Why Am I Vomiting During My Cleanse?

Why Am I Vomiting During My Cleanse?

Nausea can be normal reaction when people are overly toxic. Vomiting simply denotes your body is seriously taxed due to toxicity. The herbs are so pure and potent that the body simply reacts to the herbs, and perhaps violently so.

The body is saying: “What the hell!” “Where’s my junk food at?” “Why are you giving me this herbal stuff?” “You’ve successfully programmed me to eat nothing but junk and I have become very acidic over the years and these herbs are too alkaline!”

Herbs are the purest of food after whole foods straight from Nature. They begin to work immediately once they enter the body.

You throw up or vomit because your programmed body doesn’t want to change. It doesn’t want the herbs to disrupt the pattern that you created for it based upon all that denatured food you have eaten over the years.

In many cases, people who experience vomiting or regurgitation have never ever detoxed before, so their first detox can be a bit uncomfortable.

What to do if you start vomiting

First, don’t panic, fret, worry, or be alarmed or afraid.
Next, lie down on the bed or a sofa or wherever you desire, and pull your knees to your stomach (the fetal position). Rest for a while!

If you feel weak, this is okay. We feel weak when the body wants us to rest because it is taxed or drained. Feeling weak is a sign that we need to stop all activity and recharge our batteries and we recharge our batteries by getting enough good rest and sleep, both of which are very rejuvenating and healing.

For nausea, drink some herbal tea of peppermint, ginger, or anise seed. These herbs are carminative in nature and are great for nausea.

You may also drink the Dherbs.com After-Dinner Tea, which also contains carminative herbs. Our Full Body Cleanse Tea helps the body to further perform its cleansing.

Adjust the intensity of the cleanse. Take a few days off, perhaps 1-3 days or however long you think you need.

Now while off your capsules or not taking your capsules, do your best to continue eating the same as the cleanse regime recommends and suggest. This is best for you because organic raw foods (fruits, vegetables, etc.) are very nourishing and building as well as cleansing, so by eating raw foods while not taking herbal capsules, you are still helping to detoxify your body.

Drink plenty of water, which helps to flush out your body. Alkaline water is best because when you drink this water, you still keep a subtle detox effect going on in the body, especially at the level of the tissues of the body. However, you can also drink distilled water because distilled water supports the detox effect as well.

Deep breathing also help folks to calm their body in cases of healing crisis, especially when there is nausea. Perform deep breathing exercises for about 5-10 minutes or for as long as like until you get your desired result(s). We do not recommend that you take pharmaceutical drugs for healing crisis. If you do, you do so under your own volition. It is not wise to further toxify and pollute the body while the body is in detox effect mode.

Do not feel that you are inadequate because you vomited during the first day or two of the Full Body Detox or any other Dherbs.com major cleanse. It happens in certain cases and it’s okay.

Resuming the Detox

When you decide to continue the detox, instead of taking 5 capsules, start off taking only 2 or 3 at most. Make sure you eat something too before you take the capsules. Fruit would be best!

Gradually increase the number of capsules when you feel ready. Work your way back up to 5 capsules. And remember, if 5 capsules are too much for you, you can always decrease the amount of capsules you take. You have the free will and freedom to do so.

You can also open up the capsules and take them in a beverage (if you can tolerate the taste). You have the free will and freedom to do this. Do what works best for you.

Never try and force capsules down. If you vomit, you are doing so for a reason. Refrain from thinking about what you can eat or what you can do to keep the capsules down. Never force a thing! Let nature take her course!

Give your body the necessary time it needs to acclimate itself to the herbs. It may take a few days, but it will occur. Herbs are carbon-based and organic and the human body can tolerate them. Trust in Nature!

Thank you for reading!

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