Vaginal Asphyxiation

Vaginal Asphyxiation

As the female vagina is a breathing organ, it requires oxygen. How is the vagina going to breathe or receive oxygen when it is daily suffocated by the restrictive garments that many women wear?

It’s hard for oxygen to penetrate tight fitting clothes, especially denim jeans and leather and not to mention the panties and undergarments many women wear. Despite the ubiquity of such fashions, many people wonder why female reproductive system pathologies and disorders are so rampant among women and girls today.

It is a basic scientific fact that our bodies require oxygen. The body itself is a breathing organ. The hair must breathe, the skin must breathe, the genitals (testicles and vagina) must breathe. Oxygen is imperative to maximum health and well-being.

Lack of oxygen coupled with acidosis is the perfect recipe for vaginal problems, and actually, the recipe for nearly all other health catastrophes.

To clarify the position: we do not suggest women stop wearing underwear, pants, etc. DHerbs believes the vagina needs to breathe and it benefits female health to actually let the vagina air out as much as possible.

Some women wear long t-shirts with no panties or bras underneath when they are home from work. Such women are in tune with their vaginal consciousness and well-being.

Harmful Vaginal Activities

Activity that contributes to vaginal asphyxiation by blocking air to the vagina:

  • panties
  • panty liners
  • nylon stockings
  • feminine hygiene pads
  • tight pants (especially jeans and leather pants)

And consider all that goes into the vagina: tampons, male and female condoms, personal and sexual lubricants, feminine deodorant sprays and powders, douche solutions, IUDs (though somewhat rare nowadays), dildos, vibrators, and a host of other substances and gadgets.

An unhealthy diet, unnatural lifestyle, asphyxiated vagina, use of harmful feminine hygiene products as well as harmful personal hygiene products, harmful fashion, and a plethora of other things all lead to physical self-destruction.

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