Why Spring Cleaning Is Beneficial For Your Health

Why Spring Cleaning Is Beneficial For Your Health

Winter is almost a distant memory that fades more and more with the arrival of warmer temperatures and blooming flowers. The fresher air makes you want to open the windows and invite the beautiful scents and warmth into the home. Even though it may look fresh and less gloomy outside, the inside of your home may be in shambles. Invite the opportunity and seasonal change into your life with a cleaner home. In fact, this is a long-standing tradition in many cultures. 

Why Do People Deep Clean In Spring?

Spring cleaning stems from several cultures, including Iranian, Chinese, and Jewish. The arrival of the spring equinox on the solar-based calendar is a classic indicator of spring. For Iranians, the spring equinox marks the new year, which consists of festivals and celebrations that symbolize a time of renewal. This theme of “renewal” is common in many cultures, in regards to the new year. It’s a chance to reinvigorate life and start anew. In the two weeks leading up to the new year, Iranians practice “shaking the house.” This involves buying new clothes, getting rid of old clothes, cleaning everything in sight, and ensuring everything in the house is clean for the new year.

In similar fashion, the Chinese clean their homes in anticipation of the new year’s arrival. The belief is that cleaning the house gets rid of any possible bad luck, inviting positive energy into the house when the new year comes. In Jewish culture, Passover commemorates the exodus of the Jews from Egypt. Jewish slaves ate unleavened bread, which they adopted as a reminder of overcoming such hard times. In traditional Jewish culture, keeping leavened bread in the house during Passover is an insult to God. It has become tradition to scour the home for any possible crumbs, cleaning it meticulously before Passover, which comes right after spring. 

While your motivation to clean may not be cultural, there are serious health benefits to deep cleaning the home. Continue reading to learn how spring cleaning can improve your health

Reduces The Presence Of Allergens

When you clean the home, your indoor air quality is likely to improve. Clutter, mess, and neglecting to regularly clean results in an accumulation of dust. There are chemicals in dust that trigger allergic reactions, so cleaning the home can reduce the presence of harmful allergens. The home is insulated without opening the windows all winter, so the cleaning and fresh spring air can improve breathing and overall respiratory health.

Encourages A Healthy Lifestyle

When you inhabit a messy space, there’s a higher percentage of being unhealthier. Statistically, people who clean up their houses tend to clean up other areas of their lives. This can lead to better sleep, healthier eating habits, and improved sleep. There’s a link between decluttering, organizing, and cleaning the home and prioritizing your health and overall well-being. You may be surprised how much a good cleaning session inspires you. 

Reduces Stress

Some people will argue that a messy house inspires the chaotic freedom that inspires their creative thoughts. There’s not time for that nonsense. The act of cleaning and inviting organization into your life helps to relieve stress. A messy house can cause stress because you can easily misplace things or purchase things that you already have, but are hiding in the mess. Clutter in the home can also lead to higher anxiety, and cleaning it all up brings about a calmer feeling

Less Mess = Less Fatigue

You may not know it until your home is organized and clean, but clutter wears you down. It’s exhausting to have anything and everything occupy your space, be it your workspace or living space. All of the disorganization gathers dust and grime. Take the time to shed the non-essential items in your life. You don’t have to purge your house, but a solid spring cleaning can lift an incredible weight off your shoulders and help you feel lighter, emotionally speaking. Less brings about more happiness, more energy, and more positivity in your life. 

Increases Productivity

The warmer weather often excites people and inspires them to get more done in each day. Shorter days tend to have the opposite effect on people, hence why there is more clutter and dirt in the home during winter. You may notice that you feel the urge to clean as spring gets closer and closer. Now, we don’t advise cleaning the house in a single day because that is exhausting. Take at least one to two weeks to spring clean the entire house, tackling a room or problem area every day. 



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