What’s The Deal With Red Light Therapy? Does It Work?

What’s The Deal With Red Light Therapy? Does It Work?

Red light therapy is the hot new treatment that may help improve skin tissues with the use of low wavelength red light. Even though it has gained popularity within recent years, it was used in the early 1990s to help plants grow in space. Researchers believe that this type of therapy can help reduce the appearance of scars, wrinkles, and even dark spots. Red light therapy is gaining mass attention, but some people are still skeptical of the benefits. For the most part, this therapy seems very promising and we want to tell you all about it.

What Is Red Light Therapy And How Does It Work?

Many people are aware of infrared light, which is an energy that your eyes cannot see. Your body can feel the heat of infrared light (such is the case for infrared saunas) and absorb the benefits. Red light, on the other hand, is near-infrared light that your eyes can see. Low wavelength red light can actually penetrate the deep tissues of the skin, where cells can absorb it and use it. One study found that the mitochondria in skin cells produced more adenosine triphosphate, the energy source for cells, after exposure to red light. This means that it could be an effective way to reduce muscle atrophy, accelerate wound healing, and combat bone density issues. 

Does It Actually Work?

Beauty blogs and alternative therapy enthusiasts preach the benefits of red light therapy. While some studies have confirmed certain benefits, red light therapy is definitely not a cure for everything. The claims with little to no evidence are about red light therapy’s ability to promote weight loss, fight dental infections, treat cancer, improve neck or back pain, and treat depression. It does, however, have many skin-boosting benefits. 

Who Can Benefit?

Even though red light therapy isn’t new, limited studies on the potential benefits are available. It’s different from laser therapy or intense pulsed light therapy because it doesn’t damage the skin. In reality, it actually improves the health of your skin. It’s a painless, non-invasive procedure that is safe for all skin types. There are no known adverse side effects and it’s safe for all ages. Athletes with limited range of motion, elderly people with wrinkles, or young women who want flawless-looking skin can all benefit from red light therapy. You can read about some of the most documented benefits below. 

Benefits Of Red Light Therapy

Reduces Acne

Many factors contribute to the behavior of sebaceous glands. The sun, for example, can alter the way these glands produce sebum. If they produce too much sebum, pores become clogged and acne results. Studies have shown that sunlight can also calm overactive sebaceous glands. The problem with excessive ultraviolet light exposure is that it increases the risk of skin cancer. Red light therapy is a potential remedy for acne because it penetrates deep layers of skin tissue, affecting sebum production and reducing inflammation in the specific area. Red light therapy on its own may reduce inflammation associated with acne, but this therapy may be improved when combined with blue light therapy. 

Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

The reason why red light therapy helps reduce inflammation is not exactly clear. Experts believe that the deep penetration of tissues and organs is the reason. As of now, there is minimal research on the anti-inflammatory effects of red light therapy, in regards to numerous inflammatory conditions. Several studies place a lot of importance on the connection between wavelengths and inflammation reduction. Further research is necessary to determine how red light therapy benefits people with Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, psoriasis, obesity, and tendinitis. 

Improves Overall Skin Health

From increasing collagen production and protecting cells to reducing fine lines and increasing circulation, red light therapy primarily boosts overall skin health. It’s a great therapy if you want to reduce wrinkles, improve skin elasticity, improve skin texture and tone, and stimulate cell health. The reason that it is so great for the skin is because it increases fibroblast production, which encourages collagen production. One clinical trial used red light therapy on people with basic skin problems. The results indicated that the test subjects experienced improved complexion, tone, and overall feeling of skin. 

Red light therapy shows promising results but there needs to be more research and studies within the scientific community to determine how beneficial it is. Right now, some people really love it and others are skeptical. It’s okay to fear the unknown, but please understand that this therapy is showing promising results on skin care. If you have questions about this therapy, ask your doctor before trying it. 

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