What To Expect During A Raw Food Reset

What To Expect During A Raw Food Reset

Over time, it’s common for the average person to experience sluggishness, bloating, fatigue, mental fog, and poor digestion. The onslaught of toxins from the environment and foods in the Standard American Diet can impair optimal function of the body’s major organs and systems. Even though you can cook food and obtain essential nutrients for the body, the average person is not eating these healthy foods. That’s where a raw food reset comes to the rescue. 

If you feel tired, weighed down, constipated, or simply not yourself, you may need to hit the reset button on your health. What better way to do that than focusing on raw foods for a certain time period? According to health food purists, raw food is “alive” and cooked food is “dead.” This means that raw foods contain all of the essential nutrients, which theoretically die during in the cooking process. Many raw food purists are of the mind that eating anything but a raw food diet goes against the laws of nature. Some even attribute all modern diseases, including obesity, diabetes, cancer, and more, to straying from the diet humans used to keep. It’s no secret that the Western diet contributes to many diseases, so could the raw food reset get you back in touch with your healthiest self?

What Is A Raw Food Reset?

A raw food diet can help restore beneficial enzymes that the body needs for optimal digestion and organ function. The duration is entirely up to you. In the case of our Full Body Cleanse, the diet lasts for 20 days. Health experts believe that it takes three weeks to fully reset the body. If you need to test the waters before jumping headfirst into a cleanse, you can do a raw food reset for five, seven, ten, or even 15 days. 

What To Expect From A Raw Food Reset

The initial transition from your current diet to the raw food diet is a dramatic shift for the body. It’s a shock to your system, and you may experience some uncomfortable things as you begin the detox process. It’s possible to experience fatigue, headaches, hunger, cravings, slight nausea, and other stomach problems. This is completely normal and the symptoms typically subside after the first couple days. One of the primary things you can expect is frequent elimination. Raw foods take a lot less time to digest, so this encourages regular bowel movements. This process takes time, but the important thing is that the body starts to eliminate toxins and excess fat as you continue to progress through the reset. 

The Benefits Of A Raw Food Reset

Even though the reset is temporary, unless you decide to make a lifestyle change, you can experience numerous benefits. Because you’ll be flooding the body with essential, plant-based nutrients and tons of soluble and insoluble fiber, you will definitely experience improved digestion. In addition to better digestion, one of the primary benefits is weight loss. The reduced caloric intake aids with weight loss, but raw foods encourage toxin elimination. They help move waste through the digestive tract so that you can eliminate it efficiently. 

On the topic of weight loss, there’s something you should know. Many people cleanse or engage in a raw food reset in order to lose weight. Weight loss is merely a potential side effect of the reset. The primary reason for doing a reset is to get your health back on track! During the reset, the body eliminates toxins, which commonly exist in fat cells. When you eliminate toxins, they can enter the bloodstream, and they’ll stay there if you aren’t effectively aiding their elimination. If you can’t eliminate them from the body, the body creates new fat cells to store those toxins. This is why many people struggle with weight loss and become frustrated when the number on the scale doesn’t reflect their efforts. Raw foods help eliminate these harmful substances, which contributes to effective weight loss. 

Engage in a raw food reset and take the time to give your body what it needs. Start with five days and go from there. It’s a great way to hit the reset button on your health!



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