Sober September May Lead To A Healthier Fall Season

Sober September May Lead To A Healthier Fall Season

It’s no secret that some people get a little carried away with their alcohol consumption during the summer months. From picnics in the park to barbecues with friends, bad drinking habits can form and derail health goals. This is why lots of people are turning to thirty-day detox periods to help reshape behaviors and achieve goals. There’s no better way to do that than through some alliteration, by which of course we mean Sober September.

To give you the short version, Sober September is a chance for people to dry out, so to speak. September marks the beginning of the school year and the beginning of the fall season, in which people gain more weight than they do throughout the rest of the year. Considering that roughly 30% of people over 18 reportedly engage in binge-drinking, taking a month off of alcohol may not be the worst idea.

What Can A Month Without Booze Do For You?

Many people find that giving up alcohol can help them be more productive, lose weight, improve their complexion, and save more money. On a more medicinal note, a month without alcohol can decrease fat levels on the liver, lower cholesterol, and can help regulate blood sugar levels.

A Sober September may not work out if you don’t have a reason or motivation. Do you want to save money, lose weight, hit the reset button, or cut down on drinking? Remember that it is crucial to think of your reasoning behind Sober September when you want to drink. Use the following tips to help you have a successful Sober September.

Invite Your Friends

Whether you are training for a marathon, giving up sweets, or not drinking for a month, it can be beneficial to do it with a few friends. Accountability partners help to keep you on track! Not only will you all be heading towards the same goal, but you can all find new booze-free activities to do together.

Identify What Makes You Want To Drink

A relationship with alcohol can often be emotional. People commonly turn to alcohol when they are upset, want to “get the party going,” or feeling sad (and alcohol depresses them even more). Identify when you feel like you are missing out or craving a drink. This may happen when you’re stressed, want to relax, or celebrate good news. When you identify the thing that makes you want to drink, swap it for another activity.

Evaluate Cravings

Alcohol contains a lot of sugar, which means that quitting alcohol can drastically reduce your sugar intake, depending on how much you drink. If losing weight is part of your Sober September goals, don’t substitute the sugar in alcohol for other sweet treats or foods that contain added sugars.

Reward Yourself

If you go out with friends to a place that serves alcohol and you don’t order a drink, don’t forget to congratulate yourself. Rewards can keep you on track! If you’ve wanted to take dance lessons, treat yourself to them with all that money that you haven’t spent on booze. Don’t forget that one of the biggest rewards is having hangover-free mornings.

Try, Try, And Try Again

If you happen to fall of the wagon during Sober September, don’t beat yourself up about it. Try starting again in October, or any day for that matter. It’s important for your health, and for your self-confidence to complete the full 30 days. If you make it to day 30 and are enjoying how you feel, see if you can make it to day 45. You may learn to live without alcohol the longer you go without it, or you’ll at least learn to limit yourself to sensible amounts.

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