Why Some Vegans Are Sickly and Unhealthy

While most true and committed vegans who are astute pertaining to human health, diet, and nutrition are generally healthy, some vegans are actually sickly and unhealthy. The reason for this is nutrition.

You see, vegan only means a diet that is free of animal products. It doesn’t automatically equate to a healthy diet that is nutritious. Just because you stop consuming animals and animal byproducts doesn’t mean you’re getting nutrition.


Many vegan products are commercially processed and therefore nutritionally void. These processed vegan items lack necessary nutrients such as minerals, trace elements, vitamins, B-vitamins, and enzymes. Yes, they are free of animals and animal byproducts, but they also lack nutrition. Remember, as humans, we are really supposed to be eating for the sake and purpose of nutrition.

We eat food to acquire much needed and necessary nutrients to provide energy or fuel, to help maintain and sustain the human body, and to help the body repair itself as well. This is the true and primary purpose of eating or consuming food (and beverage).

Side Effects

Those particular vegans who are consuming processed vegan foods only and are not focusing on nutrition are doing a great harm and disservice to themselves. They end up deficient in vital nutrients and as a consequence, their health suffers. Some look lethargic, anorexic, pale, sullen and gloomy. They may experience white spots in their fingernails (a sign of iron deficiency), their lips and mouth may be dry (mineral and zinc deficiency), they may lack glow and vibrancy, and they may experience dizziness and a host of other things associated with nutritional deficiency.

It’s one thing to be skinny, slim, thin or lean, and another to be skinny, slim, thin or lean and looking all pale, weak, lethargic, sullen, and gloomy.

There’s plenty of junk food one could eat that is considered vegan in nature, but that doesn’t mean it is healthy or good for you. Vegans need to make sure that they are deriving nutrients from the foods that they are choosing to eat.

Suggested Vegan Diet

At Dherbs.com, we promote a balanced vegan diet that consists of vegan foods and beverages. We suggest that 50-75% of your diet consists of raw foods and 30-50% should be supplemented with herbs. The diet should also consist of consuming plenty of good, freshly squeezed or juiced fruit juice and vegetable juice.

While fruits also contain nutrition, fruits are very cleansing, especially of the blood. And while vegetables too are also nutrition-filled, they very building on the body.

Fruits cleanse and purify the body while vegetables help to rebuild. This is why drinking fruit and vegetable juice while detoxing enhances the effects, especially when paired with our Full Body Cleanse In order to get the full health benefits of living a vegan lifestyle, one should eat a holistic and balanced diet that consists of plenty of raw foods, good drinking water, and herbal supplements. Exercising regularly and maintaining a positive attitude will help create a balance and healthy lifestyle.


Usually, when folks convert to the vegan diet and lifestyle, they will normally lose body weight due to waste loss, release, and reduction.

You see, our bodies tend to hold on to cooked and processed foods such as meat and dairy because dead foods are difficult for the body to process and eliminate. Enzymes help promote and stimulate bowel movements. What we eat tends to stay in our colon and will eventually begin to rot over time. It becomes waste matter or material that we hold on to and becomes weight gain.

If you change your diet for the better and start consuming nutritious foods with minerals, trace elements, vitamins, B-vitamins, and amino acids, you are one step closer to eliminating waste from your body. Also, adding fruits, vegetables, and alkaline will add to the cleansing effect of your diet.

Many people are more concerned with their outward appearance and tend to neglect their inner state of health. There are two basic states of health; inner health and outer health. Both must be attained and sustained in order to have great overall health.

One of the best ways to improve your health is to intelligently modify what you consume, cut down on, or give up altogether. Eliminating animal meat and byproducts is a major step in the direction of improving your health and wellbeing.

Thank you for reading!