C-Sections Are Unnecessary!

That’s right! The medical and surgical procedure called “Caesarean Section” is totally unnecessary and is only recommended by doctors for one reason or purpose: TO MAKE MONEY!

That’s right! To make money is the purpose of the C-section! You see, C-sections are technically surgeries (as the procedure requires cutting on the human body) and surgery is where the money is in allopathic-Western medicine.

C-sections are also illogical when you understand the fact that the human female vagina’s opening can stretch many times its size to accommodate new life coming out of it. It’s amazing to me that a little baby can come out of that little hole of a woman. I’ve seen it myself up close a few times with a couple of my children born via home birth. My eldest daughter, Layla Iman, my second son, Ajani, and my third son, Anand, were all home births. I delivered Anand myself as our midwife was stuck in traffic and this gave me the opportunity of a lifetime: to not only witness his birth, but to actively play a role in it. It has impacted me for life and I’ll never forget it.

Childbirth is a totally mesmerizing experiencing. You never forget seeing that head squeeze out of that vagina. For me personally, it changed my whole perception of women, their powers and what they go through as women and bearers of new human life. The respect and reverence for them as creatures quadrupled. I already held them in high esteem, but witnessing new human life manifesting really changed my views, opinions, feelings, and understanding about women. They are undoubtedly some very powerful creatures.

So C-sections are illogical when you understand that God didn’t come up short when creating the female and her vagina. It can stretch to accommodate any size head and body of a baby. Yes, it may tear occasionally as some women do when giving birth, but never-the-less, it can and will squeeze out any size baby’s head and body and I’ve seen that too (big-headed babies) a few times being on the scene for a few female friends who also did the home birth thing.

So if the vagina can stretch, and it can, is it logical for a woman to have a Caesarean section performed? Of course not! But remember, doctors are God to most of their clients due to the client’s ignorance of their own body and diseases, so doctors are masters of manipulation, especially through FEAR. All a doctor has to do to a woman is threaten her: tell her she’s in grave danger of giving a natural birth and it’s a wrap! The woman belongs to the doctor due to sucking up the doctor’s words as if the doctor’s words are from God Almighty, the real God that is!

You can’t blame doctors for practicing what they were taught to practice. After all, they went to medical school. You know what schools really are, right? INDOCTRINATION camps!

Doctors are indoctrinated in medical school just as lawyers are indoctrinated in law school. This is just the natural system of things here in the Matrix or world of man.

One of the biggest lies, oops, I mean ‘reasons’ that doctors give to poor, ignorant, and unsuspecting pregnant women is that because they have or may have a sexually transmitted disease, especially genital herpes, that a cesarean section surgical procedure is best to prevent the baby from contracting the disease. But wait a minute! Is this even practical based upon what people are taught about so-called viruses?

You mean to tell me that an infected woman of HSV2 can only give herpes to a baby by the passing of the baby through the vaginal or birth canal? Sheer nonsense!

If herpes is in the blood and the baby is dependent on the mother’s blood while in the womb, wouldn’t the baby automatically have the so-called herpes virus by virtue of being in the womb?

An outbreak in the vaginal canal would only manifest the fact that the mother has herpes. It wouldn’t be the touching of skin that would subject a baby to herpes; it would have to be the corruption of the mother’s blood that would subject the baby to herpes (and that’s if you even believe in herpes in the first place and unfortunately most people do).

Poor, ignorant women are told by these medical doctors that “once a caesarean birth always a caesarean birth.” What great programming! Other reasons for caesarean section include: maternal distress, fetal distress, high risk fetus, pre-eclampsia, cord prolapse, uterine rupture, abnormal presentation, failed induction of labor, contracted pelvis, and umbilical cord abnormalities to name a few.

These are all doctor-created terms that may be told to ignorant and unsuspecting mothers to cause fear to weigh in on them and opt for childbirth by surgery called caesarean section, a surgical procedure that brings in more than half a billion dollars per year.

God intended for childbirth to be by way of the vagina and here comes sick ass man again trying to play God and now determining that there is another way to give childbirth and that is by making an incision into the abdomen (called laparotomy) and the uterus (called hysterotomy).

In my opinion, a woman can’t have a natural childbirth while delivering a baby in the hospital. How can the birth be natural considering all that’s done to the mother and child in one of these places?

What’s natural about a surgical incision made into a woman’s abdomen to deliver a baby when the woman has a vagina, a very stretchable vagina at that?

What’s natural about drugging up a woman before she gives birth? This puts the woman out of her mind, makes her unconscious to feeling which is important in childbirth; and how can you drug a mother’s body without the drug or drugs affecting the poor baby? You can’t! Most hospital babies come out with their eyes closed and dark circles around the eyes (a sign of strain and fatigue). I thought this was natural until I got involved in natural healing and holistic health and also witnessed my own children born by way of home birth. I was blown away when my daughter came out with her eyes wide open and very conscious and alert. I’ll never forget it. That moment of truth crushed a whole life of lies and misconceptions about childbirth.

What’s natural about a woman lying on her back in a hospital to give birth when the best way for a woman to give birth is bent over or squatting on her feet? Hospitals have women on their backs to deliver for purposes of making things convenient for the doctor.

And please tell me what’s natural about an epidural shot that could possibly paralyze a woman? This is wholly insane to me!

What’s natural about immediately cutting the baby’s cord (despite the cord still pulsating which means the soul has not made it’s way into the new body fully)? The cord should be cut after 17 minutes which is usually the amount of time the cord stops pulsating.

What’s natural about a doctor or nurse immediately taking a baby from its mother and taking it into another room shortly after it’s born? This shocks the hell out of the poor baby (despite the baby being unconscious from being drugged). The baby is connected to the mother via the energy field and a newborn shares it’s mother’s energy field which means the baby should not be taken too far from the mother or else there’s a disconnection (which there usually is in hospital births). Most babies in the U.S. are born in fear! We are destined to have ‘blown out’ first chakras due to how we are born in this Matrix.

And what’s natural about literally delivering your baby to the State (government) as property shortly after it’s born? Think about it, at one point babies were not born at hospitals. Hospitals were a place where only sick people went (and you do know pregnancy is not a sickness or disease, right?). Most babies were born at home by a midwife or even a doctor (who made house calls as doctors did back in those days, pre-1970’s) and the baby’s birth was recorded in the Bible.

But all of that changed when America was hijacked due to the national debt. When Great Britain got America to establish the Federal Reserve Bank in 1912 after creating the Panic of 1907, America shifted the right to coin money by Congress to a private corporation (Federal Reserve bank) which means America was not printing her own money anymore but was now in fact borrowing money from the Federal Reserve Bank, and borrowing at interest (high interest rates) which started the nation’s modern notorious debt.

Our nation’s debt has always been to the private bankers (Federal Reserve Bank) because that’s who prints the nation’s money. America (the U.S.) is borrowing money from a private bank at interest and making “We the People” pay back the loan and pay off the astronomical interest which we can never do under this present economical system. Never!

Well, by 1933, Great Britain via the Federal Reserve Bank had America so much into debt that it stolen all the nation’s gold reserves and so America had no more collateral (gold) to give the private bankers to print money. Fort Knox has been empty for many decades. British writer and novelist Ian Fleming of James Bond fame tried to warn the dumb American masses in a 1960’s James Bond movie called “Goldfinger” about a gold heist cleverly planned but we didn’t get the message.

However, someone else got the message – The Rulers, and Ian Fleming was killed by way of sodium morphate poisoning, the same thing the British owned C.I.A. used to kill and take out F.B.I. director, J.Edgar Hoover, found dead in 1971 on his bathroom floor with his toothbrush in hand. Sodium morphate was put into his toothpaste and poor Mary (Hoover’s secret drag queen name) croaked. Evidently, the C.I.A. wanted a C.I.A. man as the director of the F.B.I. because ole Hoover was very defiant to the C.I.A. and the C.I.A. got tired of tolerating Hoover and decided to take him out. The C.I.A. are experts at murder and assassination and the American people pay for this criminal outfit by way of their federal income tax dollars.

In closing, because America ran out of gold to pay off the loan and debt to Great Britain by way of the Federal Reserve, in 1933 President Roosevelt declared a three day banking holiday and shut down all banks in the U.S. and made a law forcing all U.S. citizens to turn in their private gold in exchange for worthless paper money not backed by any tangible substance and if they failed to do so they would be arrested.

This gold was taken to give to Great Britain and the owners of the Federal Reserve.

So with no more collateral to borrow money, the political leaders of America were faced with a dilemma. They needed more paper money but had no collateral (gold). So these devils ingeniously came up with a plan to put up the American people as collateral for the national debt and future borrowing of money or bank notes. You may not want to believe this but it is factual.

But how would the government keep account of all U.S. citizens, those born (new ones) and those who died (expired ones)? That was easy! What is accounting for? The government came up with the Department of Vital Statistics and would issue BIRTH CERTIFICATES to trace all new U.S. citizens born into existence serving as new collateral for future loans and would issue death certificates for all U.S. citizens that left the game and whose name could no longer be used to collect money (debt) on.

This is the real reason behind both birth and death certificates. Babies don’t require birth certificates nor do parents. Nor do dead or deceased people require death certificates. But government does and strictly for accounting purposes. Every U.S. citizen represents government-owned property via government documents (adhesion contracts). Birth certificates are really government bonds sold to international corporations and nations for million dollar loans and which mature in 18 years, the legal year of maturity here in the U.S. in which a U.S. citizen can now legally work full time and pay federal income taxes as well as state income taxes.

It’s so unfortunate that the government takes a birth certificate with a child’s straw man (all capital letter fictitious name) and sells it for money. And instead of the government paying back the loan and interest on the loan of the birth certificate, they wait until the child (whose name is on the particular birth certificate or bond) turns 18 years of age and can work full time and make the poor person pay back money and the interest the government borrowed against its name when it was a baby. This is what your federal income tax dollars are collected for. It is not collected for the nation. Not a single penny! It is collected for 100% debt owed. And the American people (U.S. citizens) keep these schemes and cons going by participating in the governmental frauds, i.e. presidential elections, Social Security (F.I.C.A), federal income taxes, and everything else.

Don’t buy into the population control schemes! The Rulers want more people (chattel, sheep, workers, Goyim) on the planet because the Rulers themselves ain’t gonna do all the work that’s needed to keep their world going. People are needed to make this scheme work and it is working very successfully because most people are successfully brainwashed (in the public fool system), indoctrinated, and are unable to use critical thinking.

I guess we can call all of this: tyranny by unconscious demand!

C-sections are hardly ever necessary. Hardly!

Despite what a doctor says, you always have options! Exercise your options!

Thank you for reading!

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