Female Hormonal Replacement Therapy?

Female Hormonal Replacement Therapy?

Female Hormonal Replacement therapy is a therapy whereby women, usually older women in their menopausal years, undergo a treatment of having synthetic estrogenic hormones placed in their bodies via consumption of pills (or liquids in some cases).

HRT erroneously and dangerously gives a woman more estrogen. It is true that as women age, their hormonal production and secretions decline and as such, a woman can feel quite unlike her normal self. But it’s not just their estrogen hormone level that declines. God and Nature deal with balance. A woman or female does not only have estrogen, she has progesterone too which balances the estrogen. She also has a minutia of balanced male hormones (‘testosterone’ and ‘androsterone’) too. You can find the principle of Yin and Yang in both males and females.

Problems with Hormonal Replacement Therapy

Now here’s the problem with HRT. When hormonal levels decrease in a woman, both hormones decrease, not just one. Western doctors are giving women extra estrogen; a synthetic and harmful pharmaceutical grade of estrogen which the body does not recognize and which causes the proliferation of white blood cell activity (because the body sees the estrogen drug as foreign to the body).

However, you cannot give a woman extra estrogen without giving her extra progesterone as well to balance the extra or added estrogen. This is what causes hormonal imbalance in the body in addition to toxicity because hormones are synthetic to begin with. So in attempting to correct hormonal imbalance, doctors are actually facilitating hormonal imbalance.

Too much synthetic estrogen causes cancer! Female reproductive cancers, to be exact; as synthetic estrogen adversely affect the female reproductive system and its organs.

When a woman starts experiencing hormonal imbalance before taking drugs (HRT), the studies show that it is progesterone that declines more so and before estrogen. Progesterone is the hormone that is responsible for conception or pregnancy, explaining why women are less likely to become pregnant after the age of forty. Estrogen, on the other hand, is conducive to sexual heat or sexual stimulation for purposes of copulation so that conception can take place.

HRT is playing a major role in female reproductive cancers just like birth control pills are. HRT and birth control pills have something in common – both of them provide the female with extra estrogen that they don’t need and which is also unnatural. Thus, HRT and birth control pills are dangerous and can prove fatal.

Correcting Hormonal Replacement Therapy

To properly correct hormonal imbalance, seek answers and assistance from Nature. Go to that which God has provided for you. Psalms 104:14 clearly tells you that God created the herbs for the service of humanity.

So consult the Earth as Job advised us to do in Job 12:7 of the Bible. The Earth has natural, safe, and effective herbs that provide a balance of bio-hormonal precursors which get into the female body and stimulate the natural production of hormones by the body’s endocrine system.

Dietary Intervention

Certain herbs contain phyto-estrogens which are plant-based estrogen precursors. Phyto means “plant.” Some plants naturally contain estrogen (and progesterone) precursors that can help a woman or young girl to correct her hormonal imbalance.

These female specific herbs include:

  • Red Raspberry Leaf
  • Chaste Tree Berry (Vitex)
  • Black Cohosh
  • Red Clover Tops
  • Blue Cohosh
  • Squawvine
  • Canada Snake Root
  • Angelica
  • Bala
  • Ashwagandha
  • Bayberry
  • Mugwort
  • Beth (Birth) Root
  • Muira Puama
  • Ashoka
  • Cramp Bark
  • Maca Maca
  • Blessed Thistle
  • Damiana
  • Black Haw
  • Dong Quai
  • Rehmannia
  • Sarsaparilla
  • False Unicorn
  • Licorice
  • Burdock
  • Gokshura (Tribulis Terrestris)
  • Fo Ti
  • Horsetail
  • Lady’s Mantle
  • Shatawari
  • Honeysuckle
  • Shepherd’s Purse
  • Lovage
  • Motherwort
  • Pennyroyal
  • Rue
  • Wild Yam
  • Saw Palmetto Berries
  • Peony Root
  • Musta
  • Sage
  • Yohimbe
  • Vidari
  • Schizandra, and
  • Yarrow

There are also many good female hormonal-specific essential oils too. They include:

  • Clary Sage
  • Fennel
  • Cypress
  • Rose Geranium
  • Grapefruit Peel
  • Cananga
  • Buddha Wood
  • Combava
  • Davana
  • Jasmine
  • Champaca
  • Pink Lotus
  • Neroli
  • Vitex
  • Ylang Ylang
  • Blue Yarrow and
  • Tuberose

What you may be eating plays a major role in throwing off your hormonal balance. Remember, all meat and dairy products contain synthetic hormones (estrone and estradiol, cancer-causing hormones) and should be avoided.

If you consume dairy products you are consuming female hormones. Milk comes from female cows. Milk and dairy are mammary gland-derived things. Dairy cows are pumped full of man-made synthetic hormones.

Additionally, good crystals and gemstones that can be used to correct hormonal imbalance include Carnelian, Moonstone, Green Jade, Malachite, Aquamarine, Tiger’s Eye, Pearl, Citrine, Ammonite, and Chrysocolla.

Dherbs Natural Healing Products

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