World Health Day 2017: Depression, Let’s Talk

World Health Day 2017: Depression, Let’s Talk

World Health Day takes place every year on April 7th, which is the founding day of the World Health Organization (WHO). Each year, the WHO sets up a theme that aims to draw attention to a current and pressing world health issue. A lot of companies or local governments put on events or promote awareness through events, which are often inspired by those that the WHO puts together.


This year’s theme is Depression: Let’s Talk. This is a global campaign that aims to encourage those with depression to seek help and talk about the condition. Depression affects nearly 300 million people worldwide and is the leading cause of ill health and disability. Depression rates have increased 18% since 2005 and there is still lack of support for people with depression.


Many people don’t seek help because they are afraid of becoming stigmatized, or because they think that they aren’t really affected by the condition. More than 80% of the people affected by depression live in low to middle income areas around the world. We don’t think that people should be stigmatized, so here are a few natural remedies to help fight depression.


Attend Support Groups:

Support groups can be a positive source to help people with depression. It allows people with depression to relate to one another, while giving them a chance to learn from people with similar issues. Similarly, seeking therapy or counseling may help those with depression. Talking about feelings can help the person overcome the condition and discover the root of the problem, so that the right steps can be taken to help combat depression.


Have A Health Diet:

Although it may not seem like it, eating a healthy diet comprised of plant-based foods can contribute to a healthier, more positive outlook on life. Processed foods, dairy products, refined sugars, or meat can have chemicals that inhibit the production of positive neurotransmitters. Certain foods can actually enhance serotonin levels, and promote a happier feeling overall.


Try Acupuncture:

Similar to meditation, acupuncture can help promote better circulation and a mind/body connection. The needles can stimulate certain pressure points and release endorphins, which can make your body feel calm and relaxed.


We encourage you to actively participate in this year’s theme. It doesn’t have to be on April 7th, but perhaps you can set personal goals to take part in awareness walks, fundraisers, or even console and help a friend who might be depressed. Helping and getting help is the first step to healing, so try to do what you can to help the world talk about depression in an open way.