Wellness Challenge Day 1: Chew On This

Wellness Challenge Day 1: Chew On This

Over the next week, we’ll be sharing with you these wellness challenges from NDHealthcare.com. We’re hoping that by following these suggestions, we can all have a much more calm, present week. Happy Monday, everyone!

Here’s the first one:

Rather than inventing tortuous practices to keep children quiet at the dinner table, when your parents instructed you to chew your food 20 times after each bite, they may have actually had your digestive health in mind. The digestive process engages even before that fist bite of spaghetti leaves the fork and enters the long and winding tube known as your digestive tract. While you are cooking and preparing your food, digestive enzymes begin to percolate in the stomach and pancreas in anticipation of your incoming meal. During the act of chewing – or mastication – you further engage digestion by breaking down the size of the food coming in and release the enzyme amylase in the mouth to begin breaking down carbohydrates.

Today’s Wellness Challenge:  Chew each bite 15-20 times before swallowing. Use this time to see, smell and taste your meal. Try to avoid distractions while eating by avoiding ‘multi-tasking’ or eating in front of the computer or TV.