Pain Reminder

Pain Reminder

You may be experiencing pain right now in your life due to some known or unknown pathology, ailment, or injury. The pain is there for a reason, as a sensor (that something is wrong or not right, damaged or impaired), and also as a reminder! Yes a reminder!

“But it really hurts!” “I don’t want to feel this pain!” I’m sorry, Beloved, but you have to. You see, everything happens for a reason. The pain is a statement and a reminder that YOU did something in YOUR past which the pain is part of the manifestation of the result or reaction. You violated some basic and natural law pertaining to yourself (your makeup or biology) and/or Nature and Universal law.

What is the opposite or polarity of pain? Answer: PLEASURE! Well, the pain is the inversion of a past pleasure you engaged in, and perhaps unconsciously so, that was a violation in some respect of biological law, Nature’s law, and/or Universal law.

You know, in our society we consider many harmful and unnatural things (acts, behaviors) as pleasurable, i.e. smoking cigarettes, consuming hard drugs (illegal drugs), consuming hard liquor, indiscriminate sex (even animals take time to get to know prospective mates); eating unnatural foods (meat and dairy products, sugar, refined grains/pastries), working out at the gym, jogging and running (on cement/asphalt), and wearing certain insalubrious clothing or garments (including bras which play a role in breast cancer which is quite painful, especially when tumors are present). These are just a few of the unnatural and harmful things many people derive pleasure from.

When we derive pleasure from that which is unnatural, pain, irritation, or discomfort is sure to follow. Look at all the people who unwisely smoked cigarettes for many years and then developed some form of lung, liver, or pancreatic cancer. They enjoyed smoking for all those years and nobody could tell em’ to stop smoking or that smoking is bad for your health. No! They weren’t trying to hear this. All they wanted to do was puff on a symbolic phallus and get their nicotine fix. But then cancer hits and within a few months they are in tremendous pain, and for many, in a coffin due to death!

As a healing assistant I do not feel bad for people in these circumstances because I know they put themselves there in the first place. It’s the Law of Cause and Effect, personal karma in action! Every action has a reaction.

You may not feel the pain to your body from the initial harmful thing or act, but when the disease physically manifests, then you will feel the pain of the initial painful act that you were probably numb to, especially if the act pertains to an opiate of some kind, i.e. alcohol, smoking, or drugs.

When you have a disease, ailment, sickness, or injury, YOU brought it on yourself, first by way of thinking and thoughts, next, by actions – acting out on the thought(s) in your mind.

Many times folks are out there having indiscriminate sex, violating the laws of their body and personal-self care, respect, and discrimination. Oh yes, the sex act itself is very pleasurable, but disease and injury (on all levels of existence) can come out of the sex act and often does, i.e. sexually transmitted disease and abortion.

So you engaged in sex with this person you hardly knew (or thought you knew), but the person was “out there” in the past and so a few days later you get this very painful sensation, a burning sensation. Every time you go to urinate it feels like you’re pissing out razor blades. As the days progress, the pain intensifies and even becomes unbearable. You want immediate relief! Relief right now! But wait! Go back to the unhealthy pleasurable act. You didn’t want to think things through or over at the particular moment you were about to have sex. No! You just wanted to get between the sheets and do the ‘wild thing’ or ‘oochie coochie.’ Every action has a reaction. There is no escaping the law!

Pain teaches us a lesson but most of us get so caught up into the pain (due to focusing on the pain) that we fail to learn the lesson that pain brings. Many opt for drugs to numb the pain but no drug can numb pain. Drugs don’t work on the cause of pain because they can’t. Drugs can only distracts attention away from pain. Take a headache for example. When you take an aspirin, the aspirin works on your nerves impairing your ability to feel. You don’t eradicate pain by numbing your sense of feeling. You are supposed to feel! But this is what the drug does – it damages your nerves to get focus off the problem and the problem is not with the nerves but something else, some other organ or gland in the body.Maybe you have a tummy ache! “Why does my stomach hurts so much!” “The pain is unbearable!” Okay, understandable! But what did you do to warrant such an experiment? Possible scenarios: “Well, I went to a wedding celebration and I ate there” or “my boyfriend took me out to dinner and I ate too much?” Ate too much of what? Well, I had some Hibachi chicken, shrimp scampi, lobster, crab legs, and a baked potato. Well, there you go! Look at what you ate! Not just what you ate too much of, but what you ate in the first place. What you ate was unhealthy. Eating too much of that which is unhealthy is greatly unhealthy. Your tummy ache is a sensor to you – that you harmed yourself! The pain is a reminder (though many may see as punishment, and understandably so).

