Who Knew that Grey Hair is a Sign of Toxicity?

Who Knew that Grey Hair is a Sign of Toxicity?

Organic Lifestyle Magazine gives us a really interesting article about the causes of grey hair. It offers many solutions, but one thing that caught our eye was toxin load:

Best of intentions and a great diet can only go so far when the body is filled with toxic sludge. We live in the most toxic environment humans have ever endured. Plastics, heavy metals, vaccines, dental fillings, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals – the list goes on and on. Once or twice a year, we need to detox, but it helps if we incorporate foods like raw garlic and cilantro into our daily diet with lots of pure, clean water. When we do, we are detoxing a little each day.

Who knew that the Full Body Cleanse could even help slow your roll when it comes to going 50 Shades?



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