Nature’s Miracle Molecule

Nature’s Miracle Molecule

If you have not heard of fulvic acid before, you are probably in the majority. Fulvic acid is a component found in the highly nutritious soil layer of the earth. The presence of fulvic acid in the soil helps transport the proper nutrients from the soil to the cells of plants that feed on the soil. Containing a multitude of fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and hormones, fulvic acid is one of the most powerful proponents for optimal health.

Unfortunately, current agricultural and farming practices have depleted the fulvic acid content in our soil. Use of chemicals, pesticides, and food processing destroys the nutritional content, leaving the food we eat devoid of the beneficial vitamins and minerals we need to maintain our wellbeing.

Fulvic acid is beneficial to increasing our body’s overall wellness in numerous ways. Most significantly, it acts as a transporter of nutrients; fulvic acid has the ability to transport nutrients directly to our cells, while also increasing the uptake and absorption of the nutrients. With greater access to nutrients, the health and function of our cells increases, allowing them to function more effectively. By helping your body process the vitamins, proteins, minerals, and herbs more efficiently, you can increase circulation, decrease inflammation, boost the immune system, and alkalize the body.

As a natural, strong antioxidant, fulvic acid can neutralize free radicals that can permeate our bodies and potentially cause a variety of diseases and conditions. Fulvic acid works to neutralize free radicals from disrupting hormone, enzyme, and cell production; it operates as a catalyst for the thousands of chemical reactions our bodies produce every minute, facilitating hormones, enzymes, and cells to perform speedily and operate more efficiently.

With many illnesses being traced to some kind of nutrient deficiency, fulvic acid’s ability to transport nutrients and combat chronic pain, cognitive impairment, and heavy metal toxicity makes it a vital component to maintaining your body’s health. Your body must have the resources it needs to eliminate free radicals and absorb and utilize nutrients in order to achieve the full body wellness and sense of vitality that you desire. As a result, fulvic acid is often called nature’s miracle molecule for good reason.