The Superficiality of Breast Implants

The Superficiality of Breast Implants

Surgical breast implantation procedures exploit low self-esteem females. These women are taken advantage of because they don’t measure up to the national beauty norm or standard set by men. It is men who place an emphasis on the female breasts.

Women will do almost anything in pursuit of beauty. They really will. Women put on all kinds of harmful and toxic make-up just to look beautiful or to enhance their beauty, but at the same time are poisoning themselves and dying prematurely due to an inundation of toxic chemicals into the body and into the bloodstream via the skin, the largest body organ.

The Purpose of Breasts

Breasts exist to feed newborns. The breasts are a sign or badge of nurturing and motherhood. They are also a sign representing or denoting femaleness.

Breasts actually have nothing to do with femininity. Breasts do not make a woman. It is feminine grace and essence that makes a woman. True, large breasts makes a statement, but does not make a woman.

Breasts are located at the Hermetic seat or Fourth Chakra (seat of love and compassion, the ability to give and share and to help others, unconditional love, ability to express love, etc.) in your chest area. The Fourth Chakra resonates with two colors: green and pink. Therefore, for purposes of color therapy or healing in relation to breast health, the ideal bra colors to wear are green and pink.

At the nipples of both breasts are chakras (energy center, vortex). Chi (energy) enters a woman’s body through her nipples. Breast implants are sure to cause energy blockages at the nipple or breast chakras.

Natural Alternatives

If a woman wants naturally larger breasts or just breasts with more tone and definition, she should take 5 capsules of the herb Saw Palmetto (berries) four to five times daily for a few months consecutively.

Saw Palmetto is a powerful natural steroid that builds tissue, especially in the breasts. In addition, it is an anti-adrogenic hormonal stimulant that naturally enlarges underdeveloped breasts.

A woman can’t go wrong with taking large amounts of this herb for it will not only augment, tone, and define the breasts, but will also help to enhance vaginal lubrication, increase fertility, improve libido, and strengthen the entire female reproductive system. As this herb is a breast-specific herb, it will greatly improve and enhance the quality and quantity of breast milk for nursing mothers.

Female breast health will be covered in more detail in an article entitled “Female Breast Health.” There are a lot of women with unhealthy and very diseased breasts. The end result is usually breast cancer.

In closing, for the women who may be contemplating breast implantation, think twice before going under the knife. True beauty and sexuality is in the brain, not the breasts.

Thank you for reading.

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