A.D. Dolphin Explains Why It’s Harder For Women To Lose Weight

A.D. Dolphin will appear on Steve TV Tuesday, May 15th, 2018, to explain why it is harder for women to lose weight. There are a couple reasons why women have more difficulty shedding unwanted pounds. First off, men typically have more muscle mass than women, meaning that they have a faster resting metabolism, which helps men burn calories at a faster rate (roughly 3-10% faster). According to research, women also have more of an emotional attachment to food than men do.


Another reason why it is harder for women to lose weight is because of hormonal fluctuation. Certain things hormones can cause are stress eating, binge eating, or cravings for foods that are sugary, fatty, and salty, all of which lead to weight gain. Women can lose weight and commit to healthier lifestyles, but it may take a little more effort. And A.D. is going to share the information that women need to help them achieve their weight loss goals.


One woman, Kaiya, who he helped lose weight, will accompany him on the show to talk about her success. After some personal hardships and multiple attempts to lose weight, Kaiya didn’t know if losing weight was possible, but she knew that she needed a lifestyle change. A.D. extended a helping hand and has propelled her toward a healthier lifestyle. Watch her reveal her new body and listen to A.D. give more weight loss and cleansing tips in the clip below.