Request For Natural Remedy For Effects of Unnatural Living

Request For Natural Remedy For Effects of Unnatural Living

One increasingly popular trend of people now is to request a natural remedy for the result of unnatural thinking and ways of living (behavior, actions), and eating (diet).

This seems to create a paradox-why take something natural to combat the results from the unnatural activity? It would be much easier to just stop doing the unnatural thing as your remedy, but no, people do not want to have to renounce their unhealthy behaviors and beliefs.

Natural Healing

Natural healing is very popular. Holistic health has become a fad and trend for many individuals. It’s the cool thing now to take natural remedies in place of pharmaceutical drugs for most of our common diseases, maladies, and ailments.

However, why take a natural remedy in place of a chemical drug or pharmaceutical medicine when the so-called foods and beverages many people consume on a daily basis are saturated and heavily laced with chemical drugs?

With this present state of twisted thinking displayed in people in general, natural remedies (mainly herbal remedies) are taking the place of chemical drugs. Many are placing herbs in capsules and taking them the same way as we take drugs, transitioning the herbs into a drug state. Instead of not doing a thing or cutting a thing out completely, we’d rather do the thing and develop the disease, and take something to combat the problem. Health does not come from a bottle.

Dherbs is geared towards helping people become the best and healthiest that they can be. Food is your best medicine and food should be eaten raw and fresh, especially if you desire optimal health.

Most people’s desire for convenience means that they don’t eat food raw and fresh. They process and adulterate foods by dehydrating and pulverizing them, cooking them, destabilizing them at a molecular level by extracting their major constituent (alkaloid), etc.

People want to go out and get drunk and then treat themselves with natural medicine. Instead of taking aspirin for hangovers, they want a natural remedy for the headache because aspirin is a drug and dangerous (may thin the blood and burn a hole in your stomach). But is not the alcohol a drug and dangerous too? Of course it is, but people are blinded by their desires today. When it comes to having a good time, people don’t even consider danger they may be causing to their health.

People smoke cigarettes for 20-30 years have a strong likelihood of developing cancer and then say they don’t want to do chemotherapy and/or radiation but that they want to take something natural to fight the cancer. The cancer is nothing but the effect of the cause (smoking). How can a person be conscious of the harm of chemotherapy and radiation but not conscious of the harm from smoking and all the poisonous ingredients that go into cigarettes? Chemotherapy is no more poisonous than the cigarettes!

Consider the universal health maxim or adage: prevention is better than remedy.

You love eating fast food. You’re proud of it. But when you develop obesity, you’re humble. Now you’ll give up the fast food in a desperate attempt to regain your health. Why wait to remedy the situation until after it has already become a problem? It is easy and makes so much sense to do the right, beneficial, and natural thing.

There is no cure outside of yourself. There is no cure without your will to be cured! No other person can cure or heal you from anything. While others can help or assist you, only God and the human body can heal (or cure).

Before asking for natural remedies stemming from the result of doing unnatural things, consider the behavior that led to the request. Let your natural remedy be the prevention stemming from natural living.

Herbs and natural remedies are the exception and not the rule. The rule is natural living (to the best of your ability) in harmony with Divine and Universal Law.

Thank you for reading!

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