Dherbs does NOT believe in surgery for any degenerative disease, which we believe is preventable by way of lifestyle and dietary change. We believe you should die with the organs you’re born with.

Most of the diseases people visit doctors and hospitals for are “degenerative” in nature and thus unnecessary. These particular diseases can be eradicated by diet, lifestyle, and thought pattern change; but because the majority of Western people are afraid of disease and sickness, they run to the doctor and complicate matters.

Dherbs only endorses surgery for industrial and societal injuries, i.e. dismembering of body parts (sewing them back on), removing foreign objects (i.e., bullets), etc.

Surgery for poor circulation, heart disease, arteriosclerosis, uterine complaints, cancer, and other preventable diseases are totally unnecessary; and so is surgery for such things as childbirth (Cesarean section or C-Section), circumcision, hysterectomy, mastectomy, abortion, and in vitro (artificial insemination) pregnancy in addition to cosmetic surgery (plastic surgery, including breast implants).

Doctors cannot make things better when you are dealing with a degenerative disease. In fact, there’s a likelihood that it will be made worse.

Doctors are not healers. They can only practice medicine, which means doctors can only diagnose, treat, manage, or remove. Doctors cannot prescribe herbs because herbs aren’t legally classified as drugs.

Surgery has helped create a lot of drug addicts who are addicted to pain killer prescribed after the surgery.

Before you consider surgery, ask yourself the following questions:

  • “Is my problem degenerative in nature (something that I can heal by changing my diet and lifestyle)?
  • “Is the surgery something I really don’t need?”
  • “Am I prepared to live with the consequences of a surgical operation (i.e. pain, wrong organ removed, permanent damage, etc.)?”
  • “Does the organ in question (to be removed via surgery) have a function other than a physical function (i.e. emotional function)?”
  • “Will removal of an organ tax another organ in the body due to having to take up the slack of the removed organ?”
  • “Would the surgery be suggested if I didn’t have medical insurance or the cash to pay for it?”

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