Eclampsia is the gravest form of toxemia in pregnancy. Toxemia is medically defined as the presence of bacterial toxins in the bloodstream, also known as blood poisoning. The word toxemia is derived from the word toxic, which means of or pertaining to poison; of a disease or condition severe and progressive.


The condition is characterized by seizures, coma, hypertension, proteinuria, and edema (swelling of the feet).

The symptoms of impending convulsions often include anxiety, epigastric pain, blurred vision and headaches. Usually, the body intelligence uses the first trimester to rid the body of excess toxic waste. However, when a female body is too toxic and a gentle form of prenatal cleansing is not performed, the toxemia can be carried over into the second and third trimesters of the pregnancy and could present a host of problems that could make the pregnancy an un-enjoyable and very complicated experience.


Eclampsia is a condition of excess acidosis. The pregnant female’s body is too acidic and too toxic. Her blood is poisoned. Her liver is compromised. This is why many pregnant females with eclampsia are told they have acute jaundice or hepatitis. Excess acid in the body will undoubtedly convert into mucus and collect where there is a low energy site that requires attention, in the case of eclampsia, the liver.

How did the pregnant female’s body become so toxic? The answer is tragically simple: poor diet and lifestyle. She ate excess meat, which breaks down into corrosive nitrogen and uric acid that eat away at the kidneys. Uric acid crystals build up in the kidneys and then make their way down to the feet causing edema or mild gout.

She probably also ate excess dairy products such as ice cream, butter, cheese, sour cream, yogurt and milk; substances that not only breaks down into lactic acid but which forms the basis of fibroid tumors and a host of other serious female pathologies.

In addition to the above, the toxic mother-to-be consumed too much sugar, table salt, MSG, chocolate, refined grains donuts, cakes, cookies, pies, bagels, toast and cereal, soda, coffee, and a host of other food-like substances that sabotage human health.

Natural Healing Strategies

Eclamspsia can be prevented or healed by cleansing or detoxifying the body in advance of pregnancy. It is ideal to detoxify the body at least 3-4 times a year, or at least once a year at a minimum.

Individual herbs that are great in preventing or healing eclampsia include all liver herbs, which include:

White Peony Root is the best liver herb for eclampsia because of its affinity for the female constitution.

Blood cleansing herbs are also a must in preventing or healing eclampsia. These include:

The colon also must be addressed in preventing or healing eclampsia. Effective colon herbs include:

The best natural substance a female could use to prevent or heal from eclampsia is carbon, also known as activated charcoal. Nothing removes poison or toxins (including heavy metal toxins) from the body like carbon.

The crystals and gemstones Stillbite, Emerald, and Marginite emit exceptional and potent anti-poisoning vibrations and properties and make a very effective gemstone elixir which carbon can be added to (and drank) which guarantees successful anti-poisoning results.

Dherbs Solutions

Dherbs products that prevent and heal eclampsia include:

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