Embracing Novelty: How New Experiences Stretch Out Time and Make Your Life Seem Longer

Mark on the Beach

An important piece of living well as you age that most never consider is taking advantage of the fact that time perception is entirely a construction of the brain. By slowing down the perceived passage of time, you seemingly have more of it and live longer—and better.

Source: 7 Ways to Slow Down Your Perception of Time | Mark’s Daily Apple

It doesn’t matter if you are Mark’s age or far younger — every year time seems to speed up. As he details in his article, time is a construction of the brain. And there are many ways to live your life to trick your brain into believing that time is moving more slowly. We particularly love this part about embracing novelty:

Time passes slowly for children in part because everything they’re seeing, doing, experiencing, smelling, hearing, and tasting is new and takes up a larger portion of their memory. They’ve only just arrived on this plane of existence and their brains are working overtime to process an abundance of novelty. Each experience is fascinating.

He goes on to offer suggestions about how to integrate novelty into your every day life:

  • go to a drum circle on the beach
  • try skydiving
  • go rock climbing
  • take a salsa class
  • take a strange route to work (or ride your bike)
  • tray a new restaurant every week instead of eating at the same diner.

Go read the whole thing. It’s important — and let us know in the comments how you embrace novelty.