Neck Pain and Problems

Being medically technical, the neck is a constricted section, such as the part of the body that connects the head with the trunk. Other such constrictions are the neck of the humerus and the neck of the femur.

Neck pain can be very distressing and disturbing. But no matter what the cause of the neck pain, unequivocally there’s a metaphysical causation at play. Energy is always at the root of our problems including injuries and diseases.

Causes and Risk Factors

Neck pain can result from a host of things, situations, and scenarios:

  • injuries (perhaps an automobile collision, a concussion)
  • sleeping awkwardly over night
  • holding the phone to your shoulders too much
  • lifting weights (doing squats with the bar on your neck)
  • stress
  • poor posture

Healing Neck Pain Naturally

Terminate all situations in your life that you consider to be a pain in your neck. Learn to work mental science. All you need is knowledge and time to do so.

Get your neck massaged up to three times a week. Massage (especially deep tissue) is very therapeutic.

Neck exercises (like head rolls) can be helpful if they don’t exacerbate the pain. Head rolls (commonly performed during yoga) also release pent up stress and tension.

Acupuncture and acupressure may serve very helpful in elimination of neck pain.

Applying a hot pack and/or cold pack may also serve as very therapeutic for neck pain.

Without a doubt, chiropractic work is highly recommended. People should see a chiropractic simply for health purposes and not just for some medical remedy. If your neck (and/or shoulder pain is chronic), I highly suggest you visit a chiropractor.

Magnet therapy will greatly help neck pain. Wear moderately powerful magnets on the neck (mostly in the daytime). Always apply the side of the magnet that denotes the North side to the skin as the North side of a magnet is healing and the South side is stimulating.

In cases of neck pain, you would not want to stimulate the pain, but eliminate it altogether. Search the Inter-net and search for magnetic neck braces. The more powerful the magnet (i.e. higher the gauss), the better!

When sleeping, make sure your head is resting on a memory foam pillow (if you sleep with a pillow), like an Ortho Mattress-produced or Select Comfort-produced pillow. These are really therapeutic. I own two of them myself. They may cost around $75 to $100 but are totally worth the cost. Take it from me!

Good essential oils than can be rubbed or massaged into the neck include: Cinnamon Leaf (never use cinnamon bark oil on the body), Peppermint, Wintergreen, Spearmint, and Lavender oil. Always apply a carrier oil to the skin before applying essential oils. Good carrier oils include olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, avocado oil, sesame oil, etc.

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