Why You Should Be Using Frankincense And Myrrh Oils

Why You Should Be Using Frankincense And Myrrh Oils

People have been experiencing the benefits of essential oils for thousands of years. Not only have they been used in aromatherapy, but they have also been used topically and internally to treat a variety of conditions. Out of all the essential oils, frankincense and myrrh have been predominant gifts over the years.

Frankincense and myrrh have been symbolic gifts throughout history. They have been given to kings, offered to deities, and, according to theologians, given to Jesus by the magi. Were these oils given as gifts because people were trying to naturally prevent arthritis? That was a naturally remedies joke, people…because these oils have powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Both of these oils are very versatile and have been used across many cultures. You can use these oils differently for the benefits that are detailed below.

Frankincense Benefits

Anti-Aging Properties

The powerful astringent properties help to nourish and protect skin cells. Frankincense oil is best applied to the skin when mixed with a carrier oil like coconut or extra virgin olive oil. You can apply it to the abdomen, under the eyes, or wherever the skin becomes saggy. This can help you avoid wrinkles and slow the signs of aging.

Relieves Gas

Frankincense oil actually works to inhibit gas build-up inside the body. If you are gassy, Frankincense can be used to remove excess gas from abdomen or chest. It can also be beneficial for those with indigestion or abnormal amounts of sweating.

Boosts Immunity

The antiseptic properties in frankincense oil help to eliminate germs or bacteria. If you want to purify the air in your house, adding this oil to a diffuser can be beneficial. Traditionally, frankincense oil has been applied to wounds to help prevent infection and tetanus. It has also been used to help inhibit internal infections.

Myrrh Benefits

Oral Health Properties

If you want to help keep your throat and mouth healthy, take advantage of the health properties of myrrh oil. It is very easy to incorporate into your oral hygiene routine. Add 1-2 drops of myrrh oil to your natural toothpaste to brush your teeth. You can also add one drop of myrrh to two ounces of filtered water and gargle for 30 seconds as a natural mouthwash.

Emotional Balance

If you enjoy aromatherapy, myrrh oil is great to add to a diffuser because the scent works to naturally lower stress or promote emotional balance. Myrrh oil’s scent has also been used in aromatherapy to help boost the mood or promote peaceful feelings at home during the holidays.

Promotes Healthy Nails

In addition to keeping the skin healthy, myrrh oil can also be used to help promote healthy finger and toenails. The winter months are often dryer, and the weather can dry out your cuticles. You can make a DIY cuticle cream by combining coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, and myrrh oil. This helps to keep the cuticles, nails, and skin healthy.



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