Pharmaceutical analgesics and anodynes do more harm than good. They only mask problems. Drugs redirect focus. Pain may appear to subside after taking drugs but that’s because the Body Intelligence shifts its focus from the pain to the toxicity of the drug and so all of the body’s energy for purposes of addressing go towards the drug and its toxicity so you feel a little relief from the pain. It’s simply a redirection of energy.

Many times a drug will numb you to pain so much so that you can’t naturally feel the pain subside. In most cases pain will naturally subside unless there’s a serious problem, i.e. cancer, breast tumor or cysts, etc.

Pain is never a cause, only and always a sensor, a reaction. To eradicate pain one must go to the root source. One must know how to excavate: GO DEEP!

There’s temporary pain and chronic pain and both denote something or convey a deeper message. I can usually help people get to the root source of the pain via consultation whereby I ask numerous questions and began putting pieces together via insight and intuition (something I’m very good at).

Whether you’re experiencing pain by way of headache, menstrual cycle, cancer, tumor or cyst, athletic injury, collision, or industrial injury, there are numerous things that you can do to address your pain; however, pain will never permanently stay away if the message is not received. You can delude the pain away with drugs and other substances and physical manipulations but it will always return at some point in the future because again, it is there in the first place to give you information so a lesson can be learned.

You’ll never past the test and move on until you learn the lesson. Never! As rapper KRS-One said in a rap song: YOU MUST LEARN! And you must!

Natural substances that can help to provide relief of pain until you can deal with the root of the problem include: White Willow Bark, Black Willow Bark, Red Willow Bark, Meadowsweet, Feverfew, Wood Betony, Balm of Gilead, Poplar Bark, Wild Lettuce, Peppermint, Wintergreen, Spearmint, Lavender Flower, and Chamomile.

The herbs above are far better and safer than aspirin and other pharmaceutical drugs such as Motrin (Ibuprofen), morphine, Midol, etc and most importantly they are not addictive. Many people become addicted to painkillers.

MSM Sulfur (methyl sulphonal methane) is also very useful for pain.

An ice pack on the site of pain is also helpful.

Magnets (magnetic therapy) are also useful and helpful in conditions of pain. Magnets create heat within blood vessels that reverse constriction and allow oxygen and nutrients to come to the site of injury or damage that enhance and speed the healing process.

In closing, pain is a natural process of life – the polarity of pleasure. Sex is pleasurable but nine months later the childbirth is painful.

Pain is a sensor, a warning signal. It conveys a message. It is not to be ignored. Just as you would not ignore the oil warning light in your car if it came on, neither should you ignore the warning signals of your body. If your oil light or low gas warning light came on while you were driving, you wouldn’t get some black colored duck tape and cover up the warning light or stop the car and cut the wires to the sensor/warning light, would you? Of course not! You’d address the situation right away and if you didn’t what would happen? Your car would break down on the highway or road. Well, the same thing with your body. It too will break down on you and this is what is happening with so many people. Bodies are breaking down due to so many people ignoring their body’s warning signals and others numbing themselves down to the knowledge of the body signal (via pharmaceutical drugs).

Well, now you should know – pain is a friend! Yes, the friend hat nobody wants. In pain is a deep and profound lesson if we would only listen.

The human body speaks via metaphor. Are you listening? Or are you drugged out of your damn mind and can’t hear a damn thing?

Thank you for reading!

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