Infographic: Natural Odor Remedies

Infographic: Natural Odor Remedies

Body odor on a hot summer day or after a long run is common, but smelling during the workday? Not so fun. Several factors can cause body odor, but there are measures to prevent and kill odor-causing bacteria.

Body odor is a natural phenomenon — but did you know that meat eaters smell worse than vegetarians? That’s because so much of the meat protein gets trapped in the colon that the body has to “air”, by releasing those toxins out of the pores of the skin.

The article goes onto detail some causes of body odor and how to stop them. But this chart’s helpful too.

PS. Their point about yogurt is a good one, but if you’re a vegetarian, we recommend you get your probiotics from fermented foods like kimchi and coleslaw.

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