What Is Keto 2.0 And Is It Healthier Than Standard Keto?

What Is Keto 2.0 And Is It Healthier Than Standard Keto?

Famed for its ability to assist people with impressive weight loss, the ketogenic diet became very popular several years ago. The pitch for the diet was appealing: focusing on fats and protein with minimal carb intake. People ate bacon, cheese, steak, avocados, coconut milk coffees, and avoided almost all carbohydrate-rich foods. Within the past couple years, however, many people who were keto die-hards fell off the low-carb eating plan. 

The keto diet is very restricting, which is one reason dietitians did not grow fond of it. Restrictiveness aside, the focus on animal-based foods like red meat, cheese, bacon, and more did not sit will with nutritionists. The reality is that these foods have been linked to increased inflammatory markers and other health conditions. With more people switching their focus to plant-based meal options, it seems that regular keto is receiving a few updates. These changes all belong to keto 2.0.

What Is Keto 2.0?

Where did this term come from? Well, most say that the name came from the updated version of the original keto diet. Everyone’s approach to keto varied slightly, but the usual goal was to get 70% of calories from fat, 15-25% of calories from protein, and 5-10% of calories from carbohydrates. Because of the focus on these macros, many people had to forego fruits, whole grains, and healthy, high-carb vegetables. Even though weight loss occurred while eating pepperoni and cheese, people also experienced elevated LDL cholesterol levels, in addition to constipation and hemorrhoids. 

Keto 2.0 changes these macro percentages to 50% of calories from fat, 20% of calories from carbs, and 30% of calories from protein. Even at 50% of calories coming from fat, meals are highly satiating, which prevents overeating. Additionally, keto 2.0 focuses more on lean protein sources like wild caught fish and grass-fed/grass-finished steak. The allowance of more plant-based foods and fiber, though, promotes the growth of beneficial gut microbes that improve immune function and reduce inflammation.

More Plants, Less Meat

Yes, the body can still remain in ketosis if you consume more plants, but this is a surprising change in keto 2.0. Limiting red meat consumption will help people following keto 2.0 maintain optimal heart health. Getting the bulk of your fat content from plant-based sources like avocado, nuts, seeds, legumes, and other plant oils is a much healthier approach. It’s not just about reducing meat consumption, though. Cutting back on dairy and focusing on non-dairy milks or nut-based cheeses is a better option. 

Different Macros

As mentioned earlier, the macro percentages for keto 2.0 received a major update. Because people will eat more plant-based foods, which are rich in fiber and complex carbs, keto 2.0 allows for more carb consumption. 10-20% of calories will come from carbs, but this may worry some traditional keto purists. Will the body enter ketosis by introducing more carbs? Although you consume more carbs in keto 2.0 than in traditional keto, they are rich in indigestible fiber. That type of fiber does not spike glucose levels, but you can amp up your fitness routine to burn off the extra carbs if you’re worried.

Change Up The Protein

Many keto enthusiasts worry when there’s talk of changing up protein sources. You can still enjoy plenty of protein, but keto 2.0 encourages the consumption of healthier protein sources. That means go easy on the steaks, bacon, and ribs and focus more on wild caught fish and plant-based proteins. Great seafood options include wild caught tuna, mackerel, fresh salmon, or wild caught sea bass. You can get complete proteins from plant-based foods by combining certain whole grains and legumes. 

At the end of the day, the keto 2.0 diet is a much more balanced way of eating. It ticks more nutritional boxes, including more fiber, plant-based fats and proteins, and other foods that are easier to digest. It may not be the right diet for you, but it’s better than the all-or-nothing extreme that it was before the new upgrade. 

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