Wellness Challenge Day 2: Get Back to Nature

Wellness Challenge Day 2: Get Back to Nature

In our ongoing series from NDHealthcare.org, here we have Wellness Challenge Numero Dos:

How many days go by that we forget to marvel at the beauty of creation around us? Compartmentalized in houses, offices, cars and gyms, we can live much of the day separated from Nature. With this separation can also come a dis-connect from our own Nature and what it means to be an active participant in the health of our planet.


If you have recently lost your way in terms of self-care or connection to Nature, today you are invited to reengage your senses and tune in to the natural world surrounding you. This may be as simple as looking for the moon at sunset or noticing the fall mums about to bloom in your neighbor’s front yard. You may go as far as eating your lunch at the park near your workplace or kicking off your shoes to stand barefoot for a moment in the dirt. Every encounter with our natural surroundings is an opportunity to connect with our own natural rhythms and inherent capacity for healing and wellness.