Meat industry ignores FDA, health experts, buys more antibiotics

Meat industry ignores FDA, health experts, buys more antibiotics

From 2009 to 2014, the amount of antimicrobials sold and distributed for use in livestock increased by 22 percent, according to an FDA report released Thursday. Of the antimicrobials sold in 2014, 62 percent were related to drugs used in human health, also called medically important. From 2009 to 2014, sale and distribution of medically important antimicrobials used on farms also jumped—an increase of 23 percent.

Antibiotics are becoming super villains, who are immune to traditional antibiotics. I know this sounds sensationalist, but it’s true and it’s happening — and the only way to stop it is if we, as a society, decide to chill out when it comes to antibiotics.

Before taking antibiotics, you must ensure that you actually have an infection. The common cold, for example, doesn’t come from an infection. It usually comes from a virus.

Once you go on the medication, it is vitally important that you complete your prescription to the last pill. Waging a microbiological holocaust on your body is one thing, but you want to ensure that you aren’t creating an “only the strong” survive situation where the most antibiotic resistant critters are allowed to breed with their equally-strong counterparts to create a new super-strong generation.

Finally, when you go off of an antibiotic, be sure to take a probiotic or load up on a lot of fermented foods like Kim Chi to restore the fauna (and flora) to your gut.

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