Study: 85% of Tampons Contain Monsanto’s ‘Cancer Causing’ Glyphosate

Tampons and GMO's.

Scientists have found glyphosate, the key ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup, in cotton products like gauze, swabs, wipes, tampons and sanitary pads

Source: 85% of Tampons Contain Monsanto’s ‘Cancer Causing’ Glyphosate

Although this study was small and conducted in Venezuela, America’s cotton industry is also full of genetically modified crops, which means women should be careful of what they put in their bodies. Because vaginal walls are very porous, women risk absorbing these cancer-causing toxins into their systems when using commercially available tampons.

Fortunately, even tampons have an organic solution. Or consider a reusable style. The latter is made of plastic, which also isn’t ideal but it doesn’t leach toxins into the system the same way that Monsanto cotton would.