Wellness Challenge Day 3: Show Gratitude

Wellness Challenge Day 3: Show Gratitude

In our ongoing series from NDHealthcare.org, here we have Wellness Challenge Number 3:

I met with a woman recently who just a few years ago became quite sick and debilitated following a fairly routine surgery. Multiple interventions from her physicians only worsened her symptoms. Thankfully, she responded beautifully to several simple and effective naturopathic therapies and recovered fully. “I am so grateful that happened,” she shared with me at her recent visit. “If that hadn’t happened I might not have continued down this path to really addressing my health.”

These expressions of radical and unconventional gratitude for the challenges in life can take time to cultivate and often surface after we are safely on the other side of tragedy or loss. What if it was possible to hold space for gratitude while in the midst of a challenge? What else might become possible when we let go of judging a situation as good or bad and simply offer gratitude that we are alive and experiencing it?


As you move through your day, I invite you to practice welcoming gratitude for the things and people that push you to your edge and press all of your buttons. (Remember this is a challenge!)  When you are losing patience or the detour sign shows up in your path, see what happens when you meet that experience with a grateful heart. For example: “I am grateful for all of the red lights that I encountered on the way to work because I had a chance to take a few deep breaths.” or “Thank you to the woman in line in front of me who counted out all of her change in pennies as she gave me a chance to practice my patience.” Start small and see how far you can stretch yourself with your growing and grateful heart.