The Dangers of Mammograms

The Dangers of Mammograms

Most females in the Western world have been instructed by doctors to regularly come in for annual checkups. Along with the recommended annual physical and Pap smear, they are also encouraged to undergo a mammogram. What the doctors don’t tell women is that mammograms are not conducive to bodily health.

A mammogram is an X-ray of the soft tissues of the breast. X-rays use radiation to create the image. The procedure of a mammogram, while the goal is to search for possible breast cancer, may actually be a cause of breast cancer in and of itself. Twenty percent of cancers are not detected by mammography. Mammograms, ultrasound, MRI, and structural imaging tools use radiation. Did you know that one mammogram is equivalent to 500 chest X-Rays? This damages breast and hormonal tissues. Considering breast cancer can be caused by a hormonal imbalance, doesn’t damaging hormonal tissue seem counteractive?
If most breast cancers are diagnosed from the manual exam, and mammograms are known for their false negatives and false positives, what is the true benefit of exposing yourself to the radiation received from the mammogram itself?

Natural Alternatives

  • A monthly breast exam, performed at home, is as reliable, possibly more reliable, than a mammogram. Look to our article about How to Check Your Partner for Breast Cancer for help performing the at-home exam.
  • Thermography is one of the best ways to examine for breast cancer. Thermography is logical technology and can detect breast cancer within the first year, as opposed to the fifth year, which is when normal exams detect the cancer. This is because mammograms and ultrasounds look for tumors, whereas DII focuses on blood vessel activity. Just as regular exams are recommended annually, so are thermography exams, but the age at which you should get these exams is different than the recommended age.

In conclusion, for women who believe in mammograms, your decision is not a right one or wrong one as it is your choice under free will. We are just providing options that are not going to harm your future.