Female Balance & Freedom!

Female Balance & Freedom!

The phrase ‘female balance’ sounds as if it could mean anything from a trendy magazine catering to today’s woman or the latest PMS pain relief medication. Many people are unaware that true female balance is even possible. So what does it mean? Female balance occurs in a body whose hormonal (i.e. endocrine) system is functioning optimally. Through the consumption of organic plant-based living food the body cleanses naturally while being richly nourished. Women who enjoy the living food lifestyle over a period of time report:

  • A dramatic decrease in monthly menstrual flow
  • A dramatic decrease or absence of PMS, cramping and other painful discomforts
  • Pregnancy with little or no morning sickness, discomfort and significant ease in delivery
  • Menopause with a dramatic decrease or absence of hot flashes, cold sweats, mood swings and other related symptoms

Sound too good to be true? Let’s take a closer look at the chemicals of key importance to regulating balance in the body; hormones. The word hormone is derived from the Greek word “hormon,” which means “to set in motion.” Hormones are produced by endocrine glands in minute amounts, cover allot of territory by circulating in body fluids and are uniquely designed to influence the action of specific tissues. I like to refer to them as “the peace-keepers” of the body because they control: salt levels in the blood, blood pressure, kidney function, electrolytic balance, overall fluid concentrations, calcium levels, blood sugar and glucose, the activity of the thyroid, ovaries, adrenals, and so much more. In short, hormonal activity allows all physiological components (organs, glands, arteries, muscles, tendons, etc.) to perform optimally and in harmony with one another.

One of the most valuable nutritional components to a healthy hormonal system are vitamins. They are not manufactured by the human body, so the number one source is food. Since plant-based nutrition exceeds all other dietary standards for the human body (see: China-Cornell-Oxford Diet and Health Study directed by Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D.) it is the #1 choice. Can mechanically isolated and processed vitamin supplements help?

“Food’s magic is based on thousands of complex interactions of dozens of different phytochemicals which are difficult to recreate in pills. While 190 solid studies prove the fruit-and-vegetable benefit, supplements have only a smattering of evidence” Dr. John Potter PhD, of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, Seattle, WA

Peak consistency and equilibrium within the internal environment of the human organism requires a wide spectrum of nutritional support which can only be derived from unadulterated, organic natural sources. Hence, supplements are limited in value. Organic living fruit, land & sea vegetables, sprouts and sprouted legumes, nuts and seeds are intrinsically designed to work with great efficiency in the body. Apart from offering a rich supply of vitamins, these foods provide a wide assortment of essential minerals, enzymes, coenzymes, oxygen, water, naturally present electricity, simple carbohydrates, plant-based proteins and plant-based fats to further assist in the production and maintenance of hormones. Very small amounts of progesterone and estrogen (phytoestrogens/PE’s) are found in some members of the living edible plant kingdom. They assimilate easily into the metabolism and serve beneficial purposes. Unless specifically prescribed by a health-care professional, PE’s need not be ingested in the form of supplements or through the excessive consumption of PE-containing food. A balanced diet high in organic, plant-based living food is how the body receives the necessary ‘building blocks’ to create and maintain superior hormonal health.

How does cooking effect food? When heat is put to live-food (from approximately 105 degrees Fahrenheit on up) it denatures and/or completely destroys vital nutrients. When consumption choices favor non-organic, cooked, highly processed, excess; protein (animal), fat, salt and complex carbohydrates, contain refined sugars, caffeine and alcohol, hormonal imbalance becomes the norm. Sadly, modern society reinforces the issue by leading many people to reach for foods of convenience, artificial chemical additives and low-level nutritional extravagance. Contraceptives, plastics, household & environmental chemicals shown to inhibit or alter the delicate endocrine system must be considered as well. Under such conditions, toxic waste builds-up in tissues and the body functions with noticeable negative side effects. Hence, cyclical events natural to the female body become“traumatic.” The commonly used adage ‘you become what you eat’ rings true loud and clear!

“When you eat Living Foods, they contain all the nutrients, oxygen, enzymes and hormones available to create a good hormonal balance. When you ovulate and menstruate you do not go through the discomfort that women usually experience like a personal roller-coaster. When entering menopause it generally occurs at a later date and with softer symptoms. Of course all of these benefits are gained after a long and consistent use of living foods.” Anna Maria Gahns-Clement, Health Administrator for Hippocrates Health Institute

The female body is uniquely designed and blessed with the capacity to bring forth new life and menstruation is a wonderful opportunity for the body to renew itself in preparation of such an event. Through direct observation over a span of months, the woman who consistently consumes organic plant-based living food can utilize the symptomology of her monthly cycles as a “barometer” to determine her detoxing progress. In general, the less typical symptomology she experiences (cramps, PMS, headaches, high flow rate, etc.) the more balance her body, mind and emotions enjoy. Even the menopausal phase of life is observed as a cessation of menstruation with few and or lighter side effects. The gradual internal cleansing experienced through living food consumption naturally brings forth heightened intuition and vibrancy of being. It’s no surprise that women report experiencing an increase in sexual sensitivity creating fuller physical, emotional and spiritual expression in love-making and receiving. Natural sexual tendencies within the body are given a new opportunity to optimally blossom in ways previously thought unimaginable. Nurturing relationships with family and friends, the growth of spiritual awareness, lifestyle responsibilities, development of creative personal interests, education and career need not be interrupted by unnecessary suffering any longer. The benefits are innumerable. Now this is freedom every woman has been waiting for!

Of Special Note:

If you are pregnant, undergoing hormone therapy, faced with a health challenge, or would simply like to learn more about the living food lifestyle, please consult with a professional Natural Hygiene Practitioner or live food health center such as Hippocrates Wellness to guide your approach.

For information on other live food health centers, Living Food & N. Hygiene Resources: The Vegetarian Travel Guide.

Questions or comments concerning this article can be directed to karen@gardenofhealth.com, Miami Beach, Florida. Karen is a Natural Hygienist, Freelance Artist, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Yoga Instructor, Health Consultant and Co-producer of Living Food Films. She has been a major contributor to “The Vegetarian Travel Guide”, networking in the Living Food/Hygiene community for over 15 years.

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