Because menopause is a part of the normal but unnatural female menstrual cycle, menopause too is normal but unnatural.

Menopause denotes the termination of the menstrual cycle in a female. Menopause derives from Latin “menses” meaning ‘month’, and Greek “pauses” meaning ‘to cease’ and is defined as: the cessation of menses. Menses stop naturally with the decline of cyclic hormonal production and function between 45 and 60 years of age but may stop earlier in life as a result of illness or the surgical removal of the uterus or both ovaries. As the production of ovarian estrogen and pituitary gonadotropins decreases, ovulation and menstruation become less frequent and eventually stop. Fluctuations in the circulating levels of these hormones occur as the levels decline. Hot flashes are the only nearly universal symptom of the menopause.

Menopause is mostly a phenomenon with Western women-especially in the capital of disease aka the United States – however, menopause is making its way to Africa, the Orient/Asia, and other countries of the East due to the pervasive standard American diet and the fast food industry. With democracy comes disease, and disease of every kind.

Menopause’s History

Female menstruation was originally an activity based upon the female energy body discharging toxic energy via vibrational menstruum every 28 days (under the original lunar calendar). Females dumped off toxic and stale energy on the emotional, etheric, astral, mental, and spiritual levels. But due to an inner defect that developed over past millennia, an imbalance occurred which today has manifested physically with the process of menstruation.

And because whatever comes out of the physical menstruation exists on the astral level, females also have an astral menstrual cycle. Astral menstruum toxicity is created with the physical menstruation since the physical menstruation releases toxins. The physical blood (menstruum) is a carrier base for toxic emotions. Females release their emotional toxicity via their menstrual cycle. This can be truly beneficial for the conscious woman who can will or bring on her menstruation at will.

Menopause can trigger a host of symptoms, including hot flashes, fatigue, vaginal dryness, insomnia, anxiety, and even depression. The depression linked to (or stemming from) menopause deals with the refusal to accept the biological fact that the “motherhood” days are over.

Menopause is connected to uterine and ovarian health, but it is mainly tied to the uterus, which is the seat of female emotions located at the Second Chakra (also known as the Sacral Plexus).

Menopause and Hysterectomies

On a physical level, menopause also denotes necrosis of the uterus. But just because the uterus has atrophied doesn’t mean a woman doesn’t need her uterus. She was born with it so she should die (transition) with it. It is the seat of the female brain and female emotions and intuition. This is a highly prized and important organ in the female body. It should not be removed under any circumstances. Many women who reach menopause are unwisely opting to have their uterus removed via hysterectomies but hysterectomies are unnecessary.

Hysterectomies are big business, just as all surgeries are big business. Doctors and hospitals make a lot of money via surgery.

Hysterectomies were first performed for purposes of preventing women from being hysterical as hysteria was seen as a neurosis or a psychological problem. The origin of hysterectomy was to cure “hysteria.”

Women who have their uterus removed instantly enter menopause. The uterus is an eliminative organ. Removal of the eliminative organ [uterus] means the elimination process of the uterus must now fall on the shoulders of another part of the female body. Clearly, this new locale for healing and elimination falls on the neck, hence “hot flashes” and “sweating.” This is a compensatory function for removal of the uterus. Well, why then do women who keep their uterus still experience hot flashes and sweating? Answer: acute uterine atrophy or an almost fully dead uterus due to toxicity. Women undergoing chemotherapy for cancer will also experience hot flashes.

The foregoing applies to very unhealthy women, women who over the years ate poorly (a lot of meat and dairy products, refined grains and starches, junk food, and fats food) and lived negatively (smoked cigarettes, did drugs, drank spirits and wine, took birth control pills and other pharmaceutical drugs), who were sexually indiscriminate and abused their vaginas and who may have contracted various STDs; and who suffocated their vaginas with tight underwear, clothing, and tampons.

Healthy women (usually vegan-vegetarian and raw food eaters) do not experience menopause like the average woman, who is unhealthy and not health-conscious. Their symptoms are very mild; however, if there is severe emotional balance, then they may experience a cumbersome transitional period.

Healing Menopause Naturally

Since menopause is inevitable for many women, the best advice is to prepare for the transition.

Develop a positive mental attitude. Only focus on good things. Yes, this will take some time and effort which is why so many people have invested in negative thinking and made it routine.

Your thoughts create your reality so when it comes to aging, think about and/or visualize yourself aging gracefully and smoothly. See it and feel it in advance. Stop responding to what you observe in other women who have experienced menopause. Women who constantly complain about their hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms send energy to what they are complaining about which causes what they are complaining about (menopause and its symptoms) to magnify. Where thought goes, energy flows.

Your emotions impact your feeling and/or how you feel. Deal with all of your emotional issues. Too many women hold on to negative emotions or emotions that don’t serve their best interests. Negative emotions are stored in the tissues of a woman’s uterus. Remember, the uterus is located above the Second Chakra, which is the seat of emotions for a female, in addition to her sexuality and relationships with lovers.

Stale energy can be released via deep breathing. Give yoga a try, or stretching and chakra balancing also help to remove stale energy.

Release stale energy and negative emotions, e.g. anger, bitterness, regret, jealousy, envy, wanting to get revenge, apathy, etc. They are no good for your health and block you from receiving your true desires, e.g. true love, wealth, abundance, prosperity, success, peace, and happiness.

Convert to a healthy lifestyle. Refrain from vices such as smoking cigarettes, drinking wine and spirits, wearing unhealthy clothing, using harmful hygiene products (especially commercial brand female sanitary products), and indiscriminate sex with unworthy partners.

Exercise in whatever method you most enjoy. Walk daily (in proper shoes and on sand, grass, or dirt). Swim, stretch; perform yoga, tai chi, qi chong, pilates, etc.

Perform crystal therapy or have it performed on you by a trans-crystal therapist. Excellent stones and crystals that help in cases of all female complaints including menopause include Carnelian, Ammonite, Malachite, Tiger’s Eye, Green Jade, and Moonstone. These crystals and gemstones can be laid directly on the skin of the belly and right above the vagina (for about 15-30 minutes per day while meditating).

Perform hydrotherapy (utilizing aromatherapy). Hydrotherapy is water therapy. Read the article entitled the “Benefits of Hydrotherapy and Steam” to learn and/or understand more about this healing modality. Aromatherapy is invaluable in addressing menopause. Good essential oils to use (burn in a diffuser, to inhale, or to add to bath water) include Rose Geranium, Clary Sage, Combava, Fennel, Cananga, Pink Lotus, Blue Yarrow, and Angelica.

To cool and soothe hot flashes, place a bottle of rose water (hydrosol) in the refrigerator (to keep cool) and when the need arises, spray the mist over the back of the neck area.

Dietary Intervention

Modify your diet. Refrain from eating animal flesh, dairy products, refined grains and starches, and processed foodstuffs.

Eat more raw fruits and vegetables (organic, if possible). Consider a vegan and/or raw foods diet.

Drink plenty of water and good herbal teas that benefit the female hormonal system, herbs such as: Solutions

Dherbs.Com formulas that can assist in addressing menopause include:

Thank you for reading.



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