesity also requires psychological and emotional healing in addition to physical healing. Body Cleansing works best with a positive outlook, so managing your stress and affirming your goal to maintain a healthy weight are important in making healthier choices and achieving the results you desire.