Plants as Healers and Teachers

Plants are not only healers, but they are also teachers. Shamans are able to pierce the veil of the dimension that separates plants from humans and commune on the visible realm with the elements of plants. They can extract much needed information for humanity on this realm or plane of existence.


Shamanism is a practice that involves an altered state of consciousness in which a person communicates with the spiritual world. A shaman enters a trace state for healing purposes.

The Turks and Mongols were the first people to apply shamanism to their religion.


The Earth teaches us through entities known as “elementals”. An elemental is a spirit that embodies one of the five elements. These are the fundamental building blocks of nature. These five elements include:

  • Earth or solid
  • Water or liquid
  • Wind or gas
  • Fire or heat
  • Aether or quintessence

Elementals have very many names. The European tradition calls them Fairies, Eleves, Gnomes, Goblins, Mermaids, Trolls and various others. Similar to angels, Elementals have a recognizable appearance but are usually invisible to humans.

The elementals have existed since time immemorial and are the record keepers of all life activity on the planet.

When humans forget the way and there is a disconnection within the body, there is information and knowledge recorded in the plants that allow a reconnection in the human body on the cellular and vibrational level.

Disconnection on the cellular and vibrational levels lead us to experience disease while reconnection on the cellular and vibrational levels lead us to experience the state of ease, our natural state of being where everything is easy.

When it comes to healing, there are no better healers than Nature’s plants and herbs. They divinely grow for humanity and serve as medicine for the healing of large masses of people.


Plants have a secret language. If we can comprehend, we will prevent disease through harmony or balance with Mother Earth.

When we consume plants as a part of our diets or for medicinal purposes, we are consuming Earth’s old information recorded in the cells of the plant that causes us to be reminded of a great truth. Connection is balance and balance is wholeness, which is the way of life.

Life force is an important part of the spirit that can be found in all living creatures. The body has a radiance that circulates the body and creates a unique form of vibrational energy. However, light energy is misunderstood by most Western scientists.

Ancient Egyptians were the first ones to believe that humans are beings of energy and light. The body is affected by energy and light waves. This explains why humans choose certain foods and medicines to maintain a proper level of health.

Rather than using the conventional tools of health such as vitamins, minerals, calories and fats, ancient people used radiant food nutrition. The human body is a molecular structure of complex networks that consist of energy fields of light.

These energy systems affect emotions and spiritual balance through food. These small influences of energy change the growth of cells, the aging process and the physical balance of the human body. Food is responsible for the re-creation of the world. The spiritual nature of a person interacts with certain foods. Through food, humans use the sun and the cosmic energies to recharge the spiritual balance.


Living foods are the ones that are not changed by fire, artificial chemicals or man. Foods that retain their natural substance include:

  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Tubers

When we consume food, we are generally taking in fire, earth, air and metal elements that are found in the food substances.

The word “heal” derives from a word root meaning “whole” and so it is only when we are whole that we are truly healed.

Herbs have been used as medicine since the ancient African tradition. Health is a balance of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual elements. Each of these levels of the individual are important when attaining a holistic lifestyle.

Using natural herbs and food to heal promotes a balance of one’s self with nature and universe.

Thank you for reading